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If you are among the fans of movies and you are in search of a reliable and safe platform to download one, then you can consider Netnaija because it is an excellent choice. Netnaija is a movie web platform where movies, music, and TV shows lovers can download for free, Its just a free and safe platform for users.


Netnaija is an amazing free web platform where both visitors and users, can be able to download the latest and trending Movies, music, videos, and TV series files to their preferable devices. They offer a vast collection of the best and latest Nollywood movies, both old and new.

Netnaija | Thenetnaija

Netnaija is one of the top sites for finding both foreign and Nigerian top films for free. This web platform is an ideal one for downloading Movings as well as other genres of movies. They have Youruba movies, football highlights available for download, comedy tips, and many more.

It is one of the best sites that offer people their favorites. The Netnaija provides visitors and users with up-to-date entertainment news, as well as music videos and audio downloads. To summarize it all, the entire site is all about, education, entertainment, technology, wap/webmasters, finance, and many more.

Categories on Thenetnaija

Below is the list of categories that you can find on this movie downloading website platform:

  • Movies
  • Forum
  • Trending
  • Music
  • Nollywood Movies
  • TV Series
  • Sports
  • Videos
  • Music Videos

These are the list of Categories, that you can be able to find on the Netnaija web platform, though there are many more, as you can find.

Features of Thenetnaija

With these amazing features that this wonderful movie portal offers, I’m sure you won’t stop using them for downloads. Here are some of the best features that make this platform one of the amazing websites to download movies.

  • You do not have to create an account to access the site.
  • The web platform has an easy interface
  • com stays updated with both foreign and the latest movie shows.
  • Download from the site is extremely fast
  • Movies and music are free to download
  • Foreign movies come with English subtitles from the web platform.

Netnaija Videos

The Netnaija has much variety of interesting latest videos that can be eye-capturing and to your amusement. Here are some of the videos that you can find in the Netnaija video section.

  • Comedy Videos
  • Movies
  • Gospel videos
  • Korean Series
  • Nollywood movies
  • Tech Videos
  • Video news
  • Sports videos
  • Foreign and local music videos
  • Hollywood videos

These are some of the videos that you can find on the Netnaija platform.

Netnaija Movies

The Movies category on its portal is one of the best places where you can find favorite movies and it offers people what they are in search of. There are lots of Action movies that the web page has to offer for download, all you just need to do is to access the movies category and then select the right movie of your choice.

Or you can easily search for movies or any content, that you wish to download. And also, you can find the latest movies on the homepage of the site once you have visited it.

Netnaija Finance

Its Finance is all about business loans and news content. If you would want to know more about the finance business and loans then you have to click on the Forum option above the page at the homepage of the site and select Finance. You can also type the article that you wish to read. This is how you can access the business news.

There are lots of other pieces of stuff to find and explore, just click on the Forum link, and you can find lots of features or link on the platform.

Netnaija K-Drama (Korean)

With the entertainment and comfort that Netnaija brings whenever it comes to downloading movies, anybody would wish to make use of them to download their favorite Korean movies and series. You can be able to find trending Korean series on their page. It is very possible that you can download the Korean series with ease and fast.

Tips for Downloading Netnaija Movies

Here are some methods and tips to help you download movies and other TV shows successfully from

Reliable Internet Connection

When you want to download movies from Netnaija, you need a reliable internet connection. If the internet speed is low, then the download speed on the Netnaija platform will be slow, and it might take a longer time for you to able to download the movie. To avoid this, then you have to ensure using a reliable and fast internet connection.

Choose the Right Download Option for the Movie

This web platform offers various downloads for every movie, and that is including 480P, 720P, and even 1080P. The quality depends on the movie download option that you wish to download from Netnaija. If you have a poor internet connection, then it is best and advisable for you to choose a lower quality option like 480P on the Netnaija movie download.

Therefore, if you have a fast and strong internet connection, you have to choose a higher quality option which is 1080 on Netnaija movie download for a better view and experience.

Use an Ad Blocker

The Netnaija web platform has a lot of ads on the webpage. While some ads are harmless, others can be worst and more dangerous and some of them might be having viruses. To avoid annoying pop-up ads then you have to use an Ad Blocker.

How to Download Movies form

It is straightforward to download movies from The steps for that are outlined here below if you are using Chrome, UC Browser, Opera Mini, Phoenix, and many more that you could think of.

  • Go to the web page through this link
  • Click on the Search icon at the top right corner of the page.
  • Type in the name of the movie, and click Search.
  • You have to select the movie that you wish to download to continue.
  • Scroll down and click on the Download (video or subtitle) option.
  • Now you will be redirected to another side where you have to scroll down and then tap on the Download option.
  • After that, the download will start automatically.

The download time depends on your network or internet speed and the size of the movie.

How to Download Korean Series from

Here are the steps that you can follow for you to be able to download a K Drama from Netnaija. The process is quite similar and easy to download on other series or movies from this site.

  • Visit the Netnaija web platform
  • You do not have to use the search bar to search for the name of the series, or if you want to.
  • Scroll down the page till you find the K-Drama, and click on More under the K-Drama tab.
  • Sort out the Korean series that you want to download.
  • Seeing as the Netnaija has a simple interface, you should be able to find the episode of the season that you want to download and click on it.
  • Scroll down and click on Download (Video or Subtitle) to continue.
  • Click on Download.

The download will automatically start, and you can find it in your download location on your device.


Which Websites Can I Download Series Like Netnaija?’s top 5 competitors in January 2023 are such as,,, and the, and many more that you could think of. Conferring to the Similarweb data of visits, is one of the top competitors in February 2023 is and they have 3.4M visits.

When Was Netnaija Released?

Netnaija is an excellent online repository for the latest movies, entertainment gossip, breaking news, kind of music, and many more. The web platform was founded in March 2009.

How do I contact Netnaija?

For any complaint, you can contact customer service:

Why is the Netnaija Website Not Opening?

Clear the cache on the device Chrome and then check the network after you have restarted your device. If a page is not working, you can try to fix page loading problems. You can even try this tab and open the page you were visiting in an incognito window.

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