KOICA Scholarship Program 2023 – APPLY NOW!

Do you intend to apply for the KOICA Scholarship program 2023? If so, this article provides all you need to qualify to apply now for this scholarship program, which is entirely financed by the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA).

KOICA Scholarship Program 2023
KOICA Scholarship Program 2023

KOICA Scholarship Program 2023

A well-known organization dedicated to development cooperation; the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) provides grant aid programs to assist developing nations in 2023.

To create key leaders in partner nations to support the socioeconomic advancement of their nations.

The application process for their scholarship program this year has begun, allowing public sector employees to enroll in 24 masters and two doctoral programs. They only announce 12 programs.

Benefits of the KOICA Scholarship

The following perks are only a few of those eligible for the scholarship:

  • Payment of all Travel Expenses including round-trip tickets in economy class that take the shortest path to and from Korea.
  • Complete coverage of tuition fees; comprehensive tuition coverage.
  • Living Allowance: A monthly stipend to help with living costs.
  • Meals are on offer throughout the program.
  • Learning Resources: Program-required books and materials.
  • Housing is available, primarily in the dormitories of the training center.
  • Educational Activities: throughout the program, study tours, field trips, and other pertinent activities.
  • The program includes a medical examination before and after admission.
  • International traveler’s health insurance, which pays for hospital stays and medical services within the parameters of the policy’s coverage.

Required Documents

The following documents must be uploaded or scanned and attached to the online application:

Academic transcripts, a personal statement, and a letter of recommendation must all be submitted as part of the KOICA Scholarship Program application process.

The applicant’s academic performance, ability for leadership, and dedication to development work are taken into consideration during the competitive selection process.

Eligibility Criteria for the Scholarship

The following are some conditions an individual must fulfill to qualify for the KOICA scholarship program:

  • Typically, you should be under 40 as of February 1, 2023.
  • To be eligible for the scholarship program, you must be a citizen of the target nation.
  • Have a bachelor’s degree or higher and work as a public sector employee, government official, or researcher at a state institute in their home country.
  • Be able to communicate clearly both orally and in writing to participate fully in classes taught in English, in academic reporting, and thesis writing.
  • Government Nomination: Get the appropriate government nomination.
  • Have a positive outlook and a firm resolve to adjust to a multicultural setting and comprehend the culture of the hosting country.
  • Demonstrate good moral qualities to succeed in university life.
  • Keep good physical and mental health to take part in the program.
  • Factors that preclude participation in the program include being pregnant or having any communicable diseases, such as tuberculosis.

Note: You may be eligible if you have any history of receiving or taking part in scholarships, including the KOICA Scholarship Program, which is funded by the Korean government.

How to Apply

To apply for this scholarship, please follow the steps:

  • Please refer to the program information of each that is accessible via the KOICA CIAT website for application guidelines and a list of the courses that are offered: http://www.koica.go.kr/ciat/index.do.
  • Deliver all paperwork to the regional KOICA office or the appropriate government agency.

Application Deadline

This information is currently unavailable. We recommend visiting the official website of the KOICA Scholarship for more updates on this scholarship program.


What are the Requirements for Scholarships in South Korea?

To obtain a scholarship in South Korea you must submit:

  • Attested transcripts.
  • Statement of Purpose.
  • Awards
  • Published books.
  • Recommendation letters.
  • Certificate of Proficiency.
  • Medical Assessment form.

Which Korean University Gives Scholarships?

Scholarships at Korean universities for foreign students are the Changwon National University (CWNU) Graduate School Full-Time Research Scholarship through the Ewha Global Partnership Program (EGPP). President Fellowship at Seoul National University (SNU).

Which Korean University Offers a KGSP Scholarship?

Depending on their Korean proficiency, KGSP students are typically required to complete intense Korean language courses for a year before starting their degree program at Yonsei University. They can pursue undergraduate or graduate-level studies there.

Can Nigerians Study in South Korea?

An international passport is a necessary document while requesting a South Korean student visa in Nigeria. Your international passport must be valid for at least six months after you visit South Korea and have blank visa pages.

Can I Study in Korea without a Scholarship?

The typical tuition charge for Korean colleges is about $6,000 per semester while living expenses for students who wish to study abroad in South Korea range from $2,000 to $4,000 per month. If you do not have a full-ride scholarship, these costs will apply to you.



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