Lagos SUBEB Recruitment – APPLY NOW!

The Lagos SUBEB Recruitment 2023 is presently accepting applications online. On the Nigerian Lagos State SUBEB recruitment website, you can access the LASUBEB application. Lagos is at present the most populated metropolis in Nigeria, yet it has all the challenges associated with being a rapidly growing, important megacity.

Lagos SUBEB Recruitment
Lagos SUBEB Recruitment

Lagos State’s private sector is among its biggest and strongest in the entire country, presenting an obvious source of strength with significant potential for the state. It also holds true in the area of education, where up to 60% of students attend private institutions.

Lagos SUBEB Recruitment

While this lessens the burden on the State Government to educate thousands of children, it nevertheless creates significant challenges for private as well as public schools because these students should receive an excellent education that equips them with the skills to be resilient, independent, dynamic, democratic, such as democratic, and full of opportunities for society as a whole.

All the information you require about the start and end dates for the Lagos State SUBEB teacher recruitment is provided here in this article. You may utilize our provided instructions provided to help complete the application process.

These cover the prerequisites, requirements, and easy ways to apply for the Lagos SUBEB recruitment. So, keep going and put every one of these suggestions to use.

About the Lagos State SUBEB

The Lagos State Universal Basic Education is an organization under the supervision of the Lagos State Ministry of Education that assumes the duty of coordinating, managing, and implementing forth Lagos State’s Universal Basic Education initiative in partnership with the Federal Government of Nigeria to comply with the provisions of the law.

The recruitment procedure of both educational and non-educational employees has successfully commenced under the guidance of the government of Lagos State. The 2023 recruitment program intends to enhance work possibilities, lower the state’s unemployment rate, and ultimately enhance road and personal safety.

Candidates either with or without teaching experience may apply to the state of Lagos SUBEB position. So, this is the moment to act appropriately when you are considering applying for the Lagos SUBEB recruitment and have an interest in doing so.

You need to be mindful of every requirement, regulation, and application procedure if you would like to be one of the shortlisted applicants this year.

General Requirements

These are the requirements that an interested applicant must have before applying for the 2023 recruitment.

  • Please be aware of the requirements that follow in order to become eligible for full-time employment.
  • Candidates must be citizens of Nigeria and possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Strong sense of teamwork and outstanding analytical abilities
  • Basic Computing Knowledge on the Primary Six School Leaving Certificate will be a further benefit.
  • A B.SC., B.ED, B.A. (Ed), HND, OND, or NCE certificate issued by an accredited institution
  • Interested applicants must be of good behavior and composure and be under the age at the time of application for the Lagos SUBEB employment.
  • Have to be willing to work in an unfamiliar environment
  • NYSC Certificate of Discharge or Exemption
  • Candidates have to be in excellent mental and physical condition.
  • Be clear of any prior offenses Local Government Identification
  • Each applicant must possess an authorized document of identification, like a driver’s license, national ID card, passport, voter’s card, or national identification number.
  • Applicants must also have passed the SSCE, NECO, or GCE with credits in a minimum of five subjects, including English and mathematics.
  • The certificate of their state of origin must have been properly signed.

How to Apply for the Recruitment

You have to provide the following information: Full name and permanent address, place of residence, telephone and email numbers, date of birth, place of citizenship, relationship status, academic achievements, a list of institutions attended, and field study interests all required. To apply, you have to follow the steps outlined here below:

  • is the official site of the Lagos State SUBEB recruiting portal.
  • Fill out your complimentary form there.
  • Complete the previously mentioned information, then submit your application.
  • The registration form on paper

Those who are shortlisted are going to be invited to the next phase of the recruitment procedure.

Recruitment Deadline

If you would wish to be enlightened on the recruitment deadline of 2023 then you should have to visit the official web page


How much does Lagos State SUBEB pay?

N116,000 naira is the average salary for the Lagos State Universal Basic Education Board.

Is SUBEB Recruitment Out?

All applications must be submitted through the official website of the Lagos State Universal Basic Education Board, which is More information will be provided below. The Lagos SUBEB Recruitment 2023/2024 Application Form Is Out.

Is Lagos State recruiting teachers now?

Registration on the website is required to submit an application for the Lagos State Teachers Recruitment 2023/2024. The Lagos State Teaching Service Commission (TESCOM) has begun hiring suitable educators for the state’s public secondary and elementary schools.

How much is the Level 7 salary?

Grade Level 7: The monthly take-home pay is N66,386 and N93,781. Then, their yearly pay will range from N916,632 to N1,325,372. For those with a BSc, Grade Level 8 is the entry-level position in local, state, and federal civil service. The wage range for employees in Grade Level 8 is N164,434 to N244,644 NGN per month.



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