Mac Scanner Software – Top Free Scanner Software for Mac

If you thinking to scan your documents or images then you are entitled to consider a scanner that is suitable and effective for Mac tools. This article will discuss what is Mac scanner software exactly, how Mac tools work, and the top free scanning software for Mac to share and manage all the scans as you prefer.

mac scanner software
mac scanner software

Mac Scanner Software

To fully understand how the software works it will be necessary to know what is Mac. MAC is simply a short form of “Media Access Control”, or Mac address. On every Mac, there is a macOS which is the operating system that powers them. It allows you to accomplish tasks you can’t simply do with other computers. This is a personal computer designed and marketed by Apple Inc, which is common among students, creative professionals, as well as software engineers.

Moreover, when you scan any image or document you are given a variety of options to secure the same. This is one of the interesting parts of scanning documents and storing them on your computer. In fact, the main reason why all paper documents are getting outdated as the passes by is this alternative of scanning and saving documents.

Nevertheless, you need optimal software to scan, save and share any document of your choice. This software is so versatile, that it may have the ability to cater to your needs appropriately. There is many different scanning software available on Apple AppStore and various other platforms if you are using a Mac.

Top Free Scanner Software for Mac

Though not all scanning software is the best or offers quality features, we have developed an ideal list of the best scanner software that enables you to get the best scans out of your devices. Check out the top free scanning software compatible with your Mac. They are listed below:

  • Presto PageManager
  • PDFScanner
  • Readiris
  • PDFpen
  • Twain Sane
  • VueScan
  • Silver Fast
  • PDF Studio
  • Doc Scanner
  • ExactScan

There is the top free software scanner to use for scanning on your Mac. You can easily scan as many documents as you want easily with aid of any of these tools.

How to Scan a Document on Mac

Scanning any documents implies that you are converting the hard copy of a document into a soft copy of the document. The scanner gives you the expected quality of the document or image you captured and you can reprint the scanned document or image that looks like the original. However, Mac provides you with a built-in scanner app, now let’s focus on how to scan a document on Mac.

How to Scan a Document on Mac without Using Any Third-Party Software?

Since Mac comes with a built-in scanner, you can scan any document easily using your scanner machine. Below are the guidelines to conder to finally scan your document on Mac. The procedures to use the scanner are as follows:

  • First, connect your scanner to the Mac and keep it On.
  • Navigate to your Apple menu button and the system
  • On the preference option, you see many devices and their names.
  • Then select the printer and scanners option and click on it.
  • Now you will be given a list of scanner devices connected to Mac.
  • From the list select your scanner.
  • And then click on the open scanner option.
  • Then the details of your scanner will open up.
  • Which contains your scanner type, Resolutions of the scan to capture, format, sizes, and angle of your scan.
  • Then you will get a scan button
  • After selecting all these parameters, click on the scan button.
  • Now insert any document into your scanner, and your scanner will take out a scan.
  • Now the selected file will appear in the feed.
  • Also, select the location where you need to save it.
  • Instantly, your document file will be present in the soft copy format.

These are the steps necessary to scan to document on Mac. You can now share the file on any platform of your choice.

How to Scan a Document on Mac Using Image Capture?

The following are steps to consider to scan a document on Mac using the captured image. The steps are as follows:

  • Turn on your scanner and connect to Mac
  • Then place a document or image you want to scan in the scanner.
  • Open the image capture on the Mac.
  • Now locate the app in the application folder and launch it or type image capture into the spotlight search field.
  • From the left panel of the main window select your scanner. Click shared to reveal shared devices and then make your selection, if you don’t see your scanner.
  • Note that the image capture opens on the default scanning window, which can alternatively be used for basic scanning necessities, even as advanced options are available.
  • Select a destination for the scan, in the picture’s dropdown menu.
  • Click “Show Details” to open the options in a panel to the right of the main window and see an overview scan, or preview, of the image you are scanning for additional control over the scan.
  • You can select between color or black-and-white scans, set a resolution, and size, name the scan, or view more options in the Show Details panel. Also, you can change the bounding box around the document by dragging it.
  • After making your selection in the Show Details panel click on Scan to begin the scan. And it will be saved to the location you chose.

This is all you need to take to scan your document or image on Mac using image capture.

Which Parameters are Adjustable while Scanning Any Document on Mac?

The scanner window provides you with many parameters such as resolutions, file format, size of the scan, and many others. These are essential parameters required to get a perfect scan. Till the scan is completed the options in the Show Details panel give you control over it.

Scan mode: Here you will entitle to choose between Flatbed and Document Mode.

Kind of scan: Select either black and white color, or Text. The overview scan reflects your selection changing this update. The color will be similar to the original document if your scanner is calibrated.

Resolutions: Here you will set the dots per inch also known as DPI for the scan. A single pixel is represented by each dot of the DPI. And the more pixels in each square inch the higher the DPI. For example, the color of images looks better at 240 to 300 dpi, though a basic black-and-white document looks good at 150 dpi.

Size of File: Here you require to enter the size of the selection box in inches.

Rotation Angle: By a specific number of degrees rotate the selection box clockwise.

Scan to: This will display where the file you scanned will be saved. Scans are saved to the desktop by default.

Auto Selection: Image Capture automatically recognizes the paper edges during the overview scan and places the selection box or boxes around them.

Name: Here you will have to give the scan a name.

Format to scan: this enables you to set the file format of the scan. For the best quality documents or a mix of text and images use PDF or JPG for the best photo. PDF is a wise decision if you’re unsure which to choose. If a later conversion to a JPG is required, it can be done with ease.

When you choose PDF, a checkbox for “Combine Into Single Document” appears. This setting creates a multipage PDF file from every scan you’ve made. If you don’t remember to check this box, you can combine PDFs in Preview once the scans are finished.

Image correction: You can see image adjustment options here if your scanner supports it. However, you can change from automatic to manual in order to show correction sliders for brightness, tint, temperature, and saturation. Then the histogram above the sliders changes as you apply corrections.

Unsharp mask: Here you are given options that include Low, Medium, High, or None (the default).

Descreening: This option includes General, None, Fine print (175 LPI) Magazine (133 LPI), and Newspaper (85 LPI),

Backlight correction: Here select from the options include none, low, medium, and high.

Dust removal: This option includes None, Low, Medium, and High

These are some of the required parameters to get a quality scan of your document or image on your devices.

How to Scan Any Document without using a Scanner Machine?

Development in technology has resulted in the introduction of many applications in both the android and iOS platform that enables you to scan documents or images as accurately as the scanner. There are different applications available on the play store as Microsoft lens, CamScanner, DocScanner, and many others some of which I have previously mentioned that help you scan your document.

These applications use the camera of your mobile device to scan documents. You can also select the type, file format, and other parameters here. The scans are as similar and perfect using this document scanner application.

Conclusively, this is how you can scan your document using a software scanner on your Mac, just follow the procedures mentioned in the article if you want to scan any document on your Mac.



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