Spotify Internship 2023 – APPLY NOW

The paid Spotify Internship program offers undergraduate students an opportunity to gain experience in the music and IT industries. For a particular period of period throughout the summer, interns are required to work full-time employment.

Spotify Internship 2023
Spotify Internship 2023

Students may acquire knowledge about the business of music streaming and obtain knowledge about the field of music via the Spotify internship program. Continue reading this article for more information.

Spotify Internship 2023

Students who have an interest in working in the music industry may select from an array of internship possibilities at Spotify. The company’s internship program aims to provide students with an opportunity to learn about the music business and acquire practical knowledge. Numerous departments at Spotify, including marketing, company growth, and product development, provide possibilities for internships.

About Spotify Internship

Students ought to research the student possibilities Spotify has to offer if they have passionate about music and want to be a part of an environment of creativity that is supported by collaboration and an honest belief in the potential of music.

Positions across teams, from business to technical, are available for a 10 to 13-week Spotify Global Summer internship. Interns have the chance to work from an array of different offices, but they’re able to have an important effect on how audio is consumed worldwide regardless of where they are based.

Every fall, students may submit applications for an international summer internship; candidates are usually selected by the start of their next semester. Additionally, Spotify offers a student program, particularly for those who attend HBCUs and HSIs.

Students are invited to take on genuine Spotify company challenges as a component of a new initiative, which goes by the name of the Opening Act Innovation Challenge. Challenge winners are guaranteed an internship job so they can continue working on the issue for which they found solutions. In both the fall and springtime, applications to participate in the Opening Act Challenge are welcome.

Interns have the chance to network alongside other Spotify interns, participate in workshops and addresses from top experts in the field, and socialize at meetings in addition to collaborating on cutting-edge projects. For undergraduates looking for experience in the audio and technology industries, the Spotify internship is a great choice.

The Spotify Internship will suit you if you love technology and music and are looking for a challenge.

Internship Details

Country – Available worldwide

Host – Spotify

Internship Coverage – Paid

Level – Associates, Master’s & Ph.D. degrees

Deadline – Each internship position differs

How to Apply

On its website, Spotify lists all of the internships that are currently open along with every necessary detail. Access to their website and submit an application, click Here.


An internship with Spotify is an excellent opportunity for recent college graduates who have an interest in the music business. Participants in the course get an opportunity to learn about the commercial side of the music industry while gaining practical experience at an important music streaming firm.


Is it hard to get an internship at Spotify?

However, it could be challenging. Numerous internship programs that Spotify offers, like the Global Summer Internship and the Aspiring Marketers Fellowship Program, receive thousands of applications from students each year. But only a limited handful are chosen.

How much does Spotify pay interns?

Internships at Spotify may pay up to $63 per hour, making them one of the most lucrative jobs in the country. Discover the Spotify data scientist income distribution by a number of variables, the overall compensation ranges by location, and advice on how to ace the Spotify data scientist interview by reading on.

Can I intern for Spotify?

Whatever you’re studying, we have a variety of programs to fit you. Choose from co-ops, summer internships, thesis internships, and mentorship programs. Our educational offerings are anything from traditional.

How long does Spotify respond to intern applications?

Within a few weeks of receiving applications, Spotify aims to respond to everyone. This can take a bit longer for jobs that are more well-known. So kindly be patient with them!

How do I land a job at Spotify?

Via the employment board on Spotify’s official website, you can submit an application. One of the greatest methods to land a job at Spotify is to consistently visit the job board because new openings are added every week. The website is simple to use and provides details on the hiring procedure as well as advice on what the Spotify hiring team searches for.



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