How to Sell Books on Amazon 2023: Step-by-Step Guide

You might think about selling your books on Amazon if you’re clearing out your bookcases. Or have authored books that you’re trying to decide where to store textbooks and picture books so that it’s helpful and you can still make money from them.

How to Sell Books on Amazon 2023: Step-by-Step Guide

But no worries about that, because this blog is here to help you out on How to Sell Books on Amazon. All you need to do is read through carefully.

How to Sell Books on Amazon

It’s an excellent way to earn money as well as launch an Amazon business to sell books on Amazon.  However, for you to get started, it’s necessary to learn how Amazon’s selling platform operates. How to find books to sell there, and which kinds of books you ought to and shouldn’t sell.

Depending on the number of books you plan to sell, Amazon offers both a professional as well as personal account level. Additionally, they offer the option of sending it through an Amazon Fulfillment center or straight to the consumer.

How to Create an Amazon Seller Account

It is required for you to first register as an Amazon seller. As a case study:

  • Join Amazon if you haven’t got an account or log in if you do. Then go to Amazon’s selling guide website, go into the “How to register” section, and choose either “Sell as an Individual” or “Sell as a Professional.”


If you sell on your own, you typically sell fewer than 40 items per month. For people selling on the side as a hobby or with only a few items for sale, this strategy is advised. You ought to pay less FEES using this strategy.

More than 40 products are exchanged each month by professional merchants. This is the route you ought to pursue if you have a lot of things to offer and want to generate a consistent monthly income from your Amazon sales.

  • When the drop-down list opens, select the region from where you’ll operate the website for your business before selecting “Agree and continue.”
  • Then, choose or enter information about your nationality country, birth country, birthdate, identity evidence (a license or passport ID), business address, and cellphone number.
  • The phone number you provided will be given an exclusive pin from Amazon. Please type it into the pop-up window.
  • Enter the details of your financial institution and bank account after clicking “I Understand” to confirm that you really have all of the details needed to open an account. Before choosing “Verify Bank Account,” check the box that says “Terms and Conditions.”
  • Enter your credit card details and the address for billing on the following page.
  • Enter the shop’s name now to let Amazon know whether you have variety certificates or UPC numbers. And whether you are the brand owner or manufacturer for any or all of your products.
  • Before clicking “Submit,” verify your personal account information and submit your ID and statement from the bank. You’ll get a postcard in the mail between five and eight business days with an identification number to validate your account. After which you’ll get an email from Amazon telling you that the process is over.

List and Sell Your Books on Amazon

The steps listed below have to be followed before you start selling books on Amazon:

  • Visit the Amazon homepage while signing into your seller account.
  • If you want to sell a book, type its title or ISBN (the book’s registration code) into the search field with the filter for searches set to Books.
  • When the product page for the book you are interested in selling opens after choosing it from the search results. Click on the “Sell on Amazon” button to the right of the Buy Box and the currently available for sale listings.
  • A listing screen appears if selling the book is permitted. If you possess the book’s SKU number, start the process by inputting it.
  • Set the book’s selling price on Amazon based on its condition and the selling prices of competitors. (If you’re a new seller, you might have to set your pricing lower than that of other sellers while you establish your reputation.)
  • Enter the amount and condition of what you are selling. Choose between Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) and Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).
  • The company will pick, package, and ship the book fully on your behalf using FBA. However, FBM will request that you send the book to Amazon first, which may take longer.
  • For the book to become listed for sale on Amazon, click Save and Finish.

These are the steps required for you to sell books on Amazon.

Does it Cost Money to Sell a Book on Amazon?

Amazon keeps 15% of the price of any book you sell there. For instance, the cost of referring someone is $1.50 if you sell a book for $10. You are not obligated to pay this charge up ahead. It is deducted from the sales earnings once a transaction has been completed.

How to Sell Books on Amazon Fast?

A Step-by-Step Guide to Online Book Sales

  • Create a seller’s Amazon account. Books are in the GST-exempt category.
  • Describe your items. You must either post your products from your Seller Central account or upload them straight to Amazon.
  • Deliver to the client.
  • Receive payment each week.

Will Amazon Buy Books from Me?

No, in simple terms. You cannot exchange any book on Amazon for cash. But rather post it on Amazon for sale.

What Minimum Page Count Must a Book Have to Sell on Amazon?

Your page count is going to be determined based on the written file you provide, rounded up to an even number if necessary. The lowest page count is 24, and the maximum page count is determined by the options available for the paper, ink, and clip sizes.

How Much is Required to Publish a Book on Amazon?

No amount of fee is required to publish a book on Amazon. The Kindle Direct Publishing service on Amazon allows for the free publication of books.

Although KDP does not charge authors a setup fee, shipping and printing expenses are automatically deducted from royalties earned on every sale.

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