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Facebook is an online space where you can easily contact loved ones. Much more than that, it is also a place where its users can do business with people around them. The business aspect of Facebook is made possible through Facebook Marketplace.

Report Someone on Facebook Marketplace

What is Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook marketplace is a Facebook feature created by Facebook with the mind of being a platform where people who live close to each other can meet to buy and sell, with the only condition being a Facebook profile.

The Facebook marketplace has done a lot of good over the years, but the trouble with it is that it has become a tea party for scammers. Three out of five persons have been victims of scams on Facebook Marketplace; this article seeks to show us how we can report these scammers.

How you can Report a Seller on Facebook Marketplace

No matter how nice a seller looks in their photo, if you have never met them physically, you cannot be sure they are who they say they are.

Sometimes, their products are fake, and other times they never get the product across after being paid; if this happens to you, you must report their page, and here’s how to report a scam seller on the Facebook marketplace.

  • When you have successfully logged into your Facebook account.
  • Navigate to your profile.
  • Click on Marketplace.
  • Click a listing from the seller whom you want to report.
  • Click the arrow just by the top right screen.
  • Click on report seller or report post.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.

How you can Report a Buyer on Facebook Marketplace

No matter how eager a buyer seems to want to get your product, so long you have yet to see them in the physical, you cannot be certain how they are.

Some buyers pay with fake gift cards or fake alerts, and you only notice after they have gotten your product; it means you have been scammed; the next thing you need to do is to report the buyer’s page, and here’s how to report a scam buyer on Facebook marketplace.

  • When you have successfully logged into your Facebook account.
  • Navigate to Marketplace.
  • Click on selling by the upper left.
  • Proceed to the message between you and the buyer.
  • Click show listings just by the right of “sold” if you marked the product as sold.
  • By the top right of the message box, there are three dots; click on it.
  • Click Report Buyer.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.

What are Some Common ways to be scammed?

Scammers are always on the lookout for victims; this is why people who could turn out to be victims should continuously be on the lookout for scammers. Below are some ways one can get scammed.

Romance scams

Scammers try to lure people with love and relationships. A buyer can begin to profess love for you out there. It may sound genuine, but this is the time to be cautious, as it could be a scam. Sometimes with all of these emotions, you lose your valuables to them.

Fake products

Sellers sometimes sell fake products. They would get a counterfeit of what you want and sell it as an original, only for you to discover how fake it is. At this moment, you have lost your MoneyMoney to them.


Scammers also like to take advantage of greedy people by telling them they have just won a certain amount of MoneyMoney and then request personal information that can make them lose their valuables.

Family emergency

Scammers can hack a person’s account and begin to send direct messages to family members claiming a family member is critically ill and plead for financial support, which, when sent to him, he has successfully taken what belongs to them.

Fake celebrities and religious leaders

Scammers usually create Facebook accounts with names and photos of celebrities and religious leaders with promises of prayers and chances to win items that people typically fall victim to.


A seller can agree to meet with a buyer only to make up excuses because they cannot come in person and offer to ship the product. After the buyer sends MoneyMoney, the seller will go missing, while the buyer will get nothing shipped across.

Selling to two persons

Seller’s scam by selling one car or house to two persons; that is, he deceived both persons. All transactions must be well monitored to avoid such deception.

Paying more than the stipulated price

Be wary of a buyer ready to pay more than what was asked for.

Incomplete profile

Be wary of buyers whose profile isn’t complete, who have just a few friends, who just joined Facebook, and whom you have no mutual friends with.


can I get my MoneyMoney Back from a Facebook scammer?

Your first point of contact is the seller who scammed you before you contacted the Facebook support team. If the seller refuses to respond after two business days, you may file a claim and contact the Facebook support team. The chances of getting your money back are slim, but when you report the seller, it will stop them from scamming others.

Why is Facebook Marketplace full of Scammers?

Fraudsters usually have their eyes on popular online platforms with billions of users, and Facebook is one of them. These criminals know that if they are in a space filled with people, they will eventually get hold of someone who may not be wise enough to know their tricks. Facebook marketplace allows direct messaging between buyer and seller, intensifying the risk of being scammed.

How do I Protect Myself Against Facebook Marketplace Scams?

Here are a few points to note if you want to protect yourself from Facebook Marketplace scams.

  • Please do not share personal information until when it is necessary.
  • Your payment methods must be secure. You can try PayPal or the cash-on-delivery way.
  • Try to inspect the product before making a delivery.
  • Be careful of goods of good quality that are very affordable.
  • Read comments from previous buyers in the comment section about who you want to buy from.

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