ODI Fellowship 2023 –

For fellows who desire employment with organizations in the public sector, the ODI Fellowship Scheme 2023 is a fully supported fellowship. All have been invited to work in the western Balkans, the Caribbean, and middle and low-income parts of Africa, Asia, and the Pacific. You are going to be employed as a local public worker who is accountable to the local managers.

ODI Fellowship
ODI Fellowship

You will additionally have the ability to work in an array of fields like finance, planning, education, health care, statistics, central banks, and regulatory agencies. The offering of yearly stipends is a further draw of this international fellowship program. This change is not one to pass up since it offers lots of opportunities.

ODI Fellowship

The ODI fellowship 2023 supports individuals to develop the skills in technology and administrative abilities necessary for the job while developing the entirety of their personality to correspond with the requirements of the job market for professionals.

Through this, individuals from different backgrounds will have the opportunity able to work together and advance the cause of world development. You can improve your interpersonal abilities, which are important for leading teams and nations, through interaction with others. Individuals have a desire to take action in the workplace against any unfair practices that exist in society.

Furthermore, an outstanding thinking organization for international issues places a strong emphasis on conducting research and encouraging individuals to come up with original ideas because these issues are essential for both the environment and people.

Fellowship Review

The opportunity of working for the benefit of humanity by advancing international cooperation, combating the imminent threat of the climate crisis, advancing human rights, fostering stability and peace, fostering an equitable financial system, supporting digitalization, and bringing about a worldwide reset. Additionally, the fellowship program seeks to transform the world as a whole by fostering a sense of just, egalitarian, and resilient prosperity on an international level.

Through these objectives, the ODI is charged with providing excellent, widely acknowledged research that can be useful for creating effective strategies and bringing leaders together to address global issues. The ODI has established an international reputation for being a reputable, free-thinking think tank that maintains a footprint across every continent in the world.

Essential Details

Below are some major tips that all applicants need to know about the fellowship.

Hosting Countries – Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, the Pacific, and the western Balkans.

Organization – Development Institute

Level Ph.D. and Master’s level

Fellowship Duration – 2 Years

Benefits – It is fully funded

Gender – Men and Women


These are the eligibility criteria that every applicant must meet to apply for the fellowship.

  • Any nationality may apply.
  • Candidates must have a master’s or doctoral degree in statistics, economics, or a related subject.
  • Students who are now working toward a post-graduate degree are going to be acknowledged once it is officially earned.
  • Applicants have to be good at English.
  • French proficiency is going to be given preference.
  • Able to demonstrate an interest in developing and improving policies for the public.
  • You need to possess the appropriate work experience.
  • A thorough understanding of statistical concepts and a capacity to apply them in real-world situations.

Why Work with ODI

ODI is unbiased and well-respected: ODI was established in 1960 and is not-for-profit non-partisan, and data-driven. Their reputation is built on our autonomy. It enables them to create original concepts, question accepted wisdom, and take the chances needed for success.

The purpose of ODI is to truly assist people who find themselves in need. Their decisions on what to accomplish, where to travel, and how to assess their performance all revolve around this.

Benefits of the Fellowship

Fellows will be eligible for awards of up to GBP 21,000 for the first year and GBP 23,000 for the following year.

Providing assistance for housing.

Required Qualities

Have all these qualities then you will be on the better side to apply for an application to ODI fellowship.

  • Able to evaluate the information and facts.
  • Able to resolve issues.
  • Capable of communicating complex ideas in the most simple, comprehensive ways.
  • Adaptability to change.
  • The ability for fixing issues.
  • Separate ownership.
  • Personality traits.
  • Political expertise.
  • Capable of preserving cultural independence within the team.
  • Flexible enough to gain knowledge and adjust.
  • Putting aptitude before different duties.
  • Abilities in advocacy and consultation.
  • Talents in managing their time.
  • Capable of functioning alone.
  • Writing talents for reports.
  • Abilities in managing projects.

How to Apply

All applicants ought to apply through the methods outlined below:

  • Apply through the official web platform https://odi.org/en/fellowship-scheme/
  • Create an Account by registering for one.
  • Scroll down and download the PDF application form.
  • Fill out the form within seven days of registration.
  • Fill out all the required fields and complete your application form carefully.
  • Then lastly, submit the application form.


Who is Eligible for ODI Fellowship?

Requirements Candidates from all countries who have a master’s or doctoral degree in economics, statistics, or a related discipline are eligible for the ODI Fellowship Scheme.

What is ODI Fellowship?

Early-career statisticians and economists have the opportunity to work as public sector civil officials on two-year contracts in low- and middle-income nations in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, the Pacific, and the Western Balkans through the ODI Fellowship Scheme.

How Does Fellowship Work?

Short-term, fully sponsored opportunities and fellowships can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few years. They may be concerned with personal, professional, or intellectual advancement. A particular association, organization, institution, or government sponsors fellowships and establishes the criteria for applicants.

How do I Join a Fellowship?

Follow the methods below to join a fellowship.

  • Establish Your Goals.
  • First off, while applying for a fellowship can be a great opportunity, you shouldn’t do so simply because it sounds fun or because you need something to do.
  • Recognize Your Eligibility; Promote Yourself.
  • Get Great (Honest) Recommendations.
  • Plan an Amazing Project and Pitch.
  • Be Honest in Your Interview.



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