Xbox Team Just Revealed a Huge Gaming Roadmap

Xbox Team Just Revealed a Huge Gaming Roadmap. Finally, Xbox has released tons of news, all with a clear goal: building the go-to gaming platform over the next 20 years. When it comes to the gaming world, 20 years is more like a lifetime, meaning Microsoft is really looking for.

Xbox Team Just Revealed a Huge Gaming Roadmap

But it is hard to deny that its plans sound really thrilling. In its announcements, Xbox worked to cover a lot, from expanding the reach of the Xbox App to several cloud gaming announcements, which include integration with Windows 11 and Microsoft Edge. Improvement for the Xbox Game Pass is also coming, and if you are kind of an artsy person that likes to express themselves, the changes that are being introduced by the Xbox Design Lab would please you.

Xbox Game App Coming to Smart TVs

Xbox has certainly left us a lot to cover, but that is great news for all gaming enthusiasts. One of the biggest milestones that Xbox Managed to hit this time around is the fact that it would be bringing the Xbox app to the Samsung 2022 smart TVs. This means that you would not need to be in possession of a console to enjoy your favorite games, as long as you are in possession of a very recent Samsung smart TV and an Xbox Game Pass ultimate subscription.

You would not require membership if you wish to play “Fortnite,” as the title is free of charge. This really huge as console games are usually played on a TV, Xbox is essentially turning your smart TV into a cloud gaming device with just some hoops to jump through. This feature is set to launch on the 30 of June.

Xbox Cloud Gaming on the Xbox Roadmap

The focus on cloud gaming still continues throughout the rest of the announcement, emphasizing just how much Xbox is working hard to make its services accessible even to those that are not in possession of a next-gen gaming console. As of the 9th of June, the Xbox cloud gaming beta is opening up to players in more parts of the world Argentina and New Zealand.

What this means is that gamers get to play various games from the cloud on all kinds of devices, including Apple and Android phones and tablets, Xbox Consoles, Windows PCs, and very soon on Samsung smart TVs.

The gaming focus has also gotten to the windows 11 operating system and its Microsoft Edge browser. As such, further Xbox and gaming improvements would be heading to both. Windowed games would be getting tons of optimizations, all of which are being tested in the windows insider program. When these changes would finally go live, you should see improvements in latency. Windows users would be offered access to auto HDR and Variable refresh rate (VRR) technologies when gaming in windowed mode.

Also, Microsoft has decided to add a new HDR calibration app that would make it a lot easier to sort out the colors available on your HDR display. Also, adding a controller bar feature would offer users a list of the most recently played games, shortcuts to game launchers, and access to the Xbox cloud gaming without a mouse and a keyboard. And finally, a game pass widget would be added that should simplify finding new games to play and browsing the titles that you have tried already.

Xbox Design Lab

The cherry on top of it all is the Xbox Design Lab. This service would allow you to customize your Xbox wireless controller in a number of ways, and now, Xbox is expanding it even further. This service allows you to load various customization options, now, new colors have been added, all pastel – soft pink, soft orange, soft green, and soft purple. Also, there are new camo top cases with matching side caps: Mineral Camo, Arctic Camo, Forest Camo, Blaze Camo, and Sandglow Camo.


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