How to Make Facebook Private

Facebook is a social media app with billions of users who may have access to your profile through mutual friends, a tagged post, Facebook interest groups, and even the Facebook search button. Being open to just anyone on social media can be quite uncomfortable for Facebook users who prefer to be private.

Make Facebook Private

With so much of your private information open to the eyes of the public from birthdays, jobs, and family Supdates, it is only natural to wish to make your Facebook private to close every prying eye, this article shows you the steps to take towards making your account private.

Options for Facebook Privacy

Facebook was designed to make your account public, but you can decide to make it private if you are a private person and do not like people knowing things about you. Facebook privacy has a series of options you can choose from, below are the options you can choose from:

Friends: with this option, only your Facebook friends can see your post.

Friends except: with this option, the public and groups of friends or mutual friends will no longer be able to see your posts.

Specific friends: with this option, only those close friends of yours will see your post according to your choice.

Only me: with this option, nobody can see your post except you.

Make your Facebook Private Using a PC

The following steps will help you make your Facebook private on your PC:

  • Navigate your way to your profile picture.
  • Underneath it is several options, choose and click settings & privacy.
  • Now click on settings.
  • Find privacy under settings, and proceed to edit next to “Who can see your future posts?”

Make Your Facebook Private Using the Facebook app

You can also make your Facebook private on your mobile app, follow these steps to do so:

  • Navigate your way to your menu page.
  • Underneath it, select settings & privacy.
  • Proceed to click on settings.
  • Under settings go to audience and visibility.
  • Under audience and visibility, choose posts.
  • Begin to edit who can see your future posts?
  • Click on limit old posts to confirm.

Make Your Facebook Private Using an iPhone or iPad

Facebook allows you to make your account private and you can also use your iPhone to do so, below are the steps to follow:

Put off your face recognition: face recognition can easily identify you in videos and photos shared by other Facebook users even if they do not tag you in the post. when you disable this feature, you reduce the chances of being easily identified by others.

Make your friends list private: by setting your friends list and making it private, you can control who can view your connections because your Facebook friends can reveal sensitive information about your interest and work. To do this, go to your profile and click on more, proceed to privacy settings, and under the section of who can see your friend lists. Select only me.

Limit who can see your past posts: from the privacy settings menu, click on who can see past posts, click on limit past posts, and confirm your decision.

Control who can see your posts: navigate your way to who can see your posts. And select friends or more options to customize your audience to a special group of friends.

Disable location services: when you disable location services, Facebook will not be able to share your location with others, to do this, go to iPhone settings, click on privacy, and proceed to location services. Scroll down to find Facebook, select it, and choose Never under Allow location access.


After changing your account to public, can people still see my profile picture?

Yes, others can see your profile picture through your profile or search engines, but they can no longer see your posts because you have set your profile to private.

How do I tell if my Facebook profile is private?

It is not difficult to find out if a Facebook user has made his account private. Make a call to a friend to ask if they can see anything concerning you on Facebook, if they see a pad luck saying this account is private then the account has become private.

How to make your Facebook page private

It is quite easy like the others, to follow these steps:

  • Navigate your way to your Facebook menu.
  • On the menu, click on pages.
  • Now click on your own page.
  • Scroll down to settings.
  • Click on edit beside page visibility.
  • Now proceed to select the page unpublished.
  • Click on Save Changes.
  • Now your page has become private.

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