Night Care Assistant Jobs in UK | Apply Now

Seeking to acquire a job in UK? Night care assistant jobs are probably an excellent pick. You can easily find a job as a night care assistant in the UK because there are more and more reasons why people need care caregivers. For many, caregivers are their lifelines. Additionally, both clients and care workers may experience a life-changing career in care.

Night Care Assistant Jobs in UK | Apply Now

Well, the nature of this job requires you to assist those who are independent at home, especially the aged ones. Due to the fact that many night care assistant jobs operate in UK and are ready to sponsor anyone who is interested in working for them. Thus, we encourage you who wish to work for them to be their best conduct.

Night Care Assistant Jobs in UK

There are many openings for care assistants to are presently available in the UK. Moreover, you will collaborate with the senior care assistant and help them with all facets of care and the rest of the home as a care assistant.

You will give residents high-quality care while taking into account their unique needs. Also, you will assist with mealtimes and participate in all home-provided activities to promote our relationship-centered care and foster partnerships among residents.

You will be a part of a compassionate, encouraging team with stimulating chances for career growth and flexible full- and part-time hours.

Who is a Night Care Assistant?

A night care assistant is an individual who undertakes certain domestic duties which can be performed during night hours. Furthermore, he/she collaborates with other staff members in providing for residents’ personal care requirements in a way that upholds their dignity and encourages independence.

They are also responsible for coordinating activity or care routines, cleaning a client’s living space, and giving prescriptions.

Also, this type of job necessitates that you should be kind at helping hands, held to high standards, make errors and grow from them by being nice and patient with them.

Night Care Assistant Job Description

You will be working a night shift as a night care assistant, which requires you to stay awake all night to help a client who lives in their own home. Every day of the week, we provide full-time, part-time, and bank shifts.

This could involve giving home nursing care or working in a hospital or residential care facility. As a night care assistant, you will assist a specific client in maintaining their independence in their own home by giving them care all through the night.

These services could be:

  • Personal care such as dressing, continence care, taking a shower or bath, etc.
  • Domestic duties include laundry, washing up, general tidying, etc.
  • Preparing or cooking meals or little snacks.
  • Medication and companionship.

Nevertheless, you must have had prior experience working in a professional care capacity for at least six months due to the complexity of the waking night role.

Duties and Responsibility of a Night Care Assistant in UK

The following are the key responsibilities and duties of a night care assistant:

  • The principal goal of this role is to ensure that our young people receive the best care and assistance possible in accordance with the principles of child protection and safeguarding.
  • Give care throughout the night, checking on kids as needed in accordance with their care plan. kids should be motivated, self-sufficient, and capable of knowing when to ask for help.
  • Quickly respond to support requests while always observing the children’s right to privacy, dignity, and freedom of choice.
  • Compose the night records for each child that are precise, concise, and timely.
  • Collect the handover report from the day staff, and at the morning handover, deliver a summary of the night, letting the day employees know of any alterations or issues.
  • To ensure everyone living in the home is safe and healthy, work with the house coordinator.
  • To ensure that all care and support is in accordance with Health and Social Care standards as well as the Ochil Tower School-agreed policies and procedures that represent best professional practice.
  • To provide personal care in a considerate manner while maintaining young people’s dignity at all times.
  • To guarantee that all health and safety requirements are met.

More Duties and Responsibility

  • Participate in the efficient operation of the home by performing the daily tasks that have been assigned, such as cooking and cleaning. Setting an example and providing positive pro-social role models
  • To uphold the privacy of all data pertaining to children, staff, and coworkers, as well as to always respect our children’s rights.
  • That you are dedicated to building a rapport with the kids so that you may earn their respect and trust, laying the groundwork for managing any tough behavior.
  • Being part of a productive and successful group as necessary, participate in training and vocational programs
  • Meet privately with the house coordinator to discuss how tasks, training, and other professional requirements as specified in the support and supervision policies and procedures are progressing.

Night Care Assistant Jobs in UK Salary

In the UK, a night carer has an average income of £23,368 a year, or £11.98 an hour. Most experienced workers earn up to £30,152 per year, while entry-level roles start at £21,255. Note these amounts may change due to changes in job policy and other factors.

Furthermore, the salary information derived in the last 12 months from 5,231 employees, users, and previous and present job postings on Indeed unveils a different average salary of £10.79 per hour.

Do Overnight Carers Sleep?

Yes, of course. When the caregiver can sleep for the majority of the night, it is referred to as “Sleeping Night Care.” This is because it is safe for the caregiver to sleep because the person, they are caring for may only occasionally need assistance.

Thus, they can usually go to sleep after helping the person one to three times during the night as a caregiver.

How many hours does a Care Assistant Work in UK

As a live-in care assistant, you will typically work 8 to 10 hours per day (not always in succession), but you’ll also be available to assist the client if they need it. Unless you and your employer have specifically agreed to it, you are not expected to work through the night.

Skills and Quality You Should Have as a Night Care Assistant

To become a successful night care assistant, it entails that you must be:

  • Sensitivity and receptivity.
  • Have a desire to assist others.
  • The capacity to cooperate effectively with others.
  • The capacity for patience and composure under pressure.
  • The ability to understand things and perform well under time constraints.
  • Be thorough and detail-oriented.

You need to have these skills and attributes in order to become a nightcare assistant.

Benefits of Having a Night Care Assistant Jobs

Being a nightcare assistant is not actually easy, but a number of people are making a living out of it.  A care assistant is in charge of maintaining their customers’ hygiene, making sure they are safe, and arranging for social and emotional assistance.

However, it also comes with a few perks, the flexible working hours. You can request to work at certain times, and even choose between full-time or part-time work.

By being a caregiver with a firm, you are pretty much a valued member of their team, with ongoing support and a commitment to your professional development.

Highest Paying Cities for Night Care Assistants in UK

These are some of the highest paying cities in UK where you can work as a night care assistant along with their respective salary.

Cities (Locations)  Annual Salary (£)
London  £22,791.37
Northern Ireland£21,683.70
West Midlands£22,040.30
Birmingham  £21,213.46
Belfast  £23,929.69
Bradford  £20,439.74
Coventry  £21,740.68
Cardiff  £22,048.82
Nottingham  £23,391.52
Newcastle upon Tyne£21,780.32

You can compare the pay of a night care assistant in various cities with this list and pick the one that seems okay to you or suits your needs.

Night Care Salaries by Years of Experience in UK

Most experienced workers in the UK earn up to £30,209 per year, while entry-level roles start at £21,255 or more because it varies. Furthermore, the average night care salary still remains the same at £24,103 per year or £12.36 per hour.

How to Become a Night Care Assistant in UK

It is a plus to have prior experience if you want to work in the care industry. Usually, having experience makes you more qualified for a job like that. But it’s not always required.

Also, it will be simpler for you to find positions as a night care assistant if you have prior experience working in home care, hospice, hospitals, or charities. There are numerous ways to work as a care worker if you’re thinking of how you can become a night care assistant in the UK.

For instance, you can work as a caregiver in the following industry: College course, Apprenticeship, Volunteering, or even apply directly.

Taking care of a family member or other close relative, participating in an apprenticeship, and volunteering are additional ways to gain experience.

Night Care Assistant Job Offer Letter

A job offer letter, sometimes referred to as proof of employment, is a letter that is delivered to you by a potential employer who has determined that you are qualified for the position.

It includes a sample job offer email and a sample formal job offer letter. As a result, if you have successfully completed your online interview, your pay rate will be discussed, and after that, your sponsorship will be processed.

This sample job offer letter for the night care assistant is not a legal document and might not account for all relevant regional or federal legislation. Please have the revised employment offer letter reviewed by your attorney.

Also, feel free to change the job conditions, tone, and structure, or to insert a special note for the prospective employee

Where to Get Night Care Assistant Jobs in UK

You may find jobs with visa sponsorship online in a number of places. Websites like these are examples of these places.

  • and more.

How to Apply for a Night Care Assistant Job in UK

You can apply directly for care jobs and receive on-the-job training. Also, having prior experience helping or supporting others will be beneficial.

Yet other firms could insist that you should have:

  • Math and English GCSEs in grades 9 to 4 (A* to C), or something comparable.
  • SVQ level two care certifications are preferred. It is crucial to make the commitment to train at N/SVQ 3 and HNC level.
  • A commitment to training for Common Induction Standards, First Aid, and Manual Handling certifications is preferred.
  • If not done so earlier, this must be done within six months of starting work with the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC).
  • The ideal prerequisite is six months of experience providing care or support to young people with additional support needs.

These are all the qualifications you need to start a night care assistant job in UK.

Procedures to Apply for a Night Care Assistant Job in the UK:

To apply for a night care assistant position in UK, follow these simple steps:

  • Make inquiries about open night care assistant positions in UK. You must use a website that is used by firms in UK and advanced countries to accomplish this.
  • Go at the job description when you discover any positions that are open to make sure you are qualified for the position.
  • Create an application letter that is in line with the job description and a typical CV.
  • On the employee intranet of the business, upload the resume and cover letter.
  • Following that, you will have to wait for a response from the business to your application.

NOTE: You must avoid any offers that demand payment upfront for a job with visa sponsorship while this process is ongoing.

Obtainable Night Care Assistant Jobs in UK with Visa Sponsorship

Here is a list of some night care assistant with visa sponsorship jobs available on

JobsName of the Firms Offering the JobSalary (£)Full-time / Day shift
Care Assistant  Oxford Aunts Care Kidlington£15 / hourNature Of The Job (Working Hours)
Health Care Assistant (Nights)  Trust Care Management Ltd Wolverhampton WV10£11 / hourDay shift
Care Assistant  Care UK Residential Care Services London W2£10.42 – £11.68 / hourFull time / Overtime
Care Assistant (Over Night)  Bright Care (Broughty Ferry DD5)£81 / hourNight as needed
Care Assistant  Exemplar Health Care Services Limited (Preston PR1)£14 – £15 / hourTotal Community Care Ltd Truro
Night Care Assistant  The Extra Care Charitable Trust Birmingham B17£11.22 / hourPart-time / Weekend Availability
Night Care Assistant  Full-time / Night shift£10.92 / hourFull time / Night shift


What qualifications do you need to be a care home assistant?

Applicant should enroll in college courses to advance their knowledge and skills. For instance, the Level 1 Certificate in Health and Social Care or the Level 2 Diploma in Care are examples of relevant information.

How many hours does a care assistant work in UK?

An average day’s work for a healthcare assistant is 37.5 hours. However, HCAs (Health Care Assistants) frequently work shifts, which include night shifts, early morning shifts, evening shifts, and weekend shifts. The Agenda for Change (Afc) pay scheme is used to pay HCAs who work for the NHS.

Can a nurse work as a care assistant in the UK?

Absolutely, a licensed nurse can serve as a healthcare assistants.

What is the age limit for care assistants in UK?

While there are no specific age requirements to work in an adult social care facility, there are certain general guidelines for those under the age of 18. So, the individual you hire should be enrolled full-time in education, such as at a school or college.

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