NPC Recruitment 2023 – APPLY NOW!

The National Population Commission’s NPC Recruitment Portal is accessible to individuals who have an interest in working as recruiters regardless of the male or female gender for the 2023 NPC recruitment cycle.

npc recruitment
npc recruitment

Therefore, it is important to emphasize that anybody who wishes to apply for a position via the NPC Recruitment Portal is urged to accomplish so online. Additionally, approximately one million candidates are going to be recruited, and instructional activities will begin.

NPC Recruitment

The National Population Commission has officially launched the e-recruitment platform that is going to be utilized for recruiting ad hoc employees for the 2023 national population and housing census. At the portal’s official opening in Abuja, Nasir Isa-Kwarra, the chairman of the Nigerian National Population Commission, made this statement clearly in his remarks.

In his comments, he emphasized how important it is that this census be carried out by the most competent workers.

NPC Recruitment Requirements

It’s vital to note the requirements and eligibility for NPC Recruitment while proceeding with the online application. The necessary requirements and qualifications for NPC job openings are as follows:

  • You can apply for this job, according to the Commission, if you have a minimum of a
  • Although it isn’t necessary it will work to your advantage when you hold a Masters’s or Doctorate degree. according to the authorities of National Population Recruitment 2023.
  • Field research constitutes the main type of employment. Therefore, candidates will be constantly moving over the nation collecting census information.
  • On the NPC website, it was additionally made known that along with having a solid knowledge of English.
  • Candidates additionally have to be fluent in at least one indigenous language of Nigeria.
  • Because you are going to meet with people from various backgrounds as well as different opinions and philosophies, having outstanding interpersonal abilities is essential.
  • It would be highly valued if you could provide an original of the NYSC discharge certificate.

These are the basic requirements that you need to meet, before applying for the recruitment.

How to Apply

Go to  to access the National Population Commission (NPC) 2023 Recruitment web page.

  • Recruitment website for the National Population Commission (NPC)
  • Choose to start as ad-hoc staff after clicking the Begin Applications button.
  • Start as ad hoc personnel on the official website of the National Population Commission (NPC).
  • After checking the appropriate box beside every step, click the Continue button.
  • Accept the rules for the National Population Commission (NPC) recruitment website.
  • Proceed after agreeing to these terms and conditions.
  • The National Population Commission (NPC) recruitment portal’s conditions of employment.
  • Click on verify after entering your NIN in the required column.
  • Check NIN with NPC
  • You are going to be notified if the verification was successful when you enter the proper NIN. The application ID ought to be saved.

These are the possible steps you need for the application.

Application Deadline

The e-recruitment gateway for ad hoc workers used by the 2023 Housing and Population Census will close on December 28, 2022, according to the statistics commission.


Can I still apply for NPC recruitment?

The National Population Commission’s 2023 recruitment portal is now available. The NPC 2023/2024 recruitment deadline has not yet been made public. Registration for NPC Adhoc personnel will take place on

Is NPC ad-hoc recruitment still going?

The National Population Commission is presently accepting applications for its Adhoc Staff Recruitment 2023 through the website

What is the deadline for NPC recruitment?

Candidates should hold the necessary credentials. From November 7 to November 13, 2022, the e-recruitment portal’s system will be temporarily shut down for an internal evaluation of the hiring process. It costs nothing to use the app. Beware of online scammers!

Has the census application closed?

The recruitment platform will be shut down on December 10 as previously indicated. The board, however, decided to extend it until December 28 in order in order to meet more applicants and enrollments, he said.



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