Is Facebook Down

Facebook is a social media platform with billions of users who rely on it for business, for communication with loved ones, and as a means of being updated with current happenings and it is usually a big concern when it cannot be accessed by users.

Is Facebook Down

Meaning: is Facebook Down

The phrase “Facebook is down” simply means that the Facebook website or app is unavailable and its users are unable to access it. When people say Facebook is down, they usually mean there is a technical issue stopping them from gaining access to their Facebook accounts.

It is usually a very frustrating feeling because the users do not usually get a notification before it goes down. Some may think they are out of data or service providers have a glitch, until when it’s confirmed to be a breakdown.

What to do When Facebook Seems Down

The panic is top-notch as some people usually spend the whole day on Facebook. If you are having difficulties logging into your Facebook account. You can try the following steps before you can be sure that Facebook is down.

Check Your Internet Connection:

Be sure you have a stable Internet connection by checking to see if you can access other apps or websites. If you can access other websites but not Facebook, you can begin to suspect Facebook is down

Clear Your Browser Cache:

you can do this through your browser settings, when you clear your browser’s cache, it sometimes helps to resolve issues of access. If after clearing your browser cache and you still cannot access Facebook then you can begin to suspect Facebook is down.

Try to Access Facebook from Another Device:

You can try to access Facebook through another device like your tablet. If you still cannot access Facebook then you can begin to suspect Facebook is down.

Check Other Social Media Platforms:

When you are experiencing difficulty logging into your Facebook account. It is best to check out other social media platforms, if it is down other people would tweet on Twitter or post it on their WhatsApp status. You can also type Facebook down and you will get responses that will help your suspicion.

Check Your Service Provider for Network Availability:

When experiencing such difficulties, check if your service providers are in order and also confirm if you have not run out of data.

Wait for some time:

If none of the above steps work, then your suspicion may be confirmed that Facebook is indeed down and you have no other choice but to wait patiently for it to be restored.

Impact of Facebook Being Down

Here are some common downsides of Facebook being down

Inability to access Facebook:

The first downside is that users can not perform their usual activities on Facebook which include posting updates, sharing content, commenting on posts, messaging friends, and accessing interest groups and pages.

Hinders Communication:

Facebook usually serves as a strong communication channel for businesses and individuals, when it is down this communication is hindered.

Psychological Effect:

Over time, Facebook has played a significant role in social lives its breakdown can lead to feelings of isolation which may lead to frustration or anxiety that can affect psychologically. Users.

Affects Advertising:

Facebook is a platform for most businesses and it is used as a medium of advertising their goods and services to prospective customers, with Facebook being down both advertising and sales are affected.


Why is Facebook Down?

Anytime Facebook goes down there are several reasons for it. Here are some of the usual ones:

Server Issues:

Facebook is structured in a way that it has a lot of different servers and if any of these servers are attacked it will malfunction leading to a breakdown. when this happens, Facebook users can no longer access Facebook.

Software Updates:

For the security of all accounts and to get excellent performance, Facebook usually updates its software at intervals. However, there may be issues during the update process which can lead to a disruption of its activities. If that happens, Facebook users will not be able to access the platform.


Facebook has huge security measures against cyber attacks but with the growing increase of cyberattacks. No system is completely free from cyberattacks especially Facebook which is always a target for hackers. These hackers usually try to overload Facebook servers so they can break down and when this happens, Facebook users can no longer access the app.


Facebook usually needs to observe regular maintenance processes. The platform may not be accessible to its users until the maintenance process is fully carried out. During these processes, Facebook users may not have access to Facebook.

Does Facebook Go Down Often?

No, Facebook unavailability is usually something that happens once in a while. It is not an everyday occurrence, below are some of the times when Facebook experienced a breakdown in its services.

  • September 24, 2010: Facebook experienced a breakdown for several hours which affected users all around the world.
  • August 1, 2014: Facebook experienced a breakdown that lasted not more than 30 minutes that occurred due to an internal error.
  • March 13, 2019: this time, Facebook was not the only app down, it was down alongside Instagram and WhatsApp. This lasted for complete 24 hours. This occurred due to a severe configuration change.
  • November 20, 2018: Facebook experienced a partial breakdown that affected only some users in the United States and Europe. It lasted for several hours and was reportedly caused by a configuration change.
  • October 4, 2021: Facebook experienced a breakdown alongside other apps like Instagram and WhatsApp. It lasted for approximately six hours reportedly caused by a configuration change that affected the company’s routers.

What can I do to Protect Myself from a Facebook Breakdown?

There Is not much you can do because the error is not from you but with the significant impact it has on its users. It is best to have backup plans for your commercial emotional and social connections like other social media platforms.

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