30 Profitable Daily Income Business in Nigeria

Nigeria offers a plethora of business opportunities that can yield daily profits. In Nigeria, your daily profitable income or earnings is the amount of money you can make daily from a business or side gig. Your pocket might never run out with this Nigerian daily income business.

30 Profitable Daily Income Business in Nigeria

30 Profitable Daily Income Business in Nigeria

We’ll look at 30 profitable daily income business in Nigeria you can do to earn money in this post. We will discuss each business so you can choose the best suits you.

Hairdressing Salon in One Popular Profitable Daily Income Business in Nigeria

Because most women enjoy looking good, you can take advantage of this. A hair salon is one of the best daily income businesses in Nigeria.

Being a great hairstylist or makeup artist, or at least being able to hire someone with these skills, is a must for opening a beauty salon. Possessing the expertise yourself would benefit both the company and you.

POS Business

One of Nigeria’s most significant daily income ventures is a point-of-sale business. By utilising their current business structure, small traders and merchants can use this business to assist residents in banking and financial transactions.

People can access cash through a POS machine in exchange for a commission or fee from a POS business or mobile money agent.

Food Restaurant Business

The food industry is a must-have on this list of Nigerian daily income businesses because of its enormous and steady demand.

Launching this restaurant business is suggested if you are an excellent chef or cook. This is not just a business for women; men who are skilled cooks or hire one can also start this kind of enterprise.

A helpful piece of advice is strategically locating your business to achieve desired results.

Food Delivery Business

A home food delivery service is a fantastic daily revenue business in Nigeria if you want to be in the food industry but aren’t interested in opening a restaurant.

Starting with friends and family, you can use word-of-mouth to promote your new home meal delivery service. Additionally, you can deliver to events or offices. The way you handle this business is up to you.

Transportation Business

One of the most essential businesses is this one. In Nigeria, transportation is one of the most profitable daily income industries. People must move to survive.

Moving within the same state or across interstate borders is a constant for people. You can purchase buses, Okada, or Keke or operate this business as an Uber driver, earning money every day.

There are plenty of opportunities in the transportation industry. People move every day, so you can also count on earning money every day.

Sales of Used Clothes

According to an unreliable statistic, over 48% of Nigerians purchase used clothing. Perhaps you are among them. Yes, I am, on occasion. Because so many people in Nigeria purchase used clothing, this is a lucrative daily income business.

You will undoubtedly make enough money each day from this evening if you choose the appropriate niche, such as shirts, underwear, or gowns.

Gym Business

More and more people are looking to visit the gym as the global awareness of fitness and health has increased, partly due to the pandemic. They are making opening a gym in Nigeria a fantastic way to make daily money.

This might be one of the most expensive businesses to launch on this list, but you can always lower the initial expenses if you conduct thorough research.

Hotel or Bar Business

Nigerians frequent hotels for both business and pleasure, which makes operating a hotel a very profitable daily enterprise there. as long as it’s in a good location and your hotel provides top-notch service.

Mobile Phone Repairs

People frequently need to have their phones fixed because they are having issues with them. One of Nigeria’s fastest-growing daily income ventures, phone repair, is primarily reserved for those with the necessary skills.

Maybe you could start making money regularly by learning how to fix phones and other gadgets.

Pharmacy Business

Because of how people think in Nigeria and the high cost of healthcare there, many people believe that their neighborhood pharmacy is more critical than hospitals.

Because of this, owning a pharmacy in Nigeria can be a very profitable daily venture. Although opening a pharmacy can be costly, if you choose a prime location, you can start making money quickly.


One of Nigeria’s best daily income businesses is tailoring or fashion design because the fashion industry is very profitable.

If you can sew well, you can start a business centered around your ability to earn money every day. Recruiting tailors or hiring and training apprentices will help you grow this business and increase turnover.

Online Store

Anywhere in the world, opening an online store or retail business is a fantastic way to earn money every day. You can sell anything to anyone as long as they need it since most people spend their entire lives online.

Owing to the low barriers to entry, opening an online store is an excellent daily income venture.


Many people choose blogging, but it takes time to start making money from your blog, and it is not always easy to start earning right away.

There are many ways to make money from your blog daily, but building an audience of followers and setting up your website are the most critical steps.

You’ll be well on your way to generating a reliable passive income each day once you receive a lot of traffic daily.

Trade Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency, or crypto, is digital money or currency used over the Internet to pay for goods and services using encryption.

For some people in Nigeria, trading cryptocurrencies has proven to be a very lucrative side gig; for others, it is their primary source of income.

YouTube Blogging

This is an additional profitable venture that can bring in money daily. You can go viral and become well-known as long as you post videos that people enjoy, and you can earn money every day.

 YouTube video blogging covers many subjects, including comedic skits, sports, how-tos, cuisine, music, and anything.

To get started, make a YouTube channel. Use your phone or camera to record videos, then upload, share, and profit.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing aims to earn a commission by referring goods or services to customers.

All you have to do is refer people—either offline or through a unique link so that they can be traced back to you, and you will receive your commission.

Domain Flipping

Another term for purchasing and selling domain names is “domain flipping.” This is a hassle-free daily income venture in Nigeria, but it requires a substantial initial investment.

It comprises acquiring domain names and reselling them to individuals or companies who might require them in the future.

Cleaning Services

You can launch this business from the comfort of your own home. An iron and a washing machine are all you need. This kind of enterprise is lucrative in densely populated regions.

Maintaining a high standard of service delivery is essential to drawing in new customers for your company.

Freelance Writing an Online Profitable Daily Income Business in Nigeria

One of the greatest on the list is freelance writing. Many people may know where to start but are unsure of how.

Start by looking through websites for remote work and freelance opportunities. After you finish each piece of content writing, you receive payment on an hourly basis.

Suya and Barbecue Joint

Suya is a staple in Nigeria, and anyone selling the notorious meat in a prime location will make good money. The key to this business is identifying the ideal location and hiring personnel who can regularly produce tasty suya that people enjoy.

Additionally, you need to locate a source for your meat. If you take care of all these, your Suya business will bring in money daily.

Jewelry Retailer

No technical knowledge is required to launch this lucrative daily income business in Nigeria. In addition to obtaining a spot for automobiles to park and clean up.

People wash their cars every day because most don’t have the time to do it themselves, making starting this business a great idea.

Barbecue Grilling

Another crucial factor for this business is location. Seek a spot on a road or intersection where many vehicles pass by.

To increase your daily revenue, you can expand this business to include a bar, grilling, and barbecuing area.

Sales of Liquid Soap

For various reasons, liquid soap is the preferred washing solution in many homes today.

You can begin earning a living by manufacturing and distributing liquid soap to households that might require it.

Cyber Café

You would handle computer-based tasks in this business, such as typing, photocopying, printing, binding, online registrations, etc.

It has been observed that this type of business does well on a busy street, particularly in a campus setting.

Jewelry Business

All you need to start a jewelry line is a reliable supplier that can provide you with large quantities at a reasonable cost.

Depending on the quantity and quality of the jewelry, the starting cost could range from #20,000 to #100,000, making it one of Nigeria’s 26 lucrative daily income businesses.

Business of Cosmetics

The cosmetics business is very profitable. It will take much research and hard work, but it will be worthwhile if you put in the time and effort.

Depending on the quantity and quality of the cosmetics items, the starting cost can vary from #30,000 to #250,000, making it one of Nigeria’s 30 profitable daily income businesses.


Daycare centers generate a substantial amount of daily revenue by opening a canteen in the school and selling biscuits to the students, as mothers are required to return to work after giving birth.

You might open a daycare facility of your own. Now, all you need to do is buy the necessary equipment and register your business.

Makeup Studio

One of Nigeria’s most lucrative daily income ventures is operating a makeup studio; the initial investment required to open a shop of your own can range from #70,000 to #200,000.

Here, you get paid every day by clients who come in. Acquiring the skills of a makeup artist and launching your own business can bring in an average daily income of #20,000 or more.

Event Planning

It’s well known that Nigerians enjoy throwing parties. You will always have clients if you deliver exceptional service.

You can supply party supplies like chairs, canopies, décor-inspired flowers, outfits, rugs to cover the event floor, etc.

Cooking Gas Enterprise is a Local Profitable Daily Income Business in Nigeria

The fact that kerosene is now more costly than cooking gas is no secret, and nobody can go without food. Cooking is, therefore, necessary in one way or another.

As a result of the daily increase in kerosene prices in Nigeria, the demand for cooking gas has shifted from kerosene to it, making it one of the most profitable industries to enter in Nigeria.


What are some profitable daily income businesses in Nigeria?

Some of the most profitable daily income businesses in Nigeria include:

  • Poultry farming (eggs and meat)
  • POS payment services
  • Freelance writing
  • Food supply business etc.

Which daily income business generates the most significant revenue?

The revenue generated by a daily income business depends on factors such as location, target market, competition, and marketing strategy.

How can I get started with a daily income business in Nigeria?

  • Identify a profitable business idea
  • Conduct market research
  • Develop a business plan
  • Register your business name with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)
  • Obtain necessary permits and licenses
  • Secure funding
  • Launch your business

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