How to Tag Someone on Facebook

Facebook is all about connecting to people and Tagging is a very helpful feature that encourages and helps you increase the number of persons that can see your post.

Tag Someone on Facebook

Tagging is one of those very good features on Facebook because it helps you connect with others through their post and also helps others connect to you through your post.

Are you wondering how you can enjoy this tagging feature? This article will give you a step-by-step guide on how to do this, keep scrolling.

Meaning of Facebook Tagging

Facebook tagging is a link that connects your photo to others that you may not even know or may not know you. When you tag someone (a user), Facebook notifies them and can also notify their mutual friends that they were tagged in a post. In that way, your content will go a long way.

How to Tag Someone Using a Desktop

You can tag someone on Facebook using a desktop with the following steps:

  • Navigate your way to your Facebook feed.
  • Select “Add photo/video”.
  • Select the picture you want to post.
  • Click on “edit” by the top left.
  • From the options given click on “Tag photo”.
  • Click on the person you wish to tag from those given to you.
  • You can search for them if you do not see their names.
  • Click save and proceed to post.

How to Tag Someone Using an Android

You can tag someone on Facebook using your Android phone with the steps below:

  • Navigate your way to your Facebook feed.
  • Click on “photo”.
  • You will be directed to your camera roll to select a picture of your choice.
  • Click on next, and then on tag, the next page will show you a list of names.
  • Click on the name or type out the name.
  • Click on “done” when you are through with tagging.
  • Click post.

How to Tag Someone Using an iPhone

You can tag someone on Facebook using your iPhone with the following steps:

  • Navigate your way to your Facebook feed.
  • Tap “photo”.
  • Choose the photo of your choice and click done.
  • Tap “Edit”.
  • Click on the tag icon
  • Click on the person you want to tag.
  • Type their profile picture.
  • Type their name if you do not see it among those given.
  • Click on their profile picture when the name shows.
  • Click done and then click on the post.

Things to be Aware of When Tagging

There are some things to keep in mind when tagging as this will help the process

  • Be aware that you can tag more than 90 persons at once.
  • You can tag a photo you have already posted.
  • If someone has activated their audience settings to private, you won’t be able to tag them, the option to tag them will not be made available.
  • Facebook allows you to tag friends to your post, your comment and also to tag who you were with at a particular time.


Why Should I Tag Someone on Facebook?

There are so many advantages to tagging, you can see them below:

  • If you tag someone who has lots of followers, you will be giving yourself a level of popularity.
  • If as a businessperson, you are someone who is well established, the person’s followers will see your goods or the service you offer.
  • If you tag someone you recently collaborated with in business, people will be aware of this.
  • If you tag someone as your spouse or partner, people become aware.
  • If you tag someone during a kidnap or missing person case, people will become aware and may help out.
  • You can tag someone you want to publicly appreciate or honor.

How can I Tag a Friend in my Comment on a Post

sometimes you may see a post that could help your friend, you can simply comment on the post and tag your friend to see your comment, see the steps below:

  • Type the @ symbol followed by their Facebook name.
  • As you type, a small window will come up to show you what could fit into what you are typing.
  • You can also just click on the person’s name and continue typing when it appears.

How do I Tag Who I Was With

sometimes, you could be with someone and wish to announce that you were with them, follow these steps to do this:

  • Click the “Tag friends” option.
  • This will bring up a search box.
  • Enter your friend’s name.
  • Click done and you will see a new line showing your name and your friend’s name.
  • Enter your post as usual.

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