How to Reset Vizio TV – Different Way

When shopping for home television, numerous individuals choose Vizio TVs. However, they have their share of issues. An unresponsive or frozen screen, warped images, audio issues, and firmware problems can all be swiftly resolved with a factory or hard reset.

Reset Vizio TV

If you are without a remote, what then? Thankfully, this article will explain How to Reset Vizio TV without the remote in a simple manner. Don’t worry if you misplaced your remote or malfunctioned; this article covered you.

How to Reset Vizio TV

Regardless of whether they resolve the issue or not, the Vizio Smart TV reset options described here ought to “refresh” the model you have. Not all Vizio HDTVs support the processes, although newer models typically do. While the reset option might not be immediately listed in the menu on some older Vizio TVs, it could still be available by choosing a specific group or phrase.

Additionally, please read the instruction manual for further details on restoring factory defaults when you own an older Vizio TV, as they may have extra controls on the front panel. Lastly, the fact that you experience problems, such as if your Vizio TV won’t switch on, doesn’t mean the Smart TV is faulty.

Hard Reset Vizio TV without Remote

If power cycling fails to help the TV get some rest, the hard reset option may be used. The procedures listed below may be used using this approach.

  • Press the power button on the opposite side of the Vizio TV to turn it on.
  • When the television is on, simultaneously hold the Input and Volume Down keys for 10 to 15 seconds.
  • If you choose to reset the TV, an advertisement will show up. To reset, press the input button.
  • Your Vizio TV will be reset, and all previously saved information and TV settings will be lost.
  • Use your TV just like new since the original factory defaults were recently restored.

When setting up a new TV, you may modify the TV after using this method.

Hard Reset Vizio TV via Mouse and Keyboard

Using a keyboard and mouse, you can use this method to manage and operate your Vizio TV. You might attempt the instructions below:

  • A mouse and keyboard with a USB port are required for this technique.
  • If there is only one USB port, connect only your keyboard; otherwise, connect a mouse.
  • To choose icons, click the mouse’s right and left buttons.
  • Use the arrow buttons on the keyboard to move the cursor.
  • Now you can operate the TV without a remote by moving the cursor around it.
  • Reset your TV by entering the settings menu and selecting factory reset.

Reset the Vizio TV via Smart Cast

If the physical buttons on your Vizio TV have stopped functioning, you can still reset or operate it using this method by using the Smart Cast app. To use this technique, you can follow these steps:

  • You must own a phone or other Android-powered device to perform this process.
  • On your Android smartphone or tablet, install the Smart Cast app.
  • To access and log into your Vizio account, utilize the Smart Cast app.
  • Select your TV after searching for nearby devices.
  • Once selected, an identification code is going to be shown on TV.
  • In the Smart Cast app, enter the four-digit code.
  • The app can function as a controller when the TV and app are connected.
  • To reset the television, follow the following directions: Admin and Reset > Open System > Reset TV to Factory Defaults. In the box, enter 0000 if the TV requests a code.
  • After the Vizio TV is rebooted, any information will be erased.
  • Now that it has been reset to its factory Settings, the Vizio TV may be customized.


Is the reset button on Vizio TV?

On the TV’s rear, look for the power button. You’ll have to examine them because the buttons blend in perfectly carefully. To use up any remaining energy, press and hold the power button on your TV for roughly 10 seconds. Try again to switch on your TV.

How Do I Reset My Vizio Remote to Factory Settings?

Removing the remote’s batteries and maintaining pressure on the power button allows you to power cycle the remote to reset it. Replace your batteries, or check to see if your sensors are blocked. If power cycling doesn’t solve the issue, you may have to buy a new remote.

What is the Most Common Problem with Vizio TVs?

There are additional problems with Vizio TVs besides the blank screen. Vizio TVs might have a flickering or blinking screen. Even premium smart TV manufacturers deal with this issue. Restart your television after disconnecting all the wires and other equipment from the power source.

How Do I Reset My TV with the Power Button?

Energy Reset

Disconnect the mains lead (AC power cord). Step 1: Unplug the TV power cord from the outlet if the issue still exists. Once the TV has been powered on, wait two minutes before plugging the electrical lead (power cord) into the outlet.

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