How to use Secret Chat in Telegram

How to use the secret chat in telegram. Telegram is one of the top social media applications that has over 700 million active users in the world today. You can take the privacy of chats to the next level, and the immense popularity of this app is due to the Telegram secret chat feature.

How To Use Secret Chat in Telegram
How To Use Secret Chat in Telegram

As you may know, “Secret Chats” are not the default version of chats on Telegram. So, you may want to start a secret chat with the person you want within the app. On the other hand, you may likely want to set a timer to self-destruct messages in a secret chat.

How To Use Secret Chat on Telegram

Since this application is available on various devices like Android, iOS, Mac, etc. The processes to start a secret chat and set a timer to self-destruct messages may also vary slightly.

As you keep reading you will discover some ways to use secret chat and how to set self-destruct timer on different devices.

What is Telegram Secret Chat?

This is an end-to-end encryption, that enables your data to only be unlocked once it has reached its intended receiver. This prevents the messaging app, your Internet service provider, and any other stray eyes from snooping at your messages.

Yet, the self-destructing function is another essential component of the Telegram private chat. It will alert the sender whenever a screenshot is taken. As a result, Telegram has a reputation for being one of the messaging applications that prioritizes privacy. You must set up a Secret Chat to do that.

How to Start a Secret Chat on Android

You can create many secret chats as much as you want with the same contact. But, keep in mind you cannot forward hidden messages to any other contacts in Telegram’s secret chats, unlike in regular chats.

The following are the steps to consider starting a secret chat with someone on your Android device:

  • First of all, you need o download the Telegram App. Launch the application and create your account.
  • Go to the profile of the user you want to contact.
  • Tap on the three dots.
  • You can now select “Start Secret Chat” from the drop-down menu.

Note: You can lose all your secret chats when you log out of your account. if you start a conversation with your friend with the “Secret Chat” feature, it will only be available on that device. The reason is the Telegram secret chats are device-specific.

Steps to Set Self Destruct timer on Android

To set a self-destruct timer, follow these steps:

  • Go to the home screen of your Telegram.
  • To set a self-destruct timer for a chat, click on the clock symbol next to the person’s profile image.
  • Select the timer limit and click “Done” to enable the self-destruct feature.

How to Start Secret Chat on iOS

If you are an iOS user, you can follow the steps below if you wish to start a secret chat with a friend:

  • Simply click on the profile picture of the person with whom you wish to start a private Telegram conversation to open their chat window.
  • When the profile opens, a three-dot button with “more” written underneath it will be visible.
  • To start a secret Telegram chat with the chosen contact, click this button and choose “Start Secret Chat” from the drop-down menu.

These are all the steps to follow if you wish to start a secret chat on your IOS.

Steps to Set Self Destruct Timer on iOS

Below are the steps you need to follow to set self-destruct timer on your iOS device:

  • Open the chat window for the contact whose self-destruct timer you want to set.
  • In the chat’s text box, click the clock symbol.
  • An emblem for a timer on Telegram
  • You will be given the option to choose the timer limit.
  • Select the self-destruct timing option and press the “done” button.

How to Start Secret Chat on Mac

The following are the steps to take if you want to start a secret chat on Mac:

  • On the Mac, select the pencil and sheet icon from the app located at the top menu.
  • After clicking the pencil and sheet icon, choose the “New Secret Chat” option from the drop-down menu.
  • You will be asked to choose a username.
  • After choosing a username, the Telegram secret chat will start.

Steps to Set Self-Destruct Timer on Mac

Follow the steps below to set a timer to self-destruct message on Mac:

  • Open the chat window of the private conversation for which you want to set a timer.
  • A clock will show up in the chat’s text area.
  • Select the timer limit by clicking on the little clock icon.
  • After establishing the timer limit, click the done button.

You can follow the steps provided above carefully to set self-destruct timer on Mac.


One of the main factors contributing to Telegram’s extensive growth is its hidden message function. Also, the secret chats have a self-destruction timer and are end-to-end encrypted. Hence, parents need a tool to fully monitor their children’s private Telegram discussions.


How Long Does Telegram Secret Chat Last?

For as long as you do not terminate or remove the secret chat, Telegram’s choice for that specific contact will remain secret. After being activated with a contact, the secret chat feature will not be immediately deactivated. Only manually, the secret chat can be turned off.

Can Telegram Secret Chat be Recovered?

You cannot retrieve the private Telegram chat. The cloud infrastructure (server) that Telegram uses stores regular chat data. They can therefore be found. On Telegram, however, the information from private chats is not kept on the server. They are therefore irrecoverable.

Does Secret Chat Telegram Let you know if they Screenshot?

Telegram will notify the user of a secret chat if the other person screenshots any part of the secret chat on Telegram, keeping privacy and security as its top priorities. Only secret chats can use this alert feature; it is not available for regular or group chats.



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