iOS 16 – Everything You Need to Know

Recently, Apple announced its yearly big operating system updates in the WWDC keynote on the 6th of June. Seeing as Apple’s most important platform is the iPhone, surely the OS update would be something Apple would not take likely. iOS 15 which launched in 2021 was a big success story for Apple, and now the iOS 16 would be launching soon, and so far it has been revealed that it would be packed with features.

iOS 16

This article would be offering you information on everything you need to know concerning the iOS 16 and how it is going to affect your iPhone experience. We would be revealing the new features of iOS, the changes, the release date, and how to access the beta version early.

iOS 16: Release

We are expecting to see the iOS 16 release in September of 2022 right after the annual iPhone event. But this is just speculation, Apple only stated that it would be launching in the fall.

Last year, the arrival of the iOS 15 came on Monday, September 20, 2021. So, if Apple was to follow that trend, we should be expecting the iOS 16 on the 19 of September 2022, or at another point in that week. Most major release occurs in the fall, usually in September to go along with the new iPhone release. Additional point releases (iOS 16.1, iOS 16.2, and so on) would follow soon after with some additional bug fixes and new features.

What Device will iOS 16 Run on

The last two software updates have worked on the same devices, with support extending as far back as the iPhone 6s, which first debuted in the fall of 2015. However, given the number of iOS 15 features that needed more modern hardware, Apple would be cutting off support on some much older smartphones.

As a matter of fact, Apple stated that the iOS 16 would come to the iPhone 8 and newer. Past rumors stated that the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and the original iPhone SE made in 2016 would lose the iOS support with this release. But we can throw off the iPhone 7 and the 7 plus off the list of iOS 16 supported devices.

All owners of those phones cannot really feel aggrieved seeing as iPS  16 marks the cutoff point for Apple support. The original iPhone SE came out about 6 years ago, and the iPhone 6s model would be 7 years old this fall; even the iPhone 7 is getting to its sixth birthday. Given the advances in processing power in that time, it is only reasonable that you assume, that some iOS 16 capabilities are now beyond what is offered by those devices.

iOS 16 Beta Release

the very first developer beta of iOS 16 was released immediately, Click here for more on iOS beta installation. The first public beta is expected to follow in some weeks. Then we would get a series of evolving dev and public betas that get closer to the final public release of the iOS 16.0.

on June 6, 2022, the iOS 6 was unveiled, and on that same day, it was released to developers and beta testers. Soon enough we would be seeing several versions of the release between June 6 and September, and we would be expecting a lot. When they were working on the iOS 15, Apple released eight versions of the developer beta prior to the GM  (gold master).

iOS 16 New Features

According to Apple, “iOS 16 enhances iPhone with all-new personalization features, deeper intelligence, and seamless ways to communicate and share”. Features on the iOS 16 includes:

Lock Screen

The feature on the lock screen offers tons of new features and ways that you can customize it to look really great. The editing level that iOS 16 is offering is far more than what they have offered before.


The Focus mode on iOS 15 was great, but the Focus Mode on iOS 16 is the next level. Different new ways to keep your focus have been added to the features, and trust me you would not regret this feature.

iCloud Shared Photo Library

Apple calls this one it best way to share photos with your family. And this feature is truly promising. Once you have set up the shared library, everyone would get to see the same images, along with edits, captions, and keywords. But the most interesting element could be that smart automation that you can use to share photos based on when they were taken, who is in them, or who is nearby now.


Three major changes were announced to messages, and they include:

  • Edit
  • Unsend messages after they have been sent
  • Mark any thread as Unread

There are plenty of new visual elements involved in customizing your Memoji, and it includes new hairstyles and headgear, nose shapes, and poses.

Apple Pay

Apple introduces two ventures here, they include Apple Pay later and the Apple Pay order tracking.

Live text

This feature applies to video as well as images. Pause a video and the text would become ‘Live’ for copying or translating.

More features would be joining iOS 16 as time goes on. so if you are excited to start using the new OS, you can try out the beta version, but be sure to expect bugs seeing as it is not yet ripe for launch.


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