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How to Access Windows 11 Hidden Start Menu

How to Access Windows 11 Hidden Start Menu

How to Access Windows 11 Hidden Start Menu. Windows 11 came to us with a redesigned start menu that looks a lot better and even more organized, but that also brought some inconvenient changes.

How to Access Windows 11 Hidden Start Menu

With the latest iteration of its PC operating system, the company has placed it focus on more on simplicity, adding a pinned section on top while trying to push the app list behind a click on the dedicated all Apps button located in the top corner. The big change did not get to its users as expected, which also explains the reason for the so many third-party start menu replacement options that are available out there.

Windows 11 Hidden Start Menu

Well, windows 11 was built win a secret start menu that was developed for power users, but at the moment, only a few users are aware of it. And the best part is that you do not need a long command chain to access it. This secret start menu was created to offer, users, much faster access to some of the most crucial tools and dashboards that users feel are buried deep into the system.

For a start, in the secret start menu offers users some click access to windows 11’s core apps and features dashboard in the settings app, located inside the section for apps. Then, there is the windows mobility center button that would launch a window with quick controls for volume, battery level status, mode change presets, display, settings, And system sync tools – in one place.

How to Access Windows 11 Hidden Start Menu

For you to be able to gain access to the windows 11 secret start menu, all you have to do is to follow the steps that I would be stating for you below. The steps include:

  • You can choose to double-tap on the trackpad of a laptop to do the same
  • If you like making use of keyboard combos for your computing need, just click on Win + X combo to open windows 11’s secret start menu.

Hidden Start Menu Content

Just as previously stated, this Hidden Start menu is a treasure trove of some clean utilities.

  • The power option would take you directly to the straight main power and battery dashboard
  • The system tool would offer you quick access to the about page that shows all the key hardware information about your PC
  • People that make use of core system elements like Storage drives, networks, adapters, connected peripherals, and other input/output tools, more often can access it by clicking on the device manager tool
  • For power users, this hidden start menu would also allow you quickly run a command line from the run option
  • The windows Terminal for opening the windows PowerShell is just one tap away.

There are other quick actions listed on the lesser-know windows menu, and they include the network connection to quickly visit the network and internet dashboard, task manager, Disk Management, File Explorer, and computer management.

How to Change Teams in Pokémon Go – What You Need

How to Change Teams in Pokémon Go

Do you want to Know How to Change Teams in Pokémon Go? if you do, then this content can help. In Pokémon Go, when you get to Level 5 and visit a gym, you would be required to select a team from the options Instinct (yellow), Mystic (blue), and valor (red). However, if you think you made the wrong choice, you can change teams by making use of the team medallion.

How to Change Teams in Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go Teams

Your team would affect who you capture gyms for and who you would be fighting against. Making changes to your team can also have its benefits when it comes to raids, as you would be getting some extra chances to capture a Raid Pokémon that is appearing at Gyms that your team owns.

Note: the team’s medallion can only be purchased once every 365 days, so you need to make sure that you want to switch your team before deciding to make use of it. You would not be able to make changes to your team again for another year after purchasing the team Medallion.

What You Need

There are only two things you need to get this done. They include the “Pokémon Go app” and “1,000 Pokecoins.”

Making changes to your team is a bit straightforward, but first, you would be required to earn or at least purchase 1,000 Pokecoins. Below I would be giving you the steps to follow in other to get this entire process done.

How to Change Teams in Pokémon Go

Reach 1,000 Pokecoins

There are two main ways to get Pokecoins in two ways. The first way is by interacting with gyms. You would get one Pokecoin for every 10 minutes that you spend defending a Gym with your current team, up to 50 per day. Well, this is sometimes times quite slow if you want to get to 1,000 Pokecoins.

The other method available is to purchase Pokecoins using real money. 1,200 Pokecoins is worth £9.99, so if you want things to go a little bit faster, you would need to spend a little.

Go to Store

Once you have enough Pokecoins, head to the shop. The team medallion is placed under the upgrades section

Purchase the Team Medallion

After that, Purchase the medallion using your 1,000 Pokecoins.

Use The team Medallion

All purchased items can be found on the team menu. You would be warned that you cannot purchase another team medallion for the next 365 days, and your Pokémon that are on Gyms currently would not earn Pokecoins if they get defeated.

If you are ok with those terms, use your team medallion and then select a new team. You would have to confirm once again that you agree to it. Once that is done you can start enjoying your new team.

How to listen to Music Offline on Spotify – Spotify Offline Mode

How to listen to Music Offline on Spotify

When it comes to how to listen to Music offline on Spotify, this is nothing new. Spotify has offered all its users the ability to listen to songs offline for over a decade now. On a normal basis, Spotify would require a stable Wi-Fi or mobile data internet connection to function. Spotify decided to integrate an offline mode so that Spotify premium subscribers could actually continue listening to their tunes while on the go.

How to listen to Music Offline on Spotify

How to listen to Music Offline on Spotify

Just as stated previously, online Spotify premium subscribers are given the privilege to listen to songs offline. With the premium account, you are given the opportunity to download whatever song you wish to listen to on your device.

Spotify made it so that as a student, you stand the chance of getting an exclusive discount on the service. Free users are only offered the option to download podcasts; however, the “offline mode” option is only available to Spotify Premium users.

Spotify Offline Mode

If you have successfully downloaded the song or content you wish to listen to, you can then choose to turn on the “Offline Mode.” What is Offline Mode? It is a mode on Spotify that allows you to listen to content that you have downloaded to your device; however, you can listen even though you are not connected to the internet.

Without turning on the offline mode, Spotify will still stream all your downloaded songs using your mobile data. To prevent Spotify from ever streaming anything, so that you can avoid accidental data drains, you would need to place your Spotify account in offline mode.

How to Turn on Spotify Offline Mode

This step is an easy-to-achieve step, so follow the process that I would be stating for you below:

On Android and iOS

  • from your library tab, tap on the Settings icon located at the top right, and then select Playback
  • Then tap on the offline toggle to put Spotify in offline mode
  • Once this is done, once you are making use of Spotify, you would only be able to play songs that have been downloaded.

On Desktop

In other to go offline mode on the desktop, the steps include:

  • Launch the Spotify desktop app
  • Then open the menu in the upper-left corner by clicking on the button above Home, Search, and your library.
  • Move your cursor on top of the file
  • Then click on “Offline Mode” in other to turn it on.

Even if you search for songs using the search bar, you would only see songs that are on the device. Also, it is best that you note that you cannot stay in the offline mode indefinitely. You would be required to at least go online once every thirty days just to confirm that you are still subscribed.

What Happens to Downloaded Songs After Spotify Premiums Ends

When a user ends their Spotify premium subscription, all their Spotify cache files that were downloaded to their devices would be lost.

Another thing with connecting to the internet within 30 days is that Spotify wants to confirm that you are still subscribed. But if you fail to do that, you would lose access to all your downloaded podcasts and music.

Best Android Emulators for PC – Android Emulator on PC

Best Android Emulators for PC

Are you looking for the Best Android Emulators for PC? Well, am not surprised as there are tons of reasons why someone would want to run an Android Emulator on their PC. some reason is that some app developers might be trying their best to test their application before shipping it out.

Best Android Emulators for PC

Sometimes, it goes down to some gamers feeling the need to use a mouse and keyboard on their games. Well, whatever your reason me be, this content has your back.

Android Emulator on PC

Luckily, Android Emulation on PC is very possible, and with time, it has gotten a lot easier than before. But before we proceed, it is worth noting that Windows 11 has an in-built Android support app. Plus, you can even make use of the Google Play Store if you want. Also, Google has launched the Google Play Games on windows 11 in beta. This would be a great option for gamers on Windows 11 when it finally launches.

If you are not lucky to be making use of a windows 11, then you would need this article that entails the list of the best Android Emulators for PC.

Best Android Emulators for PC

Currently, there are tons of Android Emulators to choose from. These emulators would work for you just fine, and below I would be stating them. They include:

1. BlueStacks

This app is by far the most used android emulator available out there. Aside from just running on both mac and windows, this emulator is filled with tons of features to improve the experience of any gamers.

The most popular features of this app is its keymapping tool that aids in control schemes, the instance manager through which you can create multiple instances of the emulator and run several games simultaneously, and quality-of-life features like Eco Mode, that aids in reducing resource consumption while running games that are demanding.

2. ARChon

This emulator is not like your regular emulator, it is installed as a Google Chrome extension. It offers chrome the ability to run Android apps and games. this emulator is not so easy to get running. You would be required to install it to your chrome then from that point, get the APKs and load them in.

3. LD Player

This is a lightweight Android Emulator that places its focus on gaming performance. This Emulator runs on the Android Nougat 7.1, the emulator features a regular array of gamer-oriented features, which includes keyboard mapping controls, multi-instance, macros, high FPS, and graphical support.

4. Android Studio Emulator

This emulator comes with tons of developer tools to make apps and games specifically for Android devices. The emulator also features a built-in emulator that you can make use of to test out your app or game.

5. MuMu

NetEase did a great job creating a decent emulator with MUMU. This emulator is a gaming emulator that offers the same features as most of its competitors do. This emulator runs on Android 7 also.

6. Genymotion

This emulator was built mainly for developers. It would allow you to test your apps on a variety of devices without owning them. You can choose to configure the emulator for a variety of devices with versions of Android to help suit your needs.

7. Bliss OS

This emulator is kind of different, it works like an android emulator for PC via a virtual machine. Also, you can flat run it on your computer via a USB Stick.

8. Memu Emulator

This emulator is another great emulator that works quite well with gamers. One of its major features is support for both the AMD and Intel chipsets. The latest MEmu emulator runs on Android 7.1, which is a big jump from its early days when it ran on the 4.3 jelly bean.

How to Write a Novel in Ulysses on iPadOS – Ulysses Features

How to Write a Novel in Ulysses on iPadOS

When it comes to How to write a novel in Ulysses on iPadOS, you can say you are halfway done already. When it comes to writing a book, whether it has to do with fiction or fact, it is a challenging and daunting task, and it actually makes sense to make use of every tool at your disposal in other to make the job a lot easier.

How to Write a Novel in Ulysses on iPadOS

Previously, traditional word processors have been the most popular choice, but now we have more apps tailored to large and complex writing projects, and one of the premier examples is Ulysses.

How to Write a novel in Ulysses on iPadOS

Ulysses happens to be a Markdown writing environment, meaning that you write in plain text, making use of some simple punctuation when it comes to styling application.

The syntax would be quite familiar to almost anyone that has written a text message or a tweet; for example, you get to surround a phrase with underscores for emphasis, use double-asterisks for boldface, or make use of hyphens when it comes to making a bulleted list. Ulysses offers controls also when it comes to applying styling for you, but it is very easy to learn.

Ulysses Features

The app runs on MacOS, iPadOS, and iOS, alongside all your writing synced via the cloud automatically. It can be accessed on the Appstore as a monthly or yearly subscription, that is priced at $5.99 / £4.99 / $6.49. Backups are also automatic, and you can choose to take some additional snapshots any time you choose. Although the platform is a subscription-based platform, it also comes with a Free-trial that is available on all supported platforms.

Organize your Writing

When it comes to organizing your work, Ulysses is much more flexible compared to a word processor. It has a unified master library that entails all the work you are doing, composed of groups and sheets. Groups are more folders while sheets are single documents that can exist at any location within the hierarchy of Groups.

Using Keywords to Track Your Story

Ulysses is quite great with this one. It offers color-coded keywords that you can make use of and apply to any of your sheets. The keywords would show up in the Groups list, offering you an overview of whatever aspects of the book you are making use of the keyword in.

The technique can be used when it comes to conflict scenes, changes of location, particular plot arcs, and almost anything else.

Handling TK Tasks Using Filters

If you are a writer, then you should be aware that the worst thing that can affect you when writing is losing your focus or your flow. Because of this, writers often tend to create what is called a TK when they realize that they need to check out something or probably insert something later.

The point here is that the user just inserts a TK which is usually just literally the letters TK, on their own at the particular point where they feel they need to come back to while they keep on writing.

Ulysses offers support to several types of Markdown highlights when it comes to adding inline notes to your writing, and since markdown is just plain text, you can choose to search for those later.

Proofreading and Editing

There are several tools on Ulysses created to check your writing, including spellchecking word counting, and statistics, as well as advance text checking making use of an extra online service, which also checks grammar and consistency.

Creating eBooks and Paperbacks

Aside from just exporting in assorted text formats like the HTML, or as a Word document, Ulysses also supports publishing to WordPress and medium and generating PDFs and ePubs. These formats are controlled by export styles, of which there are dozens freely available on the Ulysses Style Exchange website.

No matter what you are writing to become, you can upload your work to the Kindle store, Apple Books, and elsewhere. Export styles can be previewed online and installed with a tap, using Ulysses on any platform, and your installed styles would also sync via iCloud.

Xbox Game Pass Games – Xbox Game Pass Updates

Xbox Game Pass Games

Every day, the gaming world seems to be advancing, and one of the best advancements aside from the launch of the two latest Consoles (PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X) is Microsoft’s very own Xbox Game Pass. The Game pass has been truly revolutionary as it has given Xbox and Microsoft more customers over the past year thanks to its games.

Xbox Game Pass Games

Xbox Game Pass

The Xbox Game Pass is more like a Netflix-style service providing access to hundreds of games for a flat monthly fee. The game pass comes with a range of heavy hitters available from all generations of all Xbox consoles – from the very first Xbox to the Xbox One all thanks to the backward compatibility of Xbox consoles. Including all the gears of war and Halo Games, a selection of Rare’s back catalog, and the likes of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Forza Horizon 5 and the Final Fantasy X.

As well as a selection of games from different third-party publishers, you get to expect all the future Xbox Studios games to be arriving day-in-date on the service. The service has received great games from Zenimax games which include Wolfenstein, Doom, Fallout, and the trending Elder Scrolls. After which, Microsoft the publisher of Xbox Game pass Acquisition of Activision Blizzard games. With this acquisition, we would be expecting more amazing titles on the Game pass.

Xbox Game Pass Variants

The best part of the game pass is that it is not only available to console players alone. There is also an Xbox Cloud Gaming and a separate PC subscription with the name PC Game Pass. Although a lot of games appear on all three platforms, this article only entails a list of Xbox game pass games on the Xbox Family of consoles. All those that are on the Xbox Game Pass ultimate are given access to all three services, Gold Membership and access to EA Play Games.

Xbox Game Pass Updates

The thing with the Xbox Game pass is that it comes regularly. The platform adds and removes games, so it is worth coming back to see what has been added.

If you happen to own a console, you would want to check in every month to see what games have been added or removed. If you are lucky, you might even see your favorite game on the platform when the games on have been shuffled. For more details on Games on the Xbox Game Pass updates, visit the official Microsoft game pass page.

Xbox Game Pass Games

Xbox did a great job with the games on the game pass. Aside from you waiting around for Microsoft to bring something new on every update, there are over 100 games that you can play. The games on the pass cut across games available on Xbox One, Xbox 360, Xbox Live, and Xbox. The game pass would always make sure that you are occupied while waiting for its next surprising new entry.

How to Make a Google Photos Book – Book Formats on Google Photos

How to Make a Google Photos Book

When it comes to how to Make a Google Photos Book, it is not just one of the best cloud storage platforms available, but it is also one of the best options available if you want to bring your images to life.

How to Make a Google Photos Book

Google Photos happens to be in possession of an integrated print shop, where you can choose to assemble your custom photo books. You have complete control over what photos to add and how they are laid out to tell a visual story. When your photo book is completed, Google would print it for you and ship it to your doorstep.

Printing your book is a great way to showcase all your latest travel photos. These books also will serve as beautiful deliverables after a photoshoot or stunning gifts for clients in other to encourage recurring business. Google photo books are surprisingly not that expensive, and can significantly increase the value of your work in the eyes of your clients.

So, with all that stated, I would be walking you through all the involved steps when it comes to How to make a Google Photos Book.

Book Formats Available to Order on Google Photos

Google Photos would allow you to order the two styles of the photo book. You get t to create a 7×7 in the square softcover book, or a 9x9in square hardcover book. Whatever format you choose to opt for, the minimum of pages is 20, while the maximum is 148.

The prices of the book start at $14.99 / £15.99 / €14.99 for a 7in softcover book that contains 20 pages, with each additional page costing $0.49 / £0.59 / €0.59.

The 9in hardcover format starts at $29.99 / £25.99 / €24.99 for 20 pages, with every other extra page being priced at $0.99 / £0.79 / €0.79.

For Economy shipping, you would be required to pay $9.99 / £6.99 / €5.99, and this takes 6-8 business days.

The priority shipping is slightly faster, it takes 4-7 business days, and it cost $12.99 / £24.99. Euro pricing for priority shipping varies depending on where you are based in Europe.

All hardcover features a spin title, while softcover books are expected to have at least 48 pages in other to feature a spine title.

How to Make a Google Photos Book

Now to the main point of the article, how to make a Google Photos Book. This method varies across Android, Computer, and iOS devices. So, stay tuned as I give you all the steps to follow for the various devices.

For Android Devices

  • On your Android device or tablet, open the Google Photos app
  • Then sign in to your Google Account
  • Make a photo book.

If you are in the United States, At the top, tap on print store > Photos book > Make a Photo Book. But if you are not in the United States, At the top left, tap print store > Make a Photobook.

  • Select a minimum of 20 photos

If the photos you selected are more than 140, some of your photos would be collaged into one page.

  • Tap Done. With this, your photos would be saved automatically.
  • Optional
  1. To pay for your photo book, Tap cart. how to pay
  2. To see your drafts and previous orders, tap Print Store. How to Edit a Photo Book.

Create a Photo Book from Album

  • Open your Google Photos app on your tablet or mobile phone
  • Sign in to your Google Account
  • At the bottom right, tap on “library”
  • Select an album
  • At the top, tap on order photos > Photobook.

Note: if a draft is not edited after 90 days, it would be deleted automatically.

For Computers

  • On your computer, visit google.com
  • Sign into your Google Account
  • Then make a Photo Book.

If you are in the US, click on print Store > Photos > Make a Photobook. If you are not in the US, at the left, click print store > Make a Photobook.

  • Select a minimum of 20 photos

If you select more than 140 photos, some of your photos would be collaged into one page.

  • Once you are done, click “done” and your photos would be saved automatically.
  • This is Optional
  1. Click Checkout to Pay for your photo book. How to pay
  2. To see your draft or your previous orders, click “Print Store” How to Edit Photo Book

Create a Photo Book from an Album

  • To do this on your PC, visit google.com
  • Sign in to your google account
  • Click on Albums > then select an Album
  • Click Print Store > Photobook.

Note: if a draft is not edited after 90 days, it would be deleted automatically.

For iOS Devices

  • On your iPhone or iPad, open Your Google Photos app
  • Then sign in to your Google Account
  • Make a photo book.

If you are in the United States, At the top, tap on print store > Photos book > Make a Photo Book. But if you are not in the United States, At the top left, tap print store > Make a Photobook.

  • Select a minimum of 20 photos

If the photos you selected are more than 140, some of your photos would be collaged into one page.

  • Tap Done. With this, your photos would be saved automatically.
  • Optional
  1. To pay for your photo book, Tap on checkout. how to pay
  2. To see your drafts and previous orders, tap Print Store. How to Edit a Photo Book.

Create a Photo Book from Album

  • Open your Google Photos app on your iPad or on your iPhone
  • Sign in to your Google Account
  • At the bottom right, tap on library
  • Select an album
  • At the top, tap on order photos > Photobook.

Note: if a draft is not edited after 90 days, it would be deleted automatically.

How to Add People on Snapchat – Step-by-Step Guide

How to Add People on Snapchat

Snapchat social part of the platform is also pretty big. and in case you do not know, there is a whole new world on Snapchat aside from just taking photos. And, one of them is the reason why I would be giving you how to add people on Snapchat, trust me you would want to know how this goes.

How to Add People on Snapchat

This article would be explaining how to add people on Snapchat and add them to your friend’s list. These instructions would work pretty well for Android and iOS users.

How to Add people on Snapchat

There are tons of methods available when it comes to adding people on Snapchat and, we would be discussing all of them. The steps include:

  • Via Username
  • via contact list
  • Scan their Snap code
  • Subscribe to users by finding them on a Map

Via Phone Contact List

When it comes to how to add people to Snapchat via contact list, there is no big process here. As long as you have the person’s phone number or email on your device, follow the steps stated below:

  • Head to chat, Camera, or the stories tab, and tap the on the add friend icon located at the top
  • Select “All Contacts”
  • Select Continue, after that follow any prompts to give the app permission to access their contact list. This would sync your contacts with the app.
  • Search through the list, or you can choose to browse manually and then tap on add next to anyone that you wish to add.

Via Username

If you know the username of the person you wish to add, follow the steps below to get them added to your contact list.

  • Tap on the search icon located at the top of any screen
  • After that, enter the person’s username in the box
  • Select add to the right of the person that you wish to add.
  • If you cannot find them in the list, click on “Choose More” to expand the results. You can also choose to tap their profile image and choose to add a friend

Via Snapcode

In case Snapcode is new to you, they are Snapchat images that look like QR Codes. They are unique to every user on Snapchat as they contain each person’s username. Users can scan them to easily get contact info.

This method involves two ways of scanning, that is if the image is or is not stored on your phone.

  • Launch the camera tab
  • If the image is not saved on your phone, point your phone camera at it, and press-and-hold till the username has been identified
  • If the image is saved on your mobile device, tap on the add friend icon located at the top, and then tap the Snapcode icon to the right of the search box. Select the image
  • Tap Add friend

Find Snapchatter Via the Snap Map

Although it is not quite the same as becoming friends, you also get to subscribe to people on Snapchat close to you. this is one great way to find other users in the same area as you, but it works only if the other users have a Snapchat public profile.

  • Launch the snap map from the leftmost tab at the bottom of the app
  • Browse the map, tapping hotspots or Snapchat that you are interested in
  • Select view creator
  • Then tap on Subscribe in other to follow updates from that particular user.

You also get to see their username here, which you can then search for via any of the steps stated above if you want to add that person as your friend.

Best Android Games for 2022 – Must Play Android Games of 2022

Best Android Games for 2022

If you are yet to declare yourself as an Android gamer, whether part-time or full-time, you are missing out on a lot. Every day, great interesting games are hitting the Android gaming market, and even recently, some console games are making their debut on Android devices. So, if you are in any way interested in gaming on an Android device, then you should check out the best Android Games for 2022. Trust me, these games would amaze if you are not an Android gamer.

Best Android Games for 2022

The Android gaming market has recently been filled with gimmicky cash grabs and utter trash that is not worth your time or your money. From Indie hits, retro classics, and even Nintendo-published originals happen to be among the plenty of games that the Android platform has featured over the years. Just as previously stated, there are now more comparable AAA titles on consoles and PC.

So, without further ado, I would be stating the best Android Games for 2022, so stay tuned not to miss out on the best games.

Best Android Games for 2022

Below are some of the best games that you can play in 2022. These games have gotten the attention of millions of Android users, and trust me it would get yours too. They include:

Among Us

The game Among Us, Dominated the gaming world in the year 2020 as the perfect, paranoid quarantine pastime, even though the game was officially launched in 2018. The game features a group of astronauts trying to fix their spaceship while trying to catch a secret saboteur working to kill you all. Well in this game you would have to do whatever it takes to survive, and trust nothing or no one.

Arena of Valor

When it comes to the MOBA markets, Dota 2 and league of legends are the dominant parties. Well on mobile devices, things seem to be more level. This game is from a Chinese megacorporation Tencent, and the game is one great real-time strategy game.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

This game cost $2.99 on Google Play Store. It is one of the most iconic games in the Castlevania series, and luckily the game is on Android devices. In the game, you get to play as the vampire Alucard and slay the demonic hordes that are haunting the castle as you work to resurrect Dracula. The game is filled with weapons, gears, spells, and more to keep the thrill alive.

Crossy Road

This very interesting simple title that you probably must have heard about or seen on the Nintendo Switch console can be played on Android devices. Trust me this game is fun-filled.

Final Fantasy VII

On Google Play, the game is Purchased at $15.99. before playing the big-budget remake on PlayStation 4, you get to enjoy the original game that took the final fantasy franchise from a popular JRPG to a beloved cultural institution. In this new Mobile Final Fantasy VII, cloud and his friends might not have as many polygons as their console and PC counterparts, but they have just as much heart.


One of the reasons why this game became the sensation it is today is because you can fully take part in its battle royale for free on mobile devices. In case you haven’t heard, this is the best battle royale game to ever hit the battle royale market.

Genshin Impact

This game takes you into an expansive action RPG that drops you into the fantasy world of Teyvat, a mysterious realm that is being ruled by ancient Gods and shrouded in centuries-old mysteries. The game would have you traveling through the world to find your lost sibling, fighting monsters, and helping anyone you meet as you travel. The game features a Zelda-like, open-world environment.


After revolutionizing the real-time strategy genre with its orcs-and-human battles, Blizzard created the MMO to end all MMOs with the world of warcraft. After that, the developers created the deep, accessible, and utterly addictive digital collectible game: hearthstone.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

This game is one of the biggest MOBA genres on mobile phones today. Traditional strategies still apply as you, your team, and your minions, battle the enemy team for control of the map.


Originally, the Mobile version of Minecraft was quite the same thing as its PC and console counterparts. However, the game has ever since then been unified, with the new version largely taking from the mobile version’s foundations, ironically enough.

Call of Duty: Mobile

If there is another battle royale game that has dominated the Battle Royale world on Mobile devices, you should be looking at Call of Duty: Mobile. This game feature a lot of things that would want to keep playing all day.

There are other great Android games to play like Stardew Valley, Spaceteam, Sky: Children of Light, Rocket League Sideswipe, Reigns: Her Majesty, Threes, Apex legends Mobile, PUBG and more.

How to Record your Screen in Windows 10 – Xbox Game Bar

How to Record your Screen in Windows 10

Screen recording has become quite the thing on both mobile and desktop devices. Basically, almost everyone has something they want to screen record both on their mobile device and PC, but in this article, we would be placing our attention on PC, windows to be exact. Are you interested in How to Record your screen in windows 10? Well, if you have, then this article would be of help to you as I would be outlining one great feature that Windows 10 possesses.

How to Record your Screen in Windows 10

Xbox Game Bar

Are you aware that there is a screen recording utility called the Xbox game bar? Well, if you are yet to hear about this feature then you must be thinking about downloading an App for recording. We would not be talking about that today our main focus is on the Xbox Game bar that Microsoft has placed on windows 10 that supports screen recording.

With this feature, you can record a video of your actions in just about any windows app on your laptop, whether you are interested in capturing a gameplay tutorial or you just want to record something on your PC. In other to make it easier for you, I have outlined the steps that you need to follow on how to record your screen in Windows 10.

How to Record your Screen in Windows 10

The steps to record on windows 10 using the Xbox game bar are not that complicated, all you have to do is to follow the steps I would be stating for you below and you are set. The steps include:

Launch the App you Wish to Record

Unfortunately, the screen recorder tool does not work when it comes to all programs. Such as file manager, or the entire desktop, but it does not work on regular desktop apps like those from the windows store.

Open the Game Bar Dialog

Press “Windows + G” at the same time to launch the game Bar. Once the bar is out, check the “Yes, this is a game” checkbox to load the Game bar. This procedure is there because the app wants to know if you would be screen recording a game or a different kind of app.

Start Recording

Once you are done with step 2, click on the start recording button or “Win + Alt + R” to begin capturing the video.

Stop Recording

Once you are done, you can stop the recording by clicking on the red recording bar that is located at the top right of the program window. If you cannot find it, press Windows + G to bring back the game bar.


And that is it, you would find your recorded videos, which are MP4 files, under the Videos folder in a subfolder called captures. Also, you can find them in the Xbox app under the Game DVR menu, where you can trim a video and share it on the Xbox Live, that is if you are screen recording a game.

Note: The record screen is not available to all laptops running windows 10, so don’t be surprised if it does not allows you to use it in yours.

In case you are looking forward to taking screenshots, just note that the Xbox game bar can be used for taking screenshots. Just click on the camera icon on the game bar or Win + Alt + PrtScn.