Top 25 Profitable Businesses to Start with 100k in Nigeria

There are many businesses you can do that will be profitable, but today, we will discuss several businesses you can start up with just 100k in Nigeria.

Top 25 Profitable Businesses to Start with 100k in Nigeria


Everyone needs a hairstylist at one point in their lives, which is why the hair styling business is one of the top businesses in Nigeria.

This applies to both male and female hairstylists once you can get the required gadgets, which include a hair stretcher, hair washer tonging machine and so on and apply the skills. You are good to go.

POS business

This is one of the most popular businesses in Nigeria now because of the opportunity of you making sales daily, isn’t that great?. You can get started just by getting a POS machine and POS service at any bank of your choice.

Once the fees to start the business have been made to the POS machine, you can start helping people with their financial transactions and get paid for them.

Laundry business

Most big women and men do not have enough time to wash their clothes independently; they prefer paying someone to do the job. In case you are the type that loves flying a lot, I must say that this job is for you.

I must say that this is one of the most well-paid enterprises in Nigeria. To start with this business, get a washing machine, set up an office, and you can begin.

Trading business

This is also one of the trending businesses. Trading can be seen as the act of buying and selling. All you need do is to buy your items cheaply and sell them at affordable prices.

You can achieve this just by purchasing items in bulk. You should choose from what people need the most, and with just 100k, you can achieve this.

Fitness trainer

This is another good business you can start with just a 100k. As a fitness trainer, you can help people who want to get fit. Most trainers use other people’s gyms to help customers if they do not have enough funds to run and own a gym to work out.

The saying health is wealth will be very effective in this business since it attracts many customers.

Mobile phone repairer

This is an underrated offline business in Nigeria. However, you need to know how to repair phones or phone accessories first before you can attempt this business.

Often, they have phone issues and need to resolve them, so there’s enough demand. It would be best if you were located in the right place. Another way you can make money if you cannot repair gadgets is by employing someone who can do so.

Online tutoring

Think about launching a photography business if you have a camera and photographic abilities. You have $100,000 to spend on business promotion. You can focus on product, portrait, or event photography. High-quality work will draw customers.

Graphic design services

You can start a graphic design business with sufficient expressive design abilities. Design services are frequently needed by entrepreneurs and small firms for websites, marketing collateral, and logos.


Think about launching a photography business if you have a camera and photographic abilities. You have $100,000 to spend on business promotion.

You can focus on product, portrait, or event photography. High-quality work will draw customers.

Home cleaning services

This is another profitable business. By investing 100k, you can clean apartments and buildings to gain money.

Event planning

This is another profitable company in Nigeria that you may start with merely 100,000 naira.

To start, register your company, put together a portfolio, and promote your offerings.

With a bit of imagination and a well-thought-out organizational framework, you may succeed.

Phone accessories Business

This is perhaps another outstanding one among the top 10 profitable businesses to start with 100k in Nigeria in 2023.

Starting a profitable business like this in Nigeria does not require much; with one hundred thousand naira, you can start small and turn big. You will need more effort at your end.

Fruit Juice Production

As health awareness rises, so does the demand for fresh fruit juices. Your ₦100,000 can cover the gadgets involved and ingredients for limited production. Experiment with various flavours to stand out.

Car wash business

In Nigeria, this is a worthwhile venture to launch with 100,000 naira. As soon as you possess the necessary skills, you can start this well-known daily income company.

Other than locating a place, starting a car wash business doesn’t require much. People would like to wash their cars daily.

Therefore, if you have everything you need, you can launch a very successful daily revenue business.

Those who have already completed similar jobs may be able to offer you suggestions to help you establish your own daily income business successfully.

Selling of frozen foods

Sales of frozen foods are a great way of making money; there are not many requirements. Once you can get a deep freezer, you can start your business.

Tour Guide Services

Nigeria offers opportunities for tour guide services due to its rich cultural heritage and tourist attractions.

You can provide tour guide services with extensive knowledge of historical sites or prominent local landmarks.

Make educational and entertaining tours that suit the interests of travellers.

Poultry Farming

Poultry farming is another fantastic business you can engage in. In Nigeria, we depend on poultry produce for our daily intake.

Such as the meat and the eggs they produce. With 100k, passion, and determination, you could achieve a lot.

Trade Cryptocurrencies

A type of online payment method called cryptocurrency uses encryption to make purchases of goods and services.

The fact that many Nigerians make their primary source of income from cryptocurrency trading shows how profitable it can be regularly.

Web development

Many Nigerian companies want to increase their online presence quickly. Gaining knowledge of web development in 3–6 months for $100k can lead to a lucrative career.

To start your web development journey, spend money on tools and online courses.

Daycare services

Daycare services are in greater demand as more parents work full-time. You can open a daycare centre if you have previous childcare experience.

Provide children with a secure and engaging environment, as well as services like meals, naps, and learning activities.

Interior design consultancy

The need for interior design services is growing as more homeowners aim to create aesthetically pleasing living environments.

You can provide clients with consulting services if you have an eye for design. Advise on furniture placement, colour schemes, decor, and space planning.

Fashion Boutique

Establishing a boutique can be a fantastic business venture if you are passionate about fashion. With 100,000 Naira, you could assemble an assortment of stylish yet reasonably-priced apparel.

Establish a welcoming retail space and use social media to promote your goods and attract customers.


Though it can be challenging to get started, and it takes some time for your site to begin generating revenue, blogging is a popular choice.

Although there are numerous ways to monetize your blog daily, the first step is to set up your website and gain some followers.

If your website gets many visitors daily, you will be well on your way to building a steady passive income stream.

Online Retail Business

Online entrepreneurs now have a plethora of opportunities thanks to the digital age.

You can launch your online retail business for ₦100,000 with this amount. Choose a market, source your goods, and establish an internet business.

Not only does it require little startup costs, but it also allows for the flexibility of working from home. Find out how to launch an online store in Nigeria.


Is it feasible to launch a company in Nigeria with 100,000 Naira?

Indeed, in Nigeria, one can launch several business ventures with just 100,000 Naira. You are selecting a business idea that fits the market demand and your skill set.

How can I promote my company on a tight budget?

Use social media channels, build a website, partner with influencers, and provide incentives for referrals to market your company efficiently and affordably.

What are the crucial elements to take into account when launching a business?

When launching a business, consider the target market, competition, pricing strategy, market demand, and a strong business plan.

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