SILT Thailand Scholarships 2023 – APPLY NOW!

International students with good academic records can now apply for the SIIT Thailand Scholarships 2023 Application Update. This is an excellent opportunity for international students pursuing postgraduate studies.

SILT Thailand Scholarships 2023
SILT Thailand Scholarships 2023

The SIIT Thailand Scholarships are available to suitable overseas students for masters and doctoral degrees. As you read more, you will find instructions on how to apply for the SIIT Thailand Scholarships 2023.

SILT Thailand Scholarships 2023

From time to time, the Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology (SILT) has offered several exchange programs to teachers and students from institutions in Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America over the years now.

The Sirindhorn Technology Scholarship Fund offers completely paid scholarships to talented students so they can travel to Thailand and continue their education. To enhance Thailand’s industrial development by drawing the top minds in engineering and information technology.

The institute has played a significant role in strengthening ties across Asia. Among these are the graduate, post-graduate, and doctoral scholarships, as well as the student exchange program.

Yet, this connection has been strengthened thanks to the Graduate Scholarship Program for Exceptional Foreign Students (EFS) 2022.

International students from all over the world can experience Thailand’s extensive and diverse cultural history by staying there.

About the Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology (SILT)

Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology (SIIT), a technology institute with some autonomy, was established within Thammasat University in 1992. It is located in Pathum Thani, Thailand.

After operating for two years, the International Institute of Technology (IIT) was founded on September 16, 1994. King Bhumibol Adulyadej later gave Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology a new name on June 28, 1996. (SIIT).

Benefits of SILT Thailand Scholarship 2023

The SILT Thailand Scholarship 2023 offers a lot of advantages to eligible students including the following:

  • Full fee coverage of tuition.
  • Payment of all thesis fees.
  • A 10,000-baht monthly living allowance.
  • Tickets to and from Thailand in the economy class.
  • 10,000 Baht is the maximum amount that can be took for extra costs like taxes, visas, and the like.
  • Insurance for accidents and health will be provided to students.

Eligibility Criteria

You must meet up with the following requirements to be eligible for the SILT Thailand Scholarship.

To be eligible:

  • Applicants may originate from any country or region.
  • Students must continue their academic work in the topics that SIIT offers.
  • Applicants must have earned a top-20 ranking in their previous class.
  • To be eligible for a Ph.D., the previous degree’s GPA must be lower than 3.5.
  • You must have a certificate proving your English competence.
  • The candidates must be in generally good health.

Required Documents

Submit the following requirements while applying:

  • Your national ID card or passport.
  • Your CV.
  • Most recent academic records.
  • A current image.
  • Your certificate of English proficiency.
  • The purpose statements.
  • Two letters of recommendation.
  • A publication or research paper

How to Apply for the SILT Scholarship

To apply for the SILT Scholarship, please follow the steps provided below:

  • The SIIT Thailand Scholarship accept online submission. So, simply go to their online portal and fill out the application form.
  • Any of the suggested file types—jpeg, jpg, or pdf—must be used for the necessary documents.
  • The application form must be submitted with a one-page statement of purpose.
  • A certificate of English proficiency is not required for application. They will have to submit it though after they get their certificate.
  • Make sure to submit a full application with all relevant supporting documentation before the application deadline.

These are the steps to consider to apply for the 2023 SILT Thailand Scholarship.

Application Deadlines

The following are the various deadlines for SILT Thailand Scholarship for this semester:

  • For semesters beginning in September 2023, the first round is on March 15, 2023.
  • Second Round of Faculty Quota Scholarships, June 15, 2023.
  • Third round, September 30, 2023, for January 2024 semesters.


What is the Thailand Scholarship 2023/2024?

For 2023–2024, the Thai government will give fully financed master’s scholarships to international students through the Thailand International Postgraduate Program (TIPP). Scholarships from the Thai government include a living allowance, housing allowance, relocation funds, book allowance, and thesis allowance.

Is it Good to Study in Thailand?

Thailand’s culture is rich and complex, and study abroad programs there with established ties to local populations provide you the chance to interact with people in ways that visiting as a tourist would not allow you to.

Can International Students Work while Studying in Thailand?

You cannot work while on a student visa. No one is allowed to work in Thailand without a work permit, and it appears that the Thai government is unwilling to grant work permits to individuals with student visas.

How Long Does it take to Process a Student Visa in Thailand?

Thailand’s student visa procedure takes one to two weeks. Thailand student visas are valid for up to a year and are good for 90 days per entry.

Can I Get a Job After Studying in Thailand?

If you have a valid visa, a work permit, and a job that complies with the Alien Employment Act, then you are permitted to work in Thailand.



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