WHO Recruitment 2023 – APPLY NOW!

The online application procedure for the WHO’s 2023 recruitment is now available. Are you thinking about applying for a position at the World Health Organization? WHO welcomes qualified candidates to apply for a job in 2023. Check out the openings, prerequisites, credentials, and application instructions for the WHO recruiting 2023.

WHO Recruitment 2023
WHO Recruitment 2023

Take the time to study this guide if you’re interested in the WHO jobs as it can assist you submit an application on the recruitment website effectively.

WHO Recruitment 2023

The United Nations has a dedicated agency for worldwide health services entitled the World Health Organization.

They offer a dynamic, global workplace with an array of employees, chances for career development, and a lucrative compensation plan. At WHO, we implement a mobility strategy that enables employees to find employment abroad and gain knowledge of different parts of the world.

They give experts a special chance to contribute to saving lives and promoting health around the world. Any function or duty station of the Organization anywhere in the globe may be given to applicants nominated for an international fixed-term job with WHO.

We cordially welcome you to investigate the many benefits and advantages of joining the WHO.

Job Vacancies

It should be noted that the WHO job vacancies vary. They are divided into sub-categories that include:

  • International Professional Staff
  • National Professional Staff
  • General Service Staff
  • Consultants and other contractual arrangements

The WHO also has some Talent Programmes that include:

  • Junior Professional Officer Programme.
  • Internship Programme
  • United Nations Volunteer Programme
  • Young Professional Program

All that is required of every applicant is that they carefully check the vacancies and then select the one that applies to their qualifications and desires.

WHO Recruitment Requirements

To effectively and successfully apply for the World Health Organization Recruitment 2023, then there are some requirements that applicants must meet before applying for the recruitment.

  • Applicants ought to have a valid means of identification that is recognized either internationally or nationally.
  • Interested individuals should be at least 18 years of age.
  • Applicants should have a fundamental education and a degree or equivalent to those aiming for a higher position.
  • Applicants must be skilled, logical, and ready to adapt to a new work setting.
  • Applicants ought to be computer literate.
  • Interested individuals should be an associate of relevant professional bodies.
  • Strategic and holistic thinking ability is an added advantage.
  • Must have good problem-solving skills.
  • Have excellent leadership and management skills.
  • Good written and oral communication skills.
  • Good communication skills are an added advantage.
  • Applicants ought to demonstrate the ability to pay adequate attention to details.
  • Interested individuals should be willing to relocate to another part of the country if the need arises.
  • Candidates should be able to work with no or less supervision.
  • Applicants ought to have a sound knowledge of the position that they are applying for.
  • Applicants should have reasonable working experience.

If as an applicant you meet these requirements, then you are good to work at the World Health Organization.

How to Apply

If you satisfy the requirements, the World Health Organization will dedicate itself to forming an ongoing relationship with you. The hiring procedure includes some processes, such as screening, interviews, written tests, and assessment centers, which can take a while to complete.

Here is a simple guide for applicants looking for an application for a job with WHO. Before you are able to apply for a position through the company’s employment portal, you have to establish a user account. Follow the directions listed below to establish a user account:

  • Visit http://www.who.int/careers to access the official career page.
  • Select External Candidates Access under Vacancies.
  • Click Sign In on the top horizontal bar on this page.
  • Click New User on the Login page.
  • Click I Accept after reading the Privacy Agreement.
  • Now you have to enter your Username, Email Address, and Password.
  • Then click on the Register

You will have a user account once you have successfully created your account.

WHO recruitment Deadline

The World Health Organization recruitment announces 7th April 2023 to be the deadline across the Globe. Applicants that are from around the nation and are interested in working at the WHO are directed to submit their applications on or before the deadline.


What are WHO and its aim?

WHO is a worldwide organization that helps keep the world safe, promotes good health, and even serves the vulnerable. Their goal is to ensure that more people have universal health coverage and then protect a billion more people from health emergencies, and provide a further billion people with well-being and health.

What functions of WHO?

WHO: World Organization for Health

  • Fostering health security and development.
  • Bolstering health systems
  • Utilizing data
  • Research and evidence.
  • Enhancing collaborations.
  • Increasing efficiency.

What are the six objectives of WHO?

Its primary goals are to organize responses to medical situations, improve the well-being of people, and monitor health hazards. Also, it establishes international health guidelines and suggestions and offers technical assistance to nations.

What are the main areas of work of WHO?

Communicable illnesses, medical safety and emergencies, noncommunicable diseases and health across the lifespan course, and healthcare development constitute the bulk of what we do.



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