How to Post on Facebook

Facebook is a platform with billions of users all over the world, which enables family and friends to connect alongside enjoying entertaining posts in texts, pictures, memes, and videos.

Post on Facebook

Some Facebook users go on Facebook to watch these interesting posts as well as share them, at other times, while other Facebook users don’t just want to watch other Facebook user’s posts but also participate in creating their posts.

Are you part of the percentage of Facebook users who do not want to be on the passive side but on the active side of Facebook?

Do you wish to create your posts on Facebook? Then this article will be your guide, keep reading.

Facebook Post

Facebook posts are messages that have been uploaded on Facebook through a picture, text, meme, or video.

It can be posted on your story, your profile, any other person’s profile, or even on a page or group on Facebook.

It is a Facebook feature that gives users a means to discuss, promote a business, and share their thoughts, and their whereabouts.

The list goes on and on, a Facebook post can be used to talk about anything, it can also be used to make people laugh through comedy or canvass for a vote during elections,

Types of Posts

There are several types of posts available on Facebook:

Video posts:

Video posts on Facebook are autoplay, Facebook users can re-watch at any time. They are usually very long and also short. The short videos are referred to as Facebook reels.

Photo posts:

You can post a photo to show your clothes, or your brand, or talk about a thought that came to your mind. Facebook users can see an image and extract meaning from it.

Status updates:

Status updates are textual posts that allow you to post how you are feeling at a point in time, you can also include emojis to convey your feelings better. It can be used to post questions or quotes.

Story posts:

You can also post on your Facebook stories. These posts are temporal ad only last for 24 hours after which it will disappear.

There are so many types of posts on Facebook that allow you to share your location, what you are feeling, and who you are with but for this blog post we will stop here.

How to Post on Facebook

To post on Facebook is not just easy but also fun, with the thrill of your friends going through your thoughts via your posts. Follow the steps below to post on Facebook using any device:

Step 1:

Log into your Facebook account.

step 2:

Go to where you wish to create the post, it could be your timeline, a page, or a group.

Step 3:

Click on the space with the text “Write something” or “What’s on your mind?”

Step 4:

Write something in the space when you click.

Step 5:

If you wish to attach a photo then scroll down a bit to click on “Photo/video and you will be directed to your phone gallery to choose.

Step 6:

If you wish to the other options you can click on them instead.

Step 7:

You can add more things to your post from the options shown to you, you can tag people, check in your location or add an emotion to show how you are feeling.

Step 8:

At this point, you should go through your text ad tags to ensure you have not made an error before proceeding to click on “Post”.

Step 9:

Ensure you crosscheck your privacy settings before posting, you can customize who can see your post if you are security cautious.

Can I Edit My Post After Posting?

Yes, Facebook allows you to edit your post after posting, simply click on the three dots at the top right of the post, and from the pop-up options shown to you click on “Edit post”, edit to your satisfaction, and click on “Save”

How Can I Make My Post Captivating?

To make your post captivating, you can decide to include:

  • Links.
  • Mentions.
  • Hashtags.
  • Emojis.
  • Add captions to your posts.
  • Make it as brief as you can.
  • Make it eye catchy, remember everyone is scrolling, if it is not catchy, they won’t stop.
  • You can decide to boost your followers or viewings to encourage others to take a look at your post.
  • Ask questions in your post or say something that will enable viewers to stop to comment.
  • Include a CTA (Call to Action).

Can You Schedule Posts on Facebook?

Scheduling your posts means saving them and posting later, Facebook does not allow you to schedule posts on a personal profile. You can schedule posts on your Facebook page by going to meta business suite.

With Meta business suite you can also schedule stories but you should bear in mind that Facebook does not allow the scheduling of posts more than 75 days in advance.

Who Can Post on My Timeline?

You can post on your timeline as well as your Facebook friends, when they tag you in their posts it will appear on your timeline, if you wish to review all tagged posts, you can do that by simply turning on your timeline review.

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