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Waphan is an excellent web platform that offers free Games, Videos, and applications for any mobile device.


It is a WAP site that offers free access for both users and visitors to download their favorite games, MP3, Videos, and many more to their available devices. Want to be enlightened more about Waphan and its contents then read through this blog carefully, to be able to use the Website.


This web portal has been trending recently and for most reasons is best known to us that Waphan or Waptrick, so till now it is still not figured out why the Waphan is been changed to Waptrick.one. But below this article will give you the reasons for that.

Waptrick.one has been the reason. Formerly, www.waphan.com have millions of digital files that mostly keep users long enough on this website. For you to be able to access the web platform, you just have to visit them all in one URL with www.waptrick.one.

However, you can proceed now below, for you to be able to know all that you need before you go in search of how you can be able to download different content from Waphan.com. Whenever you go to the www.waphan.com web platform, it redirects you to waptrick.one, because the website is now part of Waptrick.

Earlier, most users find it difficult to download their favorite digital files. And due to poor management of the site, unavailability, and network issues to download their favorite content. But with the introduction of this excellent and superb site, you can be able to download the latest updated digital files are now easy.

There is not much more to talk about Waphan because there are lots of categories of files on the Homepage of Waphan. Users can be able to get whatever files they need to download. You automatically be redirected to Waptrick.one whenever you try to access the Waphan web platform.

Waphan Categories

Below is the list of categories that you can find on the Waphan.com homepage. They are the most popular categories to find any content that you are looking for.

  • Videos
  • Music
  • Games
  • Applications
  • Photo Gallery Wallpapers
  • E-books
  • Animations

For you to download files from any of these categories listed above, is very simple and the steps are as follows in this article.

Features of Waphan

These features that Waphan offers to its users and visitors would help you to like using this great platform for downloading your favorite content.

  • Interface with easy use
  • Seamless navigation on the web platform
  • The site can be accessed anywhere
  • It has a search bar for easy search and locating files quickly
  • All content of the site can be downloaded for free.
  • It’s safe and secures to download all favorites
  • The website is well organized and files could be found easily.
  • They have many files in the portal.
  • You do not need an account to start downloading
  • They redirect you to the waptrick.one official site.

Waphan Movies

In case you are in search of a perfect site where you can be able to download your favorite videos, then search no more because Waphan got you covered with that.

Most viewed are the YouTube videos and clips. Under the Video category, you will be able to see various videos such as Most downloaded videos, sports, model fitness, Big Brother, Cartoon, Movie trailer, TV series, and many more that you could think of.

A nice thing that you must note about waphan.com is that its movies are grouped into various categories. This platform has a lot of videos based on its categories. Such as the:

  • Celebrity Videos
  • Adult Videos
  • Hot Movies
  • Top Celebrity Videos
  • Hollywood Movies
  • Bollywood Movies
  • Cartoon
  • TV Zone
  • Tollywood movies
  • English mobile movies

How to Download Waphan Movies

The following procedures will help you on how you can be able to download videos from Waphan.com.

  • Launch the Waphan web platform on any of your web browsers, through this link waphan.com or www.waptrick.one
  • Click on the Video categories on the homepage.
  • Select the category of video that you wish to download or you can type in the name of the video in the search bar.
  • Now you have to click on the video to access the download page.
  • Select the video once you see it in the search result.
  • Click on the Download option to start the download.

Just as easy as that. You can now start downloading your favorite videos from Waphan to your preferred device.

Waphan MP3

The Waphan is a very secure website that you can use for downloading music and the most important feature of this web platform is that you do not need an account creation or fill in any information or activation before you can be able to download music. The steps for that are below, follow the procedures carefully.

How to Download Waphan MP3

If you have be wanting to access the Waphan Free download MP3’s songs and videos search download. Then the search for the answer is in the Search Bar download, these are guides on how to go about it:

  • Visit the official webpage through this link waphan.com or www.waptrick.one
  • Click on the Search bar and type in the music that you wish to download and click on the Search Or you can just scroll down and select the Sound Effect tab.
  • After using the search bar, your search results will appear and you have to scroll down and select the Sounds
  • Sort out the music from the search result and tap on it.
  • Click on Download, close to the music to start the Download.

This is how you can proceed with the download with Waphan/Waptrick search download for free music. The downloaded music will be stored in your download location.

Waphan Games

If the game category is not mentioned whenever considering the most visited categories, then it’s not complete. The game category also comes with lots of games that could be to users’ interest and entertainment.

The games on Waphan/waptrick are compatible with all devices both Android and Java phones. The game category also comes with some other subcategories such as Casino, Adventure, Sport, Racing, Action games, and many more.

Waphan Applications

When you try accessing the Waphan sites, it redirects you to Waptrick.one, then we just say the Waptrick Application category.

In this App section, you can be able to find a lot of amazing smartphone applications that are supported and compatible with any of your devices. The kind of applications that you can find in the application category is Social-Media, work, and Anti-Virus applications, Translators, Dictionaries, Messengers, Dating, and lots more.

All you need to do is to sort out the application that suits your needs and satisfaction. You can be able to download your mobile applications from this great wap site. All the mobile applications from this website are free to download. And it has lots of apps that are stored in different categories.

Waphan Song Lyrics

This is a unique section of the Waphan site and it is meant for music lovers. This category has helped most song listeners to find a Lyric of their favorite songs. After you might have got to the homepage of the web platform, click on the song lyric and you will be redirected to where you can search for any song lyric by an Artist’s name, Songs name, and Lyrics.

Waphan Horoscope

As well all know that Horoscope is a forecast of a person’s future, and that is including a description of circumstance and character. Another important thing that you can do on the Waphan platform that is not streaming content is to check for Horoscope.

When you get to the homepage of Waphan/Waptrick, you just have to scroll down till you see the horoscope. Click on it, and then choose your zodiac sign and you can just easily read about it without paying.


Waphan which is also known as Waptrick.one is one of the most trusted web platforms where both users and visitors can carry out downloads without fear of viruses. The website has been able to stand a taste of time and has won the heart of most users.

Waphan/Waptrick will always give you the best updates on all that you are in search of. And all its contents are free to download. I hope you were enlightened to your satisfaction with this blog.



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