What are Emergency Loans – Types of Emergency Loans

Have you ever asked yourself what are emergency loans? If you are among people that has dose kind of question in mind then you will be glad to be on this page right now. Most people have been romping online for the best place to get information regarding emergency loans, this content will bring a stop to your search about emergency loans.

What are Emergency Loans

Everyone will have passed through an emergency or urgent need of money, that is what you will state having thought on how to get a good emergency lone to take you out from such issue or problem at the point of time.

What are Emergency Loans

Talking about What are emergency loans, this is not the type of situation people will want to find themself. You could seek of one in some certain situation, it could be a quick household repairs and an urgent card breakdown. Moreover, some financial emergencies include job loss, an illness, a funeral, and other problems.

if you do not find yourself with enough money to get out of that situation, then you will have nor choose to get an emergency loan. It is just about getting the loan, you have to know the type you want to go for which should be the right one.

Types of Emergency Loans

Just mentioned above, they are different types of emergency loans. If you wish to know the type you are in the right place at this moment you just need to keep on reading through this content. Nevertheless, an emergency loan does not have a strict meaning; it is a catchall for the need for short-term loans that are meant to be used only in emergencies.

The types of loans that could be considered emergency loans are listed below:

  • Personal loan
  • Payday loan
  • Credit card cash advance
  • Car title loan

These are the few types of loans that are known to be identified as emergency loans. if you do not know any of the types of emergency loan that was listed above, each of them will be explained.

Personal Loan

An unsecured loan that allows you access to a fixed amount of cash with any collateral is known as a personal loan. Meanwhile, over the course of the loan term in fixed monthly installments, you then pay it back. Terms of a few months to several years is usually given, unlike other types of emergency loans.

You can make you of this type of emergency loan for nearly anything you want, which makes the personal loan useful for an array of emergencies.

Payday Loans

An emergency loan with a very short term, usually only a week or two is mainly known as a payday loan. Even if you have bad credit, the Payday lenders typically market their loans as being available if you are in such a situation.

People who offer payday loans will give you money now with the promise that you will repay them with your next paycheck. These types of loans typically come with outrageous interest rates (up to 400 percent) and should be stayed away from as much as possible.

Credit Card Cash Advances

You will be able to use a credit card to make payments directly to a merchant in some cases. For places that accept credit cards while that is useful for making purchases, but do not help you if you need actual cash. In that case, you can get a cash advance from your credit card if you are eligible.

Car Title Loan

This loan is similar to a payday loan, but the card title loan instead of being unsecured, by the title of your card or other vehicle it is secured. You can reduce the fees and interest you pay since the loan is secured through the use of your vehicle as collateral.

The risk you take in getting the loan is that if you do not pay your loan in the appointed time, you may lose your vehicle, this is an incredible risk and should be avoided unless there are no other options.

What to Determine Before Getting an Emergency Loan?

There are a lot of things you need to consider before you think of getting an emergency loan. This is because an emergency loan is meant for expenses that can’t be rescheduled or pushed back for a later time. An emergency loan might be the only viable solution to your situation if you have insufficient emergency savings and need to fill the gap with a loan or don’t have saving to draw on at all.

What to Consider Before Getting an Emergency Loan

To be frank with you, you are the only one that can decide if an emergency loan is the right thing to get for your situation. These are some of the things you need to consider:

  • Is the expense urgent; you have to ask yourself if it is so time-sensitive that delaying the expense to save up the money is not realistic.
  • Is the expense important; The expense you are about to make should also be important.
  • Can you afford the loan’s monthly payment; Take into account the monthly principal amount, interest charges, and fees, and compare this amount against your existing budget, in order to make you know if you can afford the loan monthly payment.

Those are some of the things you need to consider if you want to take an emergence loan.


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