Webex – How can I use Webex for the First Time?

Webex is a popular online meeting tool that makes screen, audio, and video sharing essential aids for you. So, if you are trying to take your meetings online, keep in mind that this types of sharing only apply to some specific applications like Webex.


Nevertheless, this platform ensures that users have good communication with colleagues and also provides a meeting environment. Now you can conduct your meetings online via video conferencing with your friends or colleague.

Webex by Cisco

Webex is an American company owned by Cisco that develops and sells web and video conferencing. It was developed in the United States and maintains the best video conferencing and meeting applications in the United States.

However, this service is available on different platforms such as Mac, iOS, Apple, Windows, and Android systems. Hence, you can download the latest version of Webex and then run the Webex application on your various device to host a meeting. You can also switch to the advanced version by paying an affordable amount of money.

Webex Meetings

Secure, integrated audio, video, and content sharing are available through Webex Meetings from any location and on any device. Intelligent meetings job automation tools like noise reduction, Webex Assistant, real-time translations, and People Insights help you work smarter because nowadays is not about where you work. Instead, it depends on how you work.

Webex enables you as an individual to work efficiently and remotely. This platform also allows you to teach and learn securely online with Webex classrooms. So, get business, group, and school fully connected to the Webex trial featured.

Benefits of using Webex Meetings on any Device

The following are some of the advantages or unique features of using Webex meetings on your various devices. They are as follows.

Intelligent Meetings

You can get fantastic audio through the automatic noise removal and gesture recognition that allows you to send feedback with your hands. With Webex intelligence, considering that Webex Assistant handles the taking of notes and transcripts, this makes it easier for you to concentrate more on the meeting.

Reliable Videos

With Webex, you can learn about meeting participants and build trust using People Insights. You can also change your background based on your mood or break into small group sidebars on Webex. No matter your location Webex global data centers provide fast and reliable videos.

Meet Where you Work

This platform is integrated with popular productivity tools such as learning management systems, workflow apps, and more. All of this is available so that you can get the best experience of the meeting however you want to work.

Simplified on any Device

With this feature, you can use your browser, desktop, mobile app, or video device to schedule and start online meetings. It also enables sharing of outstanding music, video, and content even from digital whiteboards. To enjoy all of this you neither need to download nor plugin, you just need to click on the large green button to kick off the meeting.

Industry-Leading Security

You can keep your discussions safe and protected using the multilayer security, industry-leading, including a native VDI client for your virtualized settings to keep your conversations secure by employing robust encryption.

More so, there are many other alternatives to help you conduct your meetings online via video conferencing with colleagues. Here are 3 main alternatives:


Zoom on the famous and best alternatives to Webex. Mac and iOS users can also access the zoom meeting platform as well as windows users. This platform allows you to turn on or off the audio and video during the meeting. It is available to android users through its separate application. Although the host can share the link to join the meeting, he or she can input restrictions for the participants of the meeting.

Google Meet

During the times of the pandemic, google meet emerged as the best online meeting and video conferencing. You can add up to 100 participants by joining the link on the social media platform. With this platform, you can create the meeting, schedule the meeting, and take the meeting as scheduled. You can also share screens, videos, and audio during meetings. There is a chat section available on google meet that allows solving your programs while discussing them with your colleague.

Throughout the conference, attendees can turn on or off their cameras and microphones. Google Meet may be accessed using a web browser and is accessible for Android, Windows, and Mac computers.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft’s internet video conferencing tool has recently been made available. Screen sharing offers a vast backdrop thanks to the Microsoft teams. Meetings can be held here, projects and PowerPoints can be shared online, and you can even contribute certain movies and audio files.

Nevertheless, the finest Webex alternative is Microsoft Teams because it offers its applications across all platforms. As a result, users can get the application through the Microsoft Store or Play Store. The user interface is conventional and straightforward.


Do I need to Install Webex to Join a Meeting?

To attend a Webex meeting from your browser, use the web app. If you’re using a Chromebook or a Linux machine, or you just don’t want to download anything, this is the simplest way to sign up. First, you need to click Join Meeting when you get your email invitation. The Webex connection to your meeting begins to be prepared.

How can I use Webex for the First Time?

If you’re joining a meeting for the first time, Webex will download the app for you. To install the software, click the installation file and follow the on-screen directions. You are not required to install anything if you are connecting from a Chromebook or Linux PC. Your browser will automatically launch the meeting.

Can they see you at a Webex Meeting?

Other participants’ videos will still be visible to you, but they won’t be able to see you. When you join a call or meeting, the video is automatically turned on. The Turn video off button can be removed from the user interface.

Can Anyone Attend the Meeting?

To participate in meetings that you are invited to, you do not require a Webex account. You do require an email invitation that includes all the necessary details for you to attend the meeting.



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