List of Zenith Bank USSD Codes

In this modern age, being able to access and manage your bank account quickly and conveniently is critical. Zenith Bank, one of Nigeria’s leading financial institutions, has enabled this by providing a variety of USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) codes.

List of Zenith Bank USSD Codes

These codes allow customers to conduct banking transactions directly from their mobile phones. We will look at the list of Zenith Bank USSD codes and how they can help you with your banking.

The Benefits of Using USSD Codes in Your Transactions Banking on Simplicity

USSD codes revolutionize convenience. These codes are intended for everyone, whether tech-savvy or new to digital banking.

You can avoid the trouble of downloading apps and navigating through complex menus. You’re in command with a simple dial and tap, effortlessly conducting your transactions without internet connectivity.

The Freedom to Choose

The power of choice is what makes USSD codes so appealing. You have complete control over your finances and can manage them whenever possible.

USSD codes give you the control you need, from checking your balance before a big purchase to sending money to loved ones in need.

Breaking Down Barriers

USSD codes are not discriminatory. They are accessible to anyone with a mobile phone, whether a smartphone or an essential feature phone. This inclusiveness is central to Nigeria’s quest for financial empowerment for all.

Starting Out

Are you ready to take command of your banking experience? It’s as simple as 1-2-3 to get started with USSD codes. Dial your bank’s code, follow the prompts, and explore the world.

The Advantages of Using USSD

USSD codes aren’t just a convenient shortcut; they’re also a wise choice. They save you time, reduce paperwork, and allow you to bank on your own terms. There will be no more long lines or racing against the clock.

Control over your Money

Everyone is concerned about security, and Nigerian banks are no exception. When you use USSD codes, your transactions are protected by multiple layers of security. To authorize any transaction, you’ll need a unique PIN, ensuring your money stays in your hands.

Embracing Banking’s Future

USSD codes are more than just a passing fad; they are a glimpse into the future of banking. As Nigeria embraces digital innovation, these codes are leading the way to a more secure future.

Zenith Bank Code Activation Requirements

The following are the four requirements for activating the Zenith Bank USSD code:

  1. Zenith Bank Account: In order to use this service, you must have a Zenith Bank account.
  2. A debit card: You must have an active debit card linked to your account.
  3. Mobile phone: This does not have to be a browsing phone. Any mobile phone will suffice.
  4. Phone number: This could be from any network provider. However, it must first be linked to your Zenith Bank account.

However, before using the service, you must first register or activate it.

How to Activate Zenith Bank’s USSD Code

The Zenith Bank code registration procedure is straightforward. Simply follow the six simple steps outlined below:

  1. Begin by dialing *966# from your mobile device (use the phone number associated with your Zenith Bank account).
  2. Now enter your NUBAN 10-digit account number.
  3. Then enter your Zenith bank debit card’s last four digits.
  4. To authorize transactions via USSD banking, you will be asked to create a 4-digit transfer PIN.
  5. To proceed, enter your preferred 4-digit PIN. Make this PIN a difficult-to-forget combination of numbers.
  6. Finally, you must confirm your entry.

That’s all there is to it; you’ve successfully activated the Zenith bank transfer code on your phone. Now that you’ve activated your Zenith Bank Code, you can begin using it to perform various operations.

To that end, here is a list of Zenith Bank codes to remember.

List of Zenith Bank USSD Codes

  1. Zenith Bank code to buy airtime for self – *966*amount#
  2. Zenith Bank code to buy airtime for others – *966* Amount*Mobile Number#
  3. Zenith Bank code for loan – *966*11#
  4. Zenith Bank code to check balance – *966*0#
  5. Zenith Bank code for account number – *966*0#
  6. Zenith Bank code for the transfer of money to Zenith Bank – *966*Amount*Recipient’s account number#
  7. Zenith Bank code for the transfer of money to other banks – *966*Amount*Recipient’s Account Number#
  8. Zenith Bank code for updating BVN – *966*BVN#
  9. Zenith Bank Code to Activate USSD Banking – *966*0#
  10. Zenith Bank USSD Code to Increase Daily Transaction Limit – *966*60#
  11. Zenith Bank Code to Deactivate Your Mobile Banking Profile – *996*20*0#
  12. Cardless Withdrawals – *966*60# >> select option “7”
  13. Zenith Bank USSD Code for Bet9ja – 966*6*2389#
  14. Zenith Bank USSD Code to Deactivate Eazy Banking Profile – *966*20*0#
  15. Zenith Bank USSD Code for BetKing – *966*6*7842#
  16. Zenith Bank USSD Code For spotty at – *723*04347201*Deposit Amount#
  17. Zenith Bank Code to Block ATM Debit Card – *966*60#
  18. Zenith Bank Virtual Card USSD Code – *966*2273#
  19. Zenith Bank USSD Code to Block Transactions On Lost Phone – *966*911#
  20. Zenith Bank Code to Retrieve ATM Debit Card PIN – *966*60#


Can I use Zenith Bank USSD codes on any phone or network?

You can use Zenith Bank USSD codes on any mobile network in Nigeria, and you can use any mobile phone as long as it can send and receive text messages.

What should I do if I have problems with Zenith Bank’s USSD codes or transactions?

If you have any problems, please get in touch with Zenith Bank’s customer service or visit a Zenith Bank branch for assistance. They can assist you in resolving any issues or answering any questions.

Should I take any security precautions when using Zenith Bank USSD codes?

It is critical to keep your transactions secure. Use only your registered phone number for USSD transactions, verify recipient details before confirming transfers, and be wary of phishing messages or calls.

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