How To Restore Your Car Faded Black Trim

How To Restore Your Car Faded Black Trim: Exposure to intense sunlight, environmental toxins, and weather conditions can all wear down your car’s exterior, particularly the black trim, over time. Faded, dull, and discolored trim can give your vehicle an old and neglected appearance.

How To Restore Your Car's Faded Black Trim

Don’t worry, you can easily restore your car’s worn black trim to a sleek and polished appearance with the correct equipment, supplies, and a little elbow grease.

This article will show you methods to follow to regain your vehicle’s trim and make it appear brand new.

Why do the Black Plastic Trim Pieces Fade

In most cases, black plastic trim lacks a protective coating. This renders plastic trim extremely susceptible to environmental influences.

Plastic consists of oil. Over time, the oils dissolve, causing the plastic to deteriorate. Unlike paintwork, plastic trim pieces lack a protective clear finish. As a result, without this layer of protection, it will always be more vulnerable to environmental deterioration.

UV radiation from the sun is the most common cause of damage to car trim. These damaging rays dehydrate and destroy the plastic. If the plastic has been affected by UV rays, you may notice

  • A chalky appearance
  • The component surface is becoming weak
  • A Color change on the surface of the plastic

Another source of fading trim is exposure to harsh weather, along with road pollutants. As you drive your vehicle, surface water containing dirt and other things may be thrown onto the surface of the plastics. This hurts their appearance over time.

Three (3) Methods you can use to Restore your Car-Faded Black Trim

So, now that we know the causes let’s look at the various methods you can use to restore those faded black trim

Method 1. Heat Gun Method

A heat gun is one of the more expensive and active techniques to fix your trims, but the results are outstanding.

This gun works by drawing out the oil embedded in the faded trim and bringing it to the surface, restoring the appearance of the new trim.

What you’ll need

Heat Gun

This procedure requires only a heat gun. It is not recommended to use a high-powered gun because it can melt the plastic trim. Heat guns are easy to find in auto parts stores, Home Depot, and Amazon.

How to Use it

Step 1: Find a sunny spot

To begin the process, park your vehicle in a sunny location. Allowing the plastic trim to heat up with UV light will expedite the procedure when using a pistol.

Before you begin fixing the trim, make sure to clean it with a clean towel and cleaning solution.

Step 2: Preheat the Gun

Adjust the gun’s settings to medium-low. If the heat gun’s flow is too hot, the plastic will melt. Make sure to test a small portion of your rubber trim with the gun to ensure that the temperature you selected is not excessively hot.

Step 3: Apply heat to faded plastic

After you have heated the gun, apply it to the vinyl trim piece. Work on one small area at a time, gradually heating each part of the plastic. Working on small pieces at a time ensures that the restoration is even. You’ll see the results right away because the oil will rise to the surface and restore the rich black color after a few minutes.

Method 2. Repaint

One of the simplest ways to permanently restore black plastic trim is to paint it. If you use high-quality paint, it will not fade with time and will provide you with a long-term solution to your problem.

There are numerous choices for refinishing plastic trim. Each paint has a particular finish, such as glossy or matte. It all depends on your preferences. You can also choose other colors for the trim pieces.

What you’ll need

Spray trim paint: The most important item you’ll need is paint. One of the simplest solutions is to use spray paint designed exclusively for trimmings.

Primer spray: A primer is not usually required when painting trimmings. It depends on the sort of paint you’re using and the plastic surface you’re working with.

Clear coat spray: You will only need this if you want a glossy finish.

A microfiber towel will be required for the cleaning process before the paint job.

How to Repaint Fading Plastic

Step 1: Cover non-trim parts with tape

To protect your car from being discolored with black paint, use masking tape. This additional step will make the process easier and less messy.

During this step, you should change into clothes you don’t care about because this type of paint will stain them. You should also wear gloves to keep your hands from staining black.

Step 2: Clean the trim

Before beginning the painting process, ensure that the surface you’re painting is absolutely clean. For this step, use the Fortador Gold Degreaser and clean microfiber towels to remove all of the dirt.

Step 3: Paint

Once the trim is clean and dry, you may start painting. Depending on the plastic trim and paint you’re choosing, spray a primer. If the primer is not necessary, you may skip this step.

Grab your paint and read the directions. Each paint requires a unique applicator pad, microfiber applicator, or foam applicator. Carefully apply the paint to your car trim, be careful not to paint any portions of the car that you do not want black.

Step 4: Seal the deal

If you want your paint to last and stay black, apply a clear coat spray or sealant.

Follow the directions on your protective clear coat and apply it to all of your painted trim.

Method 3. Car Trim Restorer

Using a trim restorer is the simplest and least time-consuming technique to restore black plastic trim. Good trim restorers will rejuvenate the fading black plastic and prevent it from turning gray again. The plastic restorer will prevent oxidation, which causes the gray appearance on your trims. Some even offer UV protection, which is essential if you live in a sunny city.

What You’ll Need

Solutions Finish trim restorer: For a permanent fix, use an excellent trim restorer. Investing in such a valuable trim product will benefit you greatly in the future. Trim restorers can be found both at car parts stores and online.

An applicator is required for any sort of trim restorer you plan to use. The foam applicator is the most commonly required.

To remove any residue left by the plastic restorer, use a washed microfiber towel.

Isopropyl alcohol is useful for cleaning trim pieces before applying a trim restorer.

How to restore fading plastic using car trim restorer

Step 1: Find a nice space

Before beginning the process, park your vehicle in an area with good ventilation and away from the sun. To achieve the greatest results, work on a cool surface in the shade.

Step 2: Clean up

Once you’ve identified the proper spot, clean your black plastic trim using a cleaner and a clean cloth. To remove any debris, clean the surface with isopropyl alcohol.

This step ensures that the plastic restorer is applied smoothly and without defects caused by filth.

Step 3: Apply the Solution finish trim restorer

Using your foam applicator, carefully apply the plastic restorer to the afflicted trim. During your application, be careful not to touch any other parts of your vehicle. Using a trim restorer on painted surfaces may result in permanent discoloration.

Apply your solution finish as evenly as possible to avoid inconsistencies and improper coloring on your wheels.

How to prevent your black trims from fading

Taking care of your black trims might be tiresome. As previously stated, ultraviolet rays often cause damage to plastic trim components. This is why you should use UV protection on the trim.

Using a trim restorer with a UV protection layer will not only prevent your trim from turning grey but will also protect it from UV harm. Every car owner should have a bottle of solution finish trim restorer to keep their vehicle brand new.

Conclusion on How To Restore Your Car Faded Black Trim

With a little work and the correct supplies, repairing your car’s fading black trim is a simple task. Following these methods will not only improve the appeal of your car but will also safeguard the trim from future harm. Trim restoration can help keep your car looking good and well-maintained as part of your regular detailing practice.

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