Top 6 Best Web Help Desk Software

Today, most businesses are consistently looking for new ways to eventually manage conversations with their customers to help resolve services-related issues or field IT requests. That is why this article will discuss the top 6 best web help desk software to support companies in rendering customer service more efficiently.

Top 6 Best Web Help Desk Software
Top 6 Best Web Help Desk Software

Top 6 Best Web Help Desk Software

While help desk and customer service software share some similar applications, they are never by no means interchangeable though having a central ticket tracking system. The help desk software allows you to manage your company’s customers, as well as small businesses’ IT endpoints and networks.

As companies of all sizes implement new technology to boost customer happiness and streamline operations, the market for help desk software is expanding quickly. In this guide, we’ll discuss the main characteristics to look for in a solid help desk solution and give you an overview of the top options available to help you choose the best help desk software for your company.

The cloud-based or SaaS-based help desk software hosted online naturally helps your company’s customer support needs easily by logging into the suite or vendor’s site. The following are some of the top help desk software options:

Help Scout

A unique customer support platform called Help Scout is designed for expanding teams to provide best-in-class customer assistance. You have access to a wide range of tools when you join up, all of which are designed with customer assistance in mind.

This helped desk software shared inbox contains tools facilitating team collaboration including private notes and @mentions, and collision detection minimizes duplication of effort by indicating when an agent is actively working on a particular topic. Workflows enable the automation of repetitive operations like conversation sorting, while customer profiles provide extra insight.

Key features:

  • Ticket Management and Analytics
  • Automated Routing
  • Merge Conversation and Collision Detection
  • Auto-responders


This is a cloud-based IT service management solution built to assist users in a wide range of businesses across various industries to resolve technology-related issues. SysAid incorporates features such as asset management, help desk automation, network monitoring, patch management, and dashboard-based reporting and performance analysis.

For incidents, problems, change, service level objectives, and resolution knowledge, SysAid ITSM provides management options. Moreover, it provides capabilities like a self-service portal, password resets, and service desk process automation.

Key features:

  • Ticket Management
  • Knowledge Base
  • Remote Control and Self-service portal
  • IT Asset management


Freshdesk is another cloud-based customer service software that helps businesses to provide service across every customer touchpoint conveniently.

Fortunately, companies are given the tools they need by Freshdesk to monitor customer conversations across email, phone, chat, social media, and instant messaging, increase agent productivity with clever automation, provide self-service interactions with AI chatbots and customized help centers, and keep track of key performance indicators with robust analytics.

Key features:

  • Team Huddle
  • Multiple Channels Integration
  • Customized Ticket Status

Zoho Desk

If you are familiar with Zoho Desk as a customer relationship management tool, be assured that they also give customer support solutions.

Nevertheless, a shared inbox and a knowledge base tool are just a couple of the features that Zoho Desk offers. They also feature more sophisticated options like AI-assisted responses and comprehensive automation for things like chat sorting and tagging.

Zoho Desk connects smoothly with other Zoho products, such as the CRM tool, if you already use them. But, only their most expensive corporate plan offers their more advanced services, as well as some fundamental ones like live chat.

Key features:

  • Smart Dashboard
  • Simplified Number of Tiers
  • Powerful Integrations

Zendesk Suite

An online community, knowledge base, and customer care portal can be created with the help desk management system Zendesk. The system provides a front-end portal that can be customized, live chat capabilities, and connectivity with programs like CRM and Google Analytics. Many different vertical markets, from small to large, use Zendesk, including technology, government, journalism, and retail.

Moreover, Zendesk’s online customer portal assists agents to keep track of tickets raised and their status. Also, customers are allowed to raise their own tickets in the portal if they are not satisfied with the existing tickets. In addition, this platform offers the branding of support pages with themes, logos, and brand images of the business.

Key features:

  • Predefined Ticket Responses
  • Personalized Views for Ticket Status
  • Webs Widget for Faster Support


The customer support software from TeamSupport is specially made for companies that value their customers and gives you the resources you need to completely comprehend and satisfy their needs.

In addition, this helpdesk software gives you a 360-degree perspective of your consumers, going well beyond just ticket management solutions, empowering you to deepen the bond and win over devoted lifelong clients.

TeamSupport customer management solutions, which include account trend statistics, satisfaction ratings, and prospects for growth and expansion, give you the background you need to comprehend their requirements.

Key features;

  • Power Integrations
  • Visual Support Tools
  • Affordable Pricing

Why Do You Need Help Desk Software?

However, the main benefits or advantages of using the help desk software of various businesses will be outlined below. They are as follows:

Easy Access

The cloud-based system enables you to gather tickets from many sources, such as phone calls, email, web portals, and endpoint monitors, or automatically from those devices, and even allows you to access account tickets via a mobile app.

Efficient Workflows

Configurable ticket categories, automatic ticket routing, SLA tracking, and escalation procedures enable effective prioritization, handling, and — when required — escalation of requests.

Effective Communications

By using personalized welcomes, automated emails and updates, and scripted responses, you can make sure that customers receive the information they require throughout the resolution process.

Visibility and Reporting

You can examine service requests using online dashboards that are simple to use and have extensive tracking and reporting.

User Experience

A branded service portal fosters consistency and credibility in the assistance process.


Can I Use the Help Desk for Small Businesses?

All sizes of businesses can utilize help desk software to speed up the process of answering customer questions and boost client satisfaction. In order to give a timely resolution, help desk systems assist with this by automating the production of tickets and their assignment to the appropriate technicians.

Is the Service Desk a Stressful Job?

As your staff is constantly putting out fires, life at the service desk can be frantic. Service desk stress is a serious problem. Yet, with a few tweaks, you may simultaneously increase your organization’s worth and make your service desk staff happier!

What Does Help Scout Mean?

Modern customer support, as defined by Help Scout, is the act of giving prompt, sympathetic assistance while keeping the demands of the consumer at the forefront of every engagement. Customer support teams are the face of the business, as opposed to the common notion of customer service as a cost center.

Does Google Have a Ticketing System?

As a help desk, Google’s ticketing system provides access to customer service for users. It implies that companies may manage incoming client requests. These can then be given to team members who have the necessary tools to assist the clients and complete the task.



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