List of All Opay USSD Codes

Many Opay customers are unaware that Opay has USSD Codes available for various transactions. You can use these codes for transfers, airtime purchases, bill payments, OTP requests, and a lot more.

List of All Opay USSD Codes

In this article, I have compiled a detailed list of the Opay USSD codes to help you navigate through the various services. These codes are easy to use and the good is, that you don’t need an internet connection to use it.

What to do to activate the USSD Code

But before you can use the Opay code, you must have an active Opay account this is because you can only dial the code from the phone number or SIM card linked with your Opay account. It is important to note that the USSD code is currently compatible with the networks of Airtel, MTN, 9mobile, and Glo users.

What Services Can I Get Using the Opay USSD Code?

You can use the Opay USSD code to access a variety of services and conduct numerous transactions. The following are some of the most common services that can be accessed using an Opay code:

  • Money Transfers: The USSD code can be used to send money to other Opay customers or to transfer money to other bank accounts.
  • Top-up Airtime: Using the USSD code, you can recharge your own phone or the phones of others.
  • Payment of Utility Bills: You can pay utility bills such as energy, water, cable TV subscriptions, and other service costs.
  • Data Bundles: Using the USSD code, you may be able to purchase mobile data bundles for internet access on your device.
  • Loan Services: Opay may offer loan services using their USSD code in select situations, allowing eligible users to apply for loans and receive money directly to their Opay accounts.
  • Savings: Opay has a savings option that allows you to put money into a savings account and earn interest on it.
  • Purchases of e-pins: You may be able to use the USSD code to purchase e-pins for a variety of services, such as exam registration or online subscriptions.
  • Balance Inquiries: To check the available funds in your account, you can use the USSD code to check your Opay account balance.

These codes make transactions easy and convenient for users to use. Continue reading to see the various codes available for you. These codes are listed below:

List of All Opay USSD Codes

List of Opay USSD codes that will make you experience easy transactions:

S/NTransactionsOpay USDD Code
  1.Check Opay Account Balance*955*0#  
  2.Opay ATM Card Activation*955*03121#  
  3.Get Opay OTP*955*010#  
  4.Electricity Bill Payment*955*6#  
  5.Bet Wallet Funding  *955*5#  
  6.Buy Data  *955*4*Phone number#  
  7.Buy Airtime for Others  *955*3*amount*phone number#  
  8.Buy Airtime for Yourself  *955*3*amount#  
  9.Transfer Money to Opay Account  *955*1*amount*account number#  
  10.Transfer Money to Other Bank Account  *955*2*amount*account number#  

 Always keep these codes handy because you will need them for your day-to-day transactions without having to worry about an internet connection.

How to Enable Opay USSD Code

Before you start enjoying the ease and flexibility that comes with Opay Codes, you have to enable the USSD code. Now let’s look at how you can enable the code:

  • Activation: To activate the Opay code, dial the official USSD number which is *955# on your mobile phone. Follow the on-screen steps to select the service that you need.
  • Remember that You can use the USSD Opay code on any mobile network in Nigeria, but make sure you have a registered Opay account or register for a new account.
  • Downloading Opay Mobile App: Better still, you can download the Opay mobile app from your device’s app store and follow the registration process to enable the USSD code.
  • Have any issues? If you have any problems using the USSD code, it is recommended that you contact Opay’s customer service for assistance. They will be able to provide you with essential guidance and assist you in any issues that may arise.

Follow the above simple steps to enable the USDD code and enjoy easy Transaction.

What is Opay USSD Code?

As stated earlier, Customers can use the special Opay code *955# to undertake a variety of financial activities. Such as money transfers, purchasing airtime and data, making withdrawals, financing betting accounts, and more.

The Opay USSD code was established after Opay became a fintech firm. With the goal of making it easier for Nigerians to use Opay services even when they do not have access to the internet.

Remember, you must have an Opay account to utilize the USSD code. You must dial the code from the phone number, SIM card, or line associated with your Opay account.

This USSD code makes it easier to use Opay, it is compatible with many networks, including Airtel, MTN, 9mobile, and Glo.

How To Use Opay USSD Code to Create an Opay Account

Creating an account using the USSD code is very simple. Follow these steps to create an Opay account:

  • On your phone, enter *955#.
  • For Opay transfers, select “Transfer” or the relevant number for transfers to other banks.
  • Select the appropriate transaction type or bank.
  • Enter the account or phone number of the receiver.
  • Enter the amount you want to transfer.
  • To authorize the transaction, enter your Opay PIN.

Simply follow these procedures to use the USSD Code to create an account.

Is it safe to use the Opay USSD code?

Opay is a legitimate and registered corporation with CBN and NDIC licenses to operate as Opay Digital Services Limited under Opay Inc. However, you should take precautions to protect your PIN and personal information to avoid fraud.


Opay USSD is your go-to code for a quick and convenient way to access various financial transactions such as money transfers, purchasing airtime and data, making withdrawals, financing betting accounts, and more.

With this detailed article, using the USSD code won’t be a problem for you in carrying out any services offline.

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