Best Mileage Tracking App for Delivery Drivers

Keeping an accurate mileage record is not only a question of convenience for delivery drivers, but it is also an essential component of financial management. As the demand for reliable delivery services grows, so does the necessity for a trustworthy mileage-tracking App.

Best Mileage Tracking App for Delivery Drivers

In this article, we’ll show you what to look out for and the factors to consider to find the best mileage tracking tool designed specifically for delivery drivers’ needs.

Who is a Delivery Driver

Corporations, food service companies, delivery service companies, or warehouses often employ Delivery Drivers. They drive cars or delivery trucks to ensure recipients receive their parcels and other items on time. The purpose of their job is to drive securely, deliver items, and collect payment if necessary.

What is a Mileage Tracker?

A mileage tracker makes managing your drives for business expenses and tax returns simple.

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Mileage Tracking App for Delivery Drivers

When choosing the best mileage tracking app for delivery drivers, you need to consider the following factors:

1. Route Planning

A route planning feature considers sensitive deliveries, distance, and unexpected delays to create the optimal route for each driver. Doing so reduces aimless driving and allows drivers to fulfill deliveries as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

2. Real-Time GPS Tracking

Real-time GPS helps determine the live location of each vehicle and asset. As a result, you can give your customers more accurate ETAs so they know when to expect their delivery.

Moreover, GPS tracking discourages delivery drivers from running personal errands or making detours while on their route. When drivers remain on the suggested routes, they always deliver consignments on time, barring unexpected mishaps. 

3. Mileage Tracking

The app should also track mileage to create accountability and transparency for delivery drivers. Besides earning you 65.5 cents of tax deductions per mile, every mileage you track moves you closer to fair reimbursement of delivery drivers.

4. Geofencing

A geofence is a virtual perimeter built purposely to restrict where employees can clock in or out. Geofencing goes hand-in-hand with mileage tracking. By ensuring each employee clocks in and out from their designated place of work, you won’t have to pay for time spent driving to work or back home.

5. Route Replay

A route replay gives you a driver’s timeline and route taken during the trip. So, for example, you can look back on the delivery route to see where the driver has been throughout the journey. It is handy when customers complain about late delivery while the driver denies wrongdoing.

The above are the key features that make the best GPS app for delivery drivers stand out.

What are the advantages of using a delivery route planner app?

Even if you know your neighborhood well, a route planner tool can help you spend less time on the road while enabling faster delivery times. Why? The distinction between delivery route design and route optimization is significant.

Many navigation apps can create a quick route from point A to point B, but only a few can automatically organize a greater number of stops in the most effective order to reduce your time on the road.

What should a delivery driver look out for before choosing a mileage-tracking app

You should be able to determine the purpose of each trip and log odometer readings at the beginning and end of the year. If you use more than one personal vehicle, the mileage tracker app you choose should be able to keep separate logs for your vehicles.

The Best Mileage Tracking App for Delivery Drivers

The following are the best mileage tracking Apps suitable for delivery drivers. They include:

1. Timeero:

Timeero is a notable GPS and mileage app, especially for delivery organizations with several drivers. However, Timeero simplifies the setting procedure by providing a user-friendly interface that caters to both tech-savvy and non-tech-savvy drivers. It’s simple to create company profiles and jobs and invite drivers.

Geofencing feature of Timeero

When drivers sign up, the app’s automatic mileage tracking feature takes effect when they clock in using their smartphones. Timeero, in particular, takes it a step further by incorporating geofencing.

Businesses can use this technology to create virtual boundaries around warehouses and depots, assuring proper tracking of business for fair reimbursement and tax deductions. Geofencing reduces the possibility of drivers incorrectly logging commuter distance, improving overall operational accuracy.

2. SherpaShare

SherpaShare is the best GPS app for freelancers and self-employed drivers. While it does provide mileage and expense tracking, there is one catch: only the master admin can automate mileage tracking. SherpaShare may not be the best option for firms that want their complete crew of drivers to report mileage electronically.

 The offers a comprehensive platform for individual freelancers and self-employed drivers looking for thorough financial information. Its user-friendly design makes it simple for users to keep track of their mileage and expenses.

3. Stride Mileage Tracker

Stride Mileage Tracker was created with independence in mind, catering to the demands of independent delivery drivers and single enterprises. The app, despite not creating team accounts, provides a mobile-centric experience. Users can directly track mileage, spending, and revenue from the smartphone app.

Simplicity of Stride Mileage Tracker

Stride Mileage Tracker is a feasible option for solitary operators who value simplicity and autonomy, assuring accurate mileage recording without the complexity of team management.

4. Everlance

Everlance goes beyond being a mere mileage tracking app; it transforms into an all-inclusive expense tracker. However, Everlance offers automatic mileage tracking linked to your business bank account. The app allows effective categorization of journeys based on their purpose and provides the option to set specific work hours for active mileage logging.

The detailed reports include GPS mapping data, photographs, time zones, and other relevant information.


Below are some of the frequently asked questions on the best mileage tracking app for delivery drivers and their short answers:

What is the best delivery driver mileage tracker?

Timeero is the most effective mileage tracker for delivery drivers. It features 99% mileage tracking accuracy and provides detailed point-to-point timestamps to follow each vehicle’s whereabouts in real-time.

How can I track my delivery drivers?

You’ll need one of the best GPS apps for delivery drivers, such as Timeero, to keep track of your delivery drivers. Timeero employs real-time GPS and gives detailed timestamps to ensure you know where your drivers are at all times.

What is the purpose of a mileage tracking application for delivery drivers?

A mileage tracking application is required for delivery drivers to accurately record their business-related journeys for tax deductions and reimbursement purposes.

Can I use the same mileage-tracking app for business and personal trips?

Many mileage tracking apps allow users to discriminate between personal and work journeys, ensuring proper tax records.

Are there any free mileage tracking apps for delivery drivers?

 Yes, several mileage tracking applications provide free versions with limited functionality, making them accessible to low-income drivers.

In mileage tracking apps, how can geofencing help delivery drivers?

 Geofencing ensures accurate business mileage tracking by constructing virtual borders around warehouses and depots, preventing errors in recording.


Every GPS and distance-tracking tool is designed for specific needs. Timeero is great for businesses with many drivers, offering geofencing for better accuracy. Everlance focuses on simplicity, SherpaShare is for freelancers, and Stride Mileage Tracker suits independent operators.

Consider your business requirements, compare features, and pick the app that aligns with your delivery operations. The right choice can simplify processes, enhance accuracy, and contribute to the overall success of your delivery efforts.

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