How to Make Money on Amazon Without Selling

Amazon provides an array of opportunities to generate passive revenue without really selling any goods. Discover more about Kindle Direct Publishing, and Amazon affiliate marketing, among other topics. Begin earning passive income immediately by reading this blog, which explains how to make money on Amazon without selling.

How to Make Money on Amazon Selling

How to Make Money on Amazon Without Selling

You can make Make money in different ways on the Amazon platform without you selling anything. After all, millions of people use it each day to buy everything from groceries to electronics. It’s the most popular online shopping site in the entire globe.

The fact that selling on Amazon may be an unsafe venture is something that numerous individuals are unaware of. There are many challenges that will render it challenging for your business to produce a profit, including high investment expenses and fierce competition.

As it turned out, there are a number of alternatives to selling on Amazon that can provide income. No inventory investment, advertising, or shipping is necessary, that’s correct. So here are several options if you want to earn extra money on Amazon without putting in the time.

Earn Money from Amazon without Selling

There are seven different methods for generating passive earnings on Amazon.

These involve including affiliate links in already existing material, developing digital items, launching a service that is subscription-based, selling online courses, using Amazon’s FBA program, and signing up for Amazon’s Merch program for earning passive income. Let’s dive deeper into every one of these.

The best approach to monetize previously published material is by means of affiliate links. You can gain money if an individual clicks on your affiliate links in blog posts, videos, and various other types of material to make purchases. This is an excellent approach for earning passive income without having to manufacture or sell any actual products.

Optimizing Your Existing Content with Amazon Affiliate Links

Through Amazon’s Associates program, users may benefit from what they promote in their own content.

The Amazon Affiliate program enables you to generate money on customers’ purchases after they click via your link, whether you’re advertising blog entries, YouTube videos, or Instagram pictures.

You may earn money off of your current content by joining the Amazon Affiliate program. You can begin including affiliate links in your content immediately as you create an Amazon Associates account.

To make it simpler for your readers to locate the things you’re promoting, you may additionally employ the tools provided by Amazon to generate individual links and banners. With the appropriate approach, you may quickly begin generating passive money from your material.

Create Digital Products to Sell on Amazon

You may create exclusive digital goods to sell on Amazon in order to maximize revenue from your Amazon Affiliate links. eBooks, online courses, digital software, and MP3s are a few examples. Without the requirement to keep physical stock, these goods can be made and put on the Amazon Marketplace for a low price.

Your income potential can be greatly increased by producing digital products to sell on Amazon. You can design products specifically for the target market and advertise your products using Amazon’s advertising tools. Then monitor your products’ performance using Amazon’s analytics and implement changes as necessary.

Start Subscription Service Through Amazon

There are several possibilities for subscription services on Amazon, which are experiencing a rise in popularity. From dog food delivery to curated bundles of expensive items, there are numerous different subscription-based services available.

Create a service that subscribers subscribe to generate an ongoing source of passive revenue. You must register as an Amazon seller if you want to begin. You can add your subscription service and configure payment and delivery information once you have an account.

To advertise your subscription service and draw clients, you will additionally require to develop an advertising plan. To contact prospective consumers, you may use Amazon’s advertising capabilities, along with additional advertising avenues like social media or email campaigns.

Sell online courses on Amazon

Without having to supply actual products, online courses offer an excellent opportunity to earn a passive income on Amazon.

You can create your own courses or hire benefits to do this for you. These courses can take the form of formal programs or online coaching sessions. The course will make greater profits as it becomes more comprehensive and receives better assessments.

It’s crucial to take the intended audience and their interests into account when developing an online course. Consider the course’s format additionally, such as if it will be text-based, audio-based, or both.

The duration of the course and the cost ought to be taken as well into account. When the course concludes, you may upload it to Amazon and begin selling it to users.

Use Amazon’s FBA Program for Passive Income

You can use Amazon’s FBA program if you already have some engagement with product sourcing and Amazon’s fulfillment procedures. It enables you to discover lucrative products that you can retail with the least amount of work, customers will purchase the goods through Amazon, which will handle the delivery and shipping.

The FBA program is excellent for generating passive income because it involves very little effort from you. All that you have to do is find the goods and put them on Amazon, and Amazon will handle the rest.

Utilize Amazon’s advertising tools to increase awareness of your merchandise and boost sales. With an appropriate approach, you could use the FBA program to produce an ongoing supply of passive income.

Make Money from Kindle Books

It’s an excellent way to generate additional income to write your own Kindle novels. Once your eBook is written, there’s no need to put any more work into it, you can simply sit back and wait for royalties to start coming in.

The secret to the success of your Kindle book is marketing. To reach customers, you can utilize social media, email marketing, along with other online advertising techniques. You may also use Amazon’s own marketing tools to help spread news about your book while making it more readily available.

Generate Revenue from Ads on Amazon

With daily traffic of more than 200 million active users, advertising on Amazon offers an excellent chance for creating an effective passive income source. Targeted advertising campaigns may assist marketers promote their goods or services resulting in an ongoing source of revenue.


The main fact is that Amazon allows you to earn money without having to sell anything. By promoting items for sale on Amazon, you can also monetize traffic through social media and other channels via Amazon’s affiliate marketing network, known as Amazon Associates. With this affiliate advertising strategy, you may earn commissions of up to 10%.

How to Make Money on Amazon Without Selling for Free?

How to Earn Money Through Affiliate Marketing on Amazon. Being an Amazon associate is among the easiest methods for earning a large income on the site without selling anything yourself. Below are some methods you can follow:

  • Amazon merchandise.
  • The Kindle from Amazon Direct Publishing.
  • Amazon’s fulfillment services.
  • Mechanical Turk on Amazon.
  • Advantage in retail.
  • Promote a service.

How to Sell Products on Amazon without Having Products?

Another way to sell without inventory is to sell digital products.

  • Construct a digital good.
  • Register as a seller on the Amazon Digital Services website.
  • Set your price after uploading your digital product.
  • Amazon manages the distribution of your product once a buyer makes a purchase.

How Long Does It Take to Make Money on Amazon?

Within the first year of selling on Amazon, it’s typical for sellers to start making profits. Due to a number of variables, including strategy, supply chain delays, seasonality, and listing optimization, profits will vary between Amazon sellers.

Can I Sell on Amazon without Buying?

For Amazon FBA, is it necessary to purchase inventory? No. Selling packaged goods that you already own, find while antiquing, or even receive for free can be done with Amazon FBA. If you’re ready to get inventive while constructing your inventory, you may employ FBA in a variety of ways.

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