How to Use Podcasts on Your iPhone

Most iPhone users would have been wondering what kind of podcasts they can get from the Podcasts app and how they can easily use the Podcasts. But there should be no worries as this article is here to guide you on How to Use Podcasts on Your iPhone. All you need to do to explore the Podcasts is to read through and follow the steps that are outlined in this blog.

Use Podcasts on Your iPhone

How to Use Podcasts on Your iPhone

If you think that there is currently a “podcast boom” taking place globally, you have been mistaken! The number of active podcasts is in the thousands, and many aspiring podcasters are purchasing equipment that is affordable.

As a consequence, there are many chances for listeners to “tune into” what is called “radio on the internet.” You can download and listen to numerous episodes, most of which are free, provided that you have an iPhone. This simple blog will show you how to utilize a podcast on your iPhone in case you have not already.

What are Apple Podcasts

It’s a spot to access your podcasts. Apple’s specialized podcast listening service is called Apple Podcasts, formerly referred to as iTunes Podcasts. It can be downloaded as mobile and desktop software and is free for use for both podcasters and listeners (although there are now premium options).

Find Podcasts on iPhone

Discover programs on science, news, politics, humor, and a variety of topics through the Podcasts app. You may follow a show to add it to your library when you find one you like. Then you can easily listen to episodes when offline, receive episode alerts, and more.

You might be able to access exclusive series and episodes, recent releases, ad-free episodes, and more with paid memberships for specific shows. See Subscribe to a particular show or channel in Podcasts on the iPhone for managing your subscriptions.

How to Find Podcasts on iPhone

These are the steps that you may utilize to find podcasts for your iPhone:

  • Search the Title or Topic – Enter your search term in the top search box after selecting Search on the bottom right side of the screen.
  • Discover and Explore New Shows – To view New & Noteworthy, featured programs, and the Apple editorial collections, tap Browse at the bottom of the screen. To view the most recent Charts and explore by category, you may additionally tap Search.

TIP: Personalized show recommendations are displayed within the Listen Now screen (below Up Next) while you listen to episodes to assist you find another favorite program.

  • Add Shows – After selecting Library, click More, then select Follow a Show by URL.

NOTE: The URL has to be in RSS format, please note.

How to View Shared Podcasts

You can quickly find a show that a friend has shared with you in Messages by going to Share with You in Podcasts. So, here are the steps that you need for that:

  • Turn on Podcasts in Settings.
  • Then head to Messages.
  • After that, you click on the Shared with You option.

Your friends must be in your contacts.

NOTE: For you to be able to view shared Podcasts, you first have to head to the Podcasts app and tap Listen Now option, then you have to scroll to the Shared with You section.

How to Save and Download Podcasts

You can be able to download an episode so that you can play it when you are offline. Follow the steps outlined below for that:

  • Go to the Podcasts application on your iPhone.
  • Navigate to the Library section.
  • Now you have to tap a Show for you to be able to see its information page.
  • Swipe left on an episode.
  • Then tap on the Download button or Save button.

After saving an episode, it will automatically save, so you can listen to it offline. To turn off the option you have to go to Settings > Podcasts, then turn off Download When Saving.

How to Remove a Downloaded Episode

Below are the guides that you need to follow for you to simply remove a certain downloaded episode.

  • Go to the Podcasts app on your preferred device.
  • Go to the Library section.
  • Select a show for you to see its information page.
  • Swipe left on an episode and click on the Remove Download option or Unsave. Now if you are looking at a specific episode, then you have to tap the More button.


Can Podcasts be Saved on iPhone?

In the Podcasts app, you can easily download, save and then share the podcast episodes.

How Do I Install Podcasts on My iPhone?

Install podcasts processes:

  • Open Google Podcasts on your Android tablet or smartphone.
  • Tap Home at the bottom.
  • Tap your profile or initials in the upper right corner. podcasting options.
  • Select Downloads, then select Auto downloading.
  • Set Auto to download fresh episodes.
  • Turn on the podcasts you want to auto-download under Your subscriptions.

How Do I Get Free Podcasts on My iPhone?

Discover programs on science, news, politics, humor, and a variety of topics through the Podcasts app. You may follow a show to add it to your library if you find one you like. Then you can easily listen to episodes when offline, receive episode alerts, and more.

How Do I Add a Podcast?

When it comes to putting your podcast online and making it accessible to everyone, there are three key phases.

  • To use a podcast hosting service, upload your podcast files.
  • Simply submit your full program once to services like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and iTunes.
  • Your host should publish episode players to your website.

Why Can’t I Get Podcasts on My iPhone?

There are a number of solutions you can try if the Apple Podcasts app isn’t playing your podcasts. There are many workable fixes, including restarting the app, verifying your internet connection, updating your iOS, removing and reinstalling the app, and contacting Apple support.

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