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If you are a skilled tailor, you can use your tailoring skills in the USA as there are several tailoring jobs available to foreigners with visa sponsorship. As a tailor with dreams of moving to the USA, you can achieve your dreams with visa sponsorship as fashion has been and will always be in demand.

Tailor Jobs in USA With Visa Sponsorship

Working in the US as a tailor is lucrative and can earn good pay if you are good with your job and offer excellent services.

In this article, you will find out how to apply for visa sponsorship, the types of jobs you can do as a tailor, and the number of salaries you can get paid.

The article will also describe companies that can pay you well, and the best cities you can get paid from, keep reading to find out more.

Description of a Tailor in the USA

A Tailor is a person who is skilled in the business of making clothes in different designs and styles with different fabrics.

As a tailor in the USA, you will work with fashion designers, dry cleaning services, or clothing companies who will need your skills to design new styles, make new clothes, or repair worn-out clothes.

10 of the Best Tailoring Jobs to Apply for in the USA

Tailor Jobs in the US are numerous, you can focus on the aspect where you are most skilled, if you are unsure about them, do not fret as we have listed some of them below:

Tailor Fitter

Clothing lines and companies usually employ tailors who can tailor fitters and they are charged with the role of altering, making, and designing clothes.

The roles of a tailor fitter are mostly carried out by controlling machines and processes. It is important to note that the amount tailor fitters are paid varies according to the company’s standards and policies.

However, tailor fitters receive an average salary of $24,000 to $40,000 annually.

Alterations Tailor

Clothing companies usually employ alteration tailors and they are responsible for altering, repairing, and modifying clothes.

They modify the clothes based on the specifications, preferences, and needs of the customers by taking their customer’s measurements.

They arrange fittings to determine if additional adjustments need to be made while assisting in fabric selection.

Alteration tailors are paid $26,000 to $37,500 per year.

Tailor Fitters are employed to use their creativity in developing and creating designs and styles while making necessary fittings for the garments.

Tailor fitters earn about $31,500 to $48,000 a year.

Master Tailor

Master Tailors are employed by clothing companies as professional tailors; this means they take measurements from clients to create a fine design for them.

They help to select fabric and arrange fittings to determine whether there is a need for an additional adjustment.

Master tailors are well paid as they earn about $35,500 to $58,000 per year and it can be more than that depending on the company they work for.

Seamstress Tailor

Seamstresses are employed to construct clothes, alter them, amend them, or modify them under the customer’s needs and specifications.

Seamstresses can decide to be self-employed or work in factories, department stores, or boutiques however they earn between $25,500 to $34,000 per year.

Men’s Suit

This aspect of tailoring involves designing, styling, and sewing custom-made suits for men which include jackets, waistcoats, and pants.

Tailors who specialize in men’s suits are being paid an average salary of $22,070 to $51,000 with an average base of $34,132.

Women’s Dressmaking

Women’s dressmaking involves designing, styling, and sewing custom-made dresses for women which includes skirts and blouses.

The average salary ranges from $22,000 to $57480 with an average base of $35,430.

Bridal Tailoring

These tailors specialize in creating and designing wedding dresses as well as bridal gowns, their salaries range from $22,000 to $51,000 with an average base of $34,125.

Pattern Making

Tailors can venture into pattern making whereby they create paper patterns used to make custom-made clothing which are usually perfect for outings.

They have an average salary that ranges from $58,741 to $74,788 with an average base of $67,030.

Costume Making

Tailors can be employed by movie production companies to design and create customers for their movie products, theatrical productions, and TV shows.

It is quite lucrative as they earn an average of $38, 731 to $45,846 with an average base of $42,029.


Tailors who are very good with their needlework can work with companies that produce clothes with embroidery.

They are well paid because embroidery is not a walk in the park, they range from $55,609 to $81,099 with an average base of $66,292.

Working as a tailor in the USA is very lucrative as there are many aspects to venture into not even listed above, some of them are in-house tailoring, Tailor shop management, knitting, lingerie designing, pet tailoring, children’s clothing, sportswear tailoring, uniform tailoring and Sewing Machine operator.

Some Top Companies for Tailors in the United States

Nordstrom- http://www.nordstrom.com/

Average Nordstrom Tailor hourly pay in the United States is approximately $25.00, which is 39% above the national average.

Men’s Wearhouse- https://www.menswearhouse.com/

Men’s Wearhouse is a leader in the clothes industry in the United States. They offer a chain of men’s clothing as well as customized tailoring services.

Tailors at Men’s Wearhouse earn an average salary of 40,000 to 60,000 per year, depending on their experience of the tailors.

Brooks Brothershttps://www.brooksbrothers.com/

Brooks Brothers is another renowned men’s clothing company that provides customized tailoring services.

Tailors at Brooks Brothers typically earn salaries that range from 45,000 to 70,000.


Indochino is a company that specializes in made-to-measure suits and shirts for men. Tailors at Indochino earn very good salaries between 60000 and 80,000 per year.

Hilburn- https://jhilburn.com/

Hilburn also offers custom men’s clothing which includes suits, shirts, and trousers. Tailors employed at J. Hilburn have the potential to earn salaries from the range of 50,000 to 70,000 annually.

Tom James Companyhttps://www.tomjames.com/

Tom James Company provides customized clothing and tailoring services for both men and women. Tailors at Tom James Company can expect an average salary of 45,000 to 65,000 per year, with the potential for additional income through sales commissions.

Mountain Shadows Support Grouphttp://www.mtnshadows.org/

Average Mountain Shadows Support Group Tailor hourly pay in the United States is approximately $20.18, which is 12% above the national average.

JoS. A Bankhttp://www.josbank.com/

Average JoS. A Bank Tailor’s hourly pay in the United States is approximately $20.98, which is 16% above the national average.

Highest Paying Cities for Tailors in the United States

Tailors are well paid in the US but there are some specific states where tailors receive very good pay, as a tailor it is advisable to move to such cities to improve your chances of being well paid.

Below are some of the high-paying cities in the US:

New York City

New York City is a fashion city where everyone is highly fashionable this means that tailors are in high demand and therefore have numerous opportunities to work in boutiques, fashion houses, and highly valued departmental stores.

They pay some top salaries for tailors because of the renowned fashion brands in the city. Tailors here can earn between $40,000 to $80,000.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a major fashion city in the United States well known for its celebrities and their fashion industry.

There is always one red carpet show or the other this puts stylists and fashion designers in good demand alongside tailors. Tailors here can earn annual salaries ranging from $40,000 to $80,000.

San Francisco

The city has a very high cost of living and as such they offer very competitive salaries to tailors particularly those who design its high-end fabrics. Tailors here can earn between $40,000 75,000

Miami, florida

This city has a vibrant fashion sense with its reputation for luxury and fashion they tend to pay their tailors extremely well. Tailors here can earn between $40,000 to $70,000.


Chicago is another major metropolitan center that helps tailors find well-paying jobs in luxury fashion houses, bridal salons, dry cleaning stores, and huge clothing companies. Tailors here can earn between $40,000 to $70,000.

Types of USA Visa to Apply to Get a Sponsorship Tailoring Job

If you are planning to get a visa sponsorship to work as a tailor in the USA, you have to be aware that there are different types of sponsorship visas you can apply for once you have met their requirements, below are some of them:


This is a visa sponsorship that you can apply for to get a tailoring job in the USA. This means that your sponsorship will come from your employer.

If you also wish to get sponsorship from your relatives in the USA then this is the right visa you can apply for to get your dream tailoring job.


This temporary visa sponsorship is given to skilled workers such as tailors and this will be more suitable for you to get your visa sponsorship in the USA especially if you are well-skilled in your tailoring career.


This type of visa sponsorship can only work for you if you have enough working experience in tailoring and you will get your job offer immediately from the US.

It is referred to as an employment-based visa because you get it strictly on an employment basis which is also suitable for you.

Requirements to Apply for US Tailoring Jobs Using Visa Sponsorship

You can apply for visa sponsorship only when you have certain requirements, below are some of the requirements:

  • If you wish to apply for visa sponsorship ensure you are up to the age of 18
  • You must have at least 2 years of working experience as a tailor
  • You must have a certificate that shows you have completed your tailoring apprenticeship
  • You should be able to effectively make use of sewing equipment

Where to Apply for US Tailoring Jobs Using Visa Sponsorship

Once you have met the above requirements you can proceed to apply from the links listed below:

How to Apply for Tailoring Jobs Using Your Visa Sponsorship

You can apply for tailoring jobs using your visa sponsorship, by following the steps below:

  • You have to apply for available tailoring jobs using links, some of the links are listed above
  • When you see a job offer you like, send a standard USA application letter alongside a well-structured CV
  • If you are lucky and your employer finds you suitable, they will write a letter to petition for the scholarship from the United States Citizenship Immigration service
  • Once approved you will be sent a letter from your employer in the US which you will use to apply for the visa type that is suitable to you as explained above which includes H1-B, H2-B, and EB-3.
  • Once you have applied you will have to answer the questions and answers on the USA Tailoring Job visa sponsorship interview.
  • Prepare well for your interview and you will get the job.


Having followed the above steps accordingly you will be able to achieve your dreams of travelling to the US and using your professional sewing skills to earn a living.


Are Tailoring Jobs in the US Beneficial?

Yes, they are very beneficial. It is an opportunity worth grabbing with all of your hands this is because you will be paid very well, below are some of the additional benefits:

  • You will have very flexible working hours
  • You will get an opportunity that allows you to connect with people quickly
  • You will most likely always get friendly tips from customers
  • You have the opportunity to become a boss of your own
  • You have the opportunity to create a name for yourself
  • You will be well paid

In Simple Terms, what is the Job Description of a Tailor?

The job description of a tailor is quite basic but also technical, below are some of them:

  • They take and record body measurements
  • They mend ripped clothing and garments
  • They design new clothes for customers
  • They alter clothes for clients
  • They select and sort fabrics for customers
  • They put fitting together

What is the Average Salary of Tailors in the United States?

A tailor in the US earns a lot of money however this amount is based on certain factors such as the city, the company employing the tailor, and the work experience as well as professionalism exhibited by the tailor.

However, tailors earn roughly $37,000 yearly at a minimum and can earn over $100,000 yearly at a maximum.

Where are the places I can work in the US as a Tailor

You can work in several places such as:

  • Clothing stores.
  • Dry cleaning and laundry services.
  • Fashion houses.
  • Movie theaters.
  • Cut and sew apparel manufacturing industries.
  • General merchandise stores.

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