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This blog also goes into the fundamentals of United Nations Recruitment in Nigeria, UN internship careers, UN jobs at entry level, and UN jobs in Africa, as well as how to apply for UN jobs in 2023.

United Nations Recruitment
United Nations Recruitment

The UN job vacancies, application forms, career portal at www.careers.un.org, prerequisites, how to apply, start/end dates, and other essential information are all included in this article.

United Nations Recruitment

Interning at the United Nations might serve as a great spot to start if you want to work in diplomacy or policy making. The purpose of an internship is to provide you with first-hand knowledge about a typical working atmosphere at the UN. You have an opportunity to collaborate with our staff members directly.

As an employee of our team, you will interact with excellent and motivational senior management, attend prominent conferences, take part in regular meetings, and make contributions to analytical work and UN strategic planning.

Additionally, you’ll initially determine the amount of responsibility you’re able to handle; however, the opportunity for advancement is entirely up to you.

United Nations Recruitment Openings

Below is a list of job openings available in the United Nations Recruitment.

  • Senior Programme Management Officer
  • Commission Secretary
  • Regional Subprogramme Coordinator
  • Associate Human Resources officer
  • Chief of Development and Environment Policy Section
  • Senior Human Rights Officer
  • Director of Information Center
  • Scientific Affairs Officer
  • Senior Interpreter
  • Finance and Budget Officer
  • Programme Management Officer
  • Investment Officer
  • Public Information Officer
  • Principal Programme Management Officer

UN Recruitment Requirements

For the current United Nations Recruitment to be successful, the requirements that follow have to be satisfied by interested applicants:

  • Candidates must present a valid form of identification that is accepted both domestically and abroad. The age requirement for candidates is at least 18.
  • Candidates must also possess a fundamental education, and those aiming for higher levels need a degree or something comparable.
  • Candidates need to be logical thinkers that are knowledgeable to adapt to a new work environment.
  • Computer-literate candidates have an advantage.
  • The candidate ought to be a part of the appropriate professional associations.
  • Ability to think holistically and strategically
  • Excellent ability to solve problems
  • Outstanding interpersonal and leadership skills
  • Excellent communication skills both in writing and speaking
  • Outstanding interpersonal abilities
  • The candidate must be meticulous and willing to travel anywhere in the country if necessary.
  • A team player is required for the application.
  • Applicants should be able to perform their duties with little to no oversight.
  • Applicants should have a solid understanding of the position that they are applying for. Candidates with relevant professional experience are preferred.

United Nations Recruitment Application Processes

Interested candidates ought to follow these methods for an effective application for recruitment.

  • Firstly, you have to Search for a United Nations job opportunity.
  • Create a profile (user) account and put together an application.
  • Now you have to submit the Job application.
  • Then evaluate and estimate the application.
  • Assessment Exercise
  • Ability-based interviews
  • Then you will receive a selection notification.

How to apply for United Nations recruitment

It’s a good idea to apply for the United Nations recruitment and the steps that you need for an effective application are outlined here below:

  • Go to careers.un.org to access the UN Recruitment Website.
  • Visit https://nigeria.un.org/en/jobs to apply for UN jobs.
  • Visit http://www.unfpa.org/jobs/unfpa-internship-programme to find out more about internships.
  • Next to the position you wish to apply for, select Apply Now
  • Click on the Create an Account Here option to start the process.
  • Please fill in the necessary details.
  • After that, log in to complete the application via the Internet.
  • All diplomas and licenses ought to be uploaded.
  • Before applying, review it.

Those are the guides that one needs to follow to successfully apply for a United Nations recruitment.

United Nations Recruitment Deadline

Yes, applications continue to be accepted to join the UN’s class of 2023. Those who are interested in UN job opportunities should visit the organization’s official website www.careers.un.org to learn more about the openings that are available as well as apply. The deadline for application for the UN jobs is 3rd June 2023.

We’ve made things easier for you by offering an extensive list of the jobs that are presently open, what is needed, and, of course, how to apply.


How to get a job at the UN?

Careers at UN

They offer professional employment through the examination procedure or by applying on the Careers Portal. Recruitment takes place locally for posts in the General Service and associated categories, such as trades and crafts, security and safety, secretarial, and other support positions.

How do I join the UN Nations?

Concerning UN Membership

  1. The State sends a formal letter acknowledging its acceptance of the Charter’s commitments together with an application to the Secretary-General.
  2. The Security Council will then examine the application.
  3. If the Council recommends admittance, the General Assembly is informed of the recommendation.

How to apply for a UN consultancy?

Where can I apply? Short-term assignment specialists are urged to enroll in the Consultant Roster via Inspira and submit their personal history profile (PHP) so that they may be taken into account when possibilities arise.

Do you get paid to work at the UN?

The UN provides you with a highly rewarding compensation plan that includes benefits and salaries which are both competitive. The pay scale for employees in the Professional and above categories who are hired globally is based on the highest-paying national civil service.




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