NIKE Internship 2023 – APPLY NOW

The summer programming gives participants a chance to attend workshops on career growth and leadership that will assist them advance their professional lives. Through this article, every individual who is interested can apply for a Nike internship.

nike internship
nike internship

A key talent funneling for Nike is the internship program. They keep making investments in order to provide our summer interns with an outstanding time. The company’s interns work on key projects that are included in the company’s strategy, interact with numerous teams, and play an essential part in the community we serve.

NIKE Internship

Nike provides internships in an array of fields. You are eligible for jobs in industries including marketing for brands, corporate functions, design, distribution, merchandising, manufacturing, engineering, retail, sales, sports advertising, or product development, based on your skills and education. Internships that are paid offer a variety of perks for employees, including admission to athletic venues as well as cost breaks at nearby stores.

NIKE Supports Students

Through employee-driven prizes, the Nike Community Impact Fund (NCIF) aids communities. Because Nike recognizes that active children perform more effectively in school, it supports regional, grassroots groups that motivate youngsters to get active.

Furthermore, children with an opportunity to develop a passion for recreation and athletics are more inclined to realize their fullest potential on as well as off the field. By collaborating with educators to reduce the achievement gap and raise rates of high school graduation, the Nike School Innovation Fund (NSIF) supports students in Oregon in realizing their full academic potential.

Nike designed the initiative so that 90% of its funds are used to support high schools and middle schools in Oregon in carrying out or extending AVID or college and career-readiness programs as well as fund culturally-specific organizations which operate directly within educational institutions to assist students in managing the educational system and graduating on time.

To establish an optional course for first-generation undergraduates and to train teachers in tried-and-true strategies for student achievement, schools, and districts will work with AVID.


Below are some perks and benefits that the NIKE Internship has to offer to interns.

  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
  • a 401(k) Plan
  • Dental Insurance
  • Fitness Centers (on-site or nearby)
  • Health Insurance
  • Long-Term Illness
  • Health Insurance
  • Profit-Sharing Retirement Plan
  • Temporary Disability
  • Vision Protection

Employees receive bonuses yearly based on how well they perform individually and as a team. In addition, employees have the choice to use between one and ten percent of their compensation to purchase business stock at a price that is fifteen percent lower than its true market value.

Additionally, Nike workers in the United States have the right to quite a bit of annual time off. Up to three weeks of earned time off, which may be used for vacation, sick time, or personal days, may be earned by workers with fewer than two years of service.

Job Titles

Below are available job titles that you can be able to utilize as an intern at NIKE

  • Service Experience Manager – Consumer Service
  • Territory Presentation Manager
  • Coach (Department Manager)
  • Retail Store Manager
  • Senior Materials Planner
  • Merchandise Planner
  • Senior Officer
  • Product Associate – Athletic Training/Livestrong
  • Robot/Shaft Technician – Golf Clubs
  • Material Handler/Lift Driver
  • Industrial Engineer
  • Footwear Developer
  • Contact Center Representative
  • Consumer Experience Specialist
  • Business Planner
  • Athlete (Sales Associate)
  • Apparel and Equipment Lead


Meet these requirements and you will be ready to start your application to the NIKE Internship.

  • Currently enrolled in the second year of an undergraduate program at a UK university
  • Be willing to do a sandwich year internship lasting a year, beginning in July 2023.

How to Apply

Interested individuals that are interested to apply for the NIKE Internships have to visit the official web platform for the application process and other information.


There aren’t any open internships at the Nike organization currently. Make sure to check soon to return because new internships could become available at any time. Feel free to browse around in the meantime to see additional things that NIKE is able to provide.


How much does NIKE Pay interns?

An estimated average salary

The Operations Intern’s base salary at this business in the United States is projected to be $18.80 per hour.

Are NIKE Internships Hard to Get?

It’s typically easy to land a job through Nike’s internship program.

Is it hard to get a Job at NIKE?

Though difficult, getting a job at Nike is not impossible. Due to the high volume of applicants, the hiring process is competitive for all roles. A member of the team that is inquisitive, adaptable, resilient, and self-motivated will make the best applicant.

What is the highest-paid Salary at NIKE?

Architects at NIKE receive an annual salary of $46,000, making them the highest-paid employees. 10% of employees in the top bracket make over 39.97 lakhs a year. The richest one percent of the population makes an astounding 95.66 lakhs or more annually.

What GPA do Internships look for?
3.0 or above

Do not include your GPA on your resume.

Unless the company specifically requests it or your GPA is extraordinary, omit the information. Generally, recruiters search for candidates with a 3.0 GPA or above if they have to meet a certain GPA in order to apply. Do you have a higher major GPA? If so, substitute that score.



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