Best Mileage Tracking App for Realtors

Real estate agents are constantly on the move, covering extensive distances as they navigate between appointments and properties. Amidst this hustle, many forget the crucial task of tracking mileage for tax purposes. Fortunately, technology offers a solution through GPS-guided mileage tracker apps for realtors.

Best Mileage Tracking App for Realtor

In this article, we’ll walk you through the best mileage-tracking apps for realtors and the features that make them stand out.

Seven (7) Best Mileage Tracking App for Realtors. The best way to make the most out of your real estate miles is to install a GPS-guided mileage tracker app on your phone. Not all mileage tracker apps are the same. If you’re a realtor, we recommend the following apps.

  • MileIQ
  • Everlance
  • Hurdlr
  • TripLog
  • Timeero
  • QuickBooks Online
  • Stride

1. MileIQ

MileIQ is a standout choice for real estate agents in the realm of mileage-tracking apps. It offers automated detection in the background, eliminating the need to start and stop tracking each trip manually.

The MileIQ App Far and Away is the industry favorite, MileIQ is an easy-to-use, highly effective mileage tracker app. Install the app (you can even try it for free with 40 free drives) and keep it running in the background of your mobile phone.

The app detects when you’re moving, and keeps track of the miles from point A to point B (and points C, D, and E) for you.

2. Everlance

Everlance, like MileageIQ, operates in the background, assisting you in tracking every trip you take. However, Everlance, unlike MileageIQ, connects to your business credit cards and other accounts, allowing you to track all of your business spending and deductions in one spot.

Everlance, like QuickBooks miles Tracker, uses a “swipe” system to categorize your miles. Swipe in one direction for corporate miles and the other for personal miles.

The App goes beyond mileage tracking, offering features for expense management. Users can connect a business-related credit card or bank account for seamless tracking of purchases.

The app operates in the background, using a swipe feature to categorize personal and business expenses making it ideal for realtors.

3. Hurdlr

Hurdlr, similar to Everlance and MileageIQ, follows an all-in-one model for business tracking. However, it distinguishes itself by offering detailed, real-time reports on business expenses, deductions, and expected taxable income, setting it apart from its competitors.

Unlike other platforms focusing solely on mileage, Hurdlr, similar to QuickBooks, allows users to categorize all their expenses, making tracking and reporting more comprehensive and straightforward.

One standout feature is that Hurdlr provides a clear and updated view of your earnings and tax obligations as the quarter progresses, offering peace of mind.

Even better, Hurdlr offers a FREE option with essential functions at no cost. Users can upgrade or cancel at any time, allowing for personalized and convenient mileage tracking.

However, it’s important to note that the Hurdlr mileage tracker requires manual activation. Users need to remember to start the app manually when beginning a business drive, which could be a potential drawback for those seeking fully automated tracking.

Despite this, Hurdlr remains a solid choice for users who value detailed, real-time reporting and the flexibility of a free option for basic tracking needs.

4. TripLog

TripLog is one of the most popular mileage tracker apps available today. It not only records your business mileage but also calculates fuel economy. Users can conveniently categorize different parts of their daily drives into various accounts.

Beyond its app features, TripLog offers USB-compatible plugins that track mileage without draining your phone battery. It automatically sends updates to your business email, ensuring you stay informed.

This versatile mileage tracker allows you to monitor multiple vehicles under the same account. It generates detailed IRS reports, facilitating the tax filing process.

TripLog seamlessly integrates with popular expense tracking and accounting software, streamlining the inclusion of your mileage in your overall real estate expenses. In summary, TripLog provides a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for efficient mileage tracking and integration with other financial tools.

5. Timeero

Timeero is undoubtedly the greatest GPS and mileage tracker for realtors. Its robust GPS, time tracking, and mileage tracking features stand out, particularly for realtors and freelancers looking for straightforward and efficient apps to track location, time spent with every customer, and mileage.

6. QuickBooks Time:

The QuickBooks Mileage Tracker, like its competitors, uses your phone’s GPS to recognize when you’re driving automatically. It effortlessly transfers these miles to your business accounting software. To categorize the miles, you swipe in one direction for business trips and the other for personal ones. It’s that simple!

This Mileage Tracker seamlessly connects with your other business expenses. QuickBooks then calculates the total deductible from your taxable income, providing a convenient all-in-one solution for accounting needs.

However, if you use a different accounting software or don’t use QuickBooks, it might not be the most practical choice. Additionally, remember that, unlike some competitors, the Mileage Tracker from QuickBooks doesn’t offer a free trial, potentially making it a more costly option.

Realtors and freelancers can find the app useful because tracking location and mileage requires less battery power.

7. Stride

Stride is an app designed for the gig economy. The company uses the product to provide healthcare solutions to independent contractors. It is also one of the few apps with automated mileage tracking in its free plan.

Reasons why the above seven (7) Apps are considered the Best Mileage Tracking Device for Realtors

Mileage Apps Important Features for Realtors are:

Tracking mileage automatically:

Most can automatically trace your travels. The software operates in the background on your phone throughout the day and starts recording a journey when it detects you are moving at the speed of a car. You can manually slide the trip into the personal or professional trip at the end of each trip.

Expense Categorization on the Go:

Some apps can connect to your bank account and automatically match your receipts to bank transactions.

Preparation of Taxes:

Whether it is an easy export to send your CPA, or just tracking expenses, some of the reporting tools are handy. most have a P&L, and all your receipts.

The Hurdlr App

The app has comprehensive features, including estimating tax deductions, recording income and expenses, tax preparation, receipts, and more.

The quick book online

It has every accounting tool you could need for your real estate firm. You should strongly consider QuickBooks as your real estate brokerage accounting software if you have a small or large workforce.


It is primarily intended for managers who want to track employee mileage. If you have W2 employees who you wish to compensate or compensate for mileage, this application may be useful for tracking their work travel. It is compatible with Quickbooks.


Below are some of the frequently asked questions on the best mileage tracking App for Realtors and their short answers:

Why do real estate agents require a mileage-tracking app?

Realtors are always on the move, traveling from property to property and from client meeting to client meeting.

A mileage tracking app makes it easier to record journey lengths and ensures accurate records for tax deductions and expenditure reimbursement. It also saves time and lowers the risk of human mistakes associated with manual tracking.

How can a mileage-tracking app help realtors save money on taxes?

Realtors can utilize mileage monitoring apps to log their business-related travels, essential for claiming tax deductions. Realtors can maximize the deductions they are allowed and save money on taxes by keeping correct mileage records.

How might a mileage-tracking application help realtors with expense management?

Some mileage tracking applications like Everlance and TripLog include extra expense management functions. These apps can assist realtors in tracking various business-related expenses for thorough financial record-keeping.

How does automated tracking work in mileage tracking apps for realtors?

Automated tracking employs GPS technology to detect and log a realtor’s travel lengths. This feature reduces the need for human entry, resulting in more accurate records.

Can realtors use a Mileage-tracking app on numerous devices?

Many mileage-tracking apps allow users to log in and sync data across numerous devices, giving flexibility to realtors who may switch between devices.


Individual interests and demands determine the best app. Realtors may consider MileIQ, Everlance, TripLog, or other choices based on features, pricing, and integration capabilities.

Investing in a mileage tracking app simplifies record-keeping and maximizes deductions, ultimately reducing your tax bill. Explore these apps, find the one that aligns with your business requirements, and simplify your business journeys today.

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