Scholarships in Canada for Nigerian Students and How to Apply

Are you a Nigerian student looking to pursue higher education in Canada? Then, don’t be alarmed for there are numerous scholarship opportunities you can take advantage of.

Scholarships in Canada for Nigerian Students
Scholarships in Canada for Nigerian Students

You can alleviate the financial burden of studying abroad through these scholarships in Canada for Nigerian students.

Scholarships in Canada for Nigerian Students

As you may know, students in Nigeria who are seeking a top-notch education frequently choose Canada as their destination. International students, including those from Nigeria, can apply for scholarships to assist pay for tuition, living costs, and other costs.

Here are some of the top scholarships in Canada you can apply for if you are planning to pursue higher as a Nigerian student.

Undergraduate Scholarships in Canada

  • York University International Student Scholarship Program
  • Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship
  • Calgary International Entrance Scholarships
  • Carleton Prestige Scholarships
  • Winnipeg Presidents Scholarships
  • Humber College International Entrance scholarships

Masters Scholarships in Canada

  • Ontario Graduate scholarship
  • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship
  • International Masters and Doctoral Awards at the University of Waterloo
  • The University of Calgary Graduate Awards
  • Trudeau Foundation scholarships
  • UBC Graduate Global Leadership Fellowships
  • University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships

Ph.D. scholarships in Canada

  • Ontario Trillium Scholarship – Western University
  • University of Lethbridge Graduate Research Award
  • University of Alberta Graduate Entrance Scholarship
  • Mackenzie King Scholarship
  • Four-Year Doctoral Fellowship
  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship
  • University of Windsor Graduate Entrance Scholarship

How to Apply for a Scholarship in Canada

Students can start applying for scholarships after being admitted to a Canadian institution by shortlisting those for which they are qualified based on their talents and experience.

Now not to lose out on prospective financing opportunities from the government or private universities, it is essential to conduct thorough research on each scholarship’s requirements and deadlines.

Many academic transcripts must be submitted with the application in order for it to be considered complete for some scholarships.

Who is Eligible for Canada Scholarships?

Normally, students who have excelled academically are eligible for the majority of scholarships. Additionally, a lot of scholarships are available to students who exhibit leadership abilities or have significantly impacted their community.

Nevertheless, students in Nigeria can apply for Canadian scholarships just like students from other countries. There are numerous different scholarships available, and each one has its own set of conditions for applicants.

Therefore, if you are a student from Nigeria who wants to study in Canada, make sure to do your research and find out which scholarships might be a good fit for you. Scholarships that fit your qualifications and interests are undoubtedly available.

Documents Required for the Application

The following are the necessary documents you need to have before making an application for a scholarship in Canada.

  • Academic transcripts
  • Letter of Acceptance
  • Statement of Purpose or Statement of Intent.
  • Certificate of English Proficiency test results such as TOEFL, IELTS, etc.
  • Certificate of Aptitude Test results like GMAT, SAT, GER, etc.
  • Medical Test Certificate.


What Grades do you Need to Get a Scholarship to Nigerians?

Students’ aggregate grade point average at the time of enrollment determines how much scholarship money they will earn (CGPA). The undergraduate scholarship awardees must keep their CGPA at 2.67 in order to continue receiving their awards.

Which Canadian Varsity Offers Special Scholarships to Nigerian Students?

The University of Ottawa announced a new four-year admission and excellence grant for African students who have just been admitted to English-language undergraduate programs in engineering, science, or social sciences, worth up to $100,000.

How Can I Get a Full Scholarship in Canada?

These are the general Requirements for Scholarship Applications in Canada:

  • Excellent Grades.
  • The majority of scholarships provided in Canada are merit-based, so you must have strong academic credentials to stand a chance.
  • Take the test to determine your language skills.
  • Extracurricular activities

How Can I Study for Free in Canada?

Below are the various ways international students can study for free in Canada:

  • Submit an application for Canadian university scholarships.
  • Your best bet for receiving financial aid to study in Canada is to apply for scholarships.
  • Obtain government scholarships by applying.
  • Universities that waive application fees.
  • Working while you’re a student; virtual programs.

How much a Student can Earn While Studying in Canada?

Students are typically compensated per hour for part-time occupations. On average, the wage rate is $10 per hour. You do not require a work permit if your goal is only to obtain work experience, such as assisting your professor with research. If you want to collaborate with your lecturers, make sure you have a strong network.

Can I Bring my Family to Canada while Studying?

Your spouse or common-law partner, as well as any dependent children, may travel with you to Canada. They might be qualified for a visitor visa, a work or study permit, or both. When you submit an application for a study permit, you must do so online. Learn how to submit your application along with theirs.



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