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The ICICI is constantly searching for young, energetic individuals who share our passion and dedication to making an impact on the country’s development. If you would wish to apply for the ICICI Internship, you will first have to read through this article for more enlightenment on the internship.

ICICI Internship

At the ICICI Foundation, we think it’s essential to help everyone reach their full potential, within and outside of the company. The foundation is guided by ongoing mentoring, the learning and unlearning of ground realities, and the opening of new possibilities for aspiration and dreaming.

ICICI Internship

ICICI Internship is a company that is at the forefront of technological advancement in the banking industry. They hire from the nation’s recognized management, engineering, legal, and statistical institutes to recruit candidates from the nation’s recognized management, engineering, legal, and statistical institutes from the nation’s recognized management, engineering, legal, and statistical institutes with the goal to develop the leaders of tomorrow.

Our philosophy is to develop talent by providing new campus hires tough assignments and empowering roles that will assist them to grow into complete leaders in the years to come. Several of our campus hires went on to hold important executive roles at the Bank.

About Internship

The ICICI Group established the ICICI Foundation for Inclusive Growth (ICICI Foundation). Early in 2008, the company continued to advance the ICICI Group’s heritage of encouraging inclusive growth. ICICI Foundation is implementing social responsibility into its operations.

By emphasizing constructing capacities and developing innovative approaches through targeted growth-enabling activities including skill development & sustainable employment, monetary inclusion, and rural growth, the ICICI Group continues to pursue its social responsibility (CSR) mandate.

The foundation works on projects with significant impact using an array of approaches, including partnerships between the public and private sectors, direct intervention models, and collaboration with grassroots organizations.

Graduating or post-graduate students who are interested in discovering the workings of the nonprofit sector. Through a volunteer program offered by the ICICI Foundation for inclusive development (“ICICI Foundation”) frequently submit applications.

Structure of Internship

The structure of the internship is as follows:

  • The intern would be associated either with the project site or the ICICI Foundation’s administrative office.
  • For the duration of the internship, an intern will be assigned a project.
  • A brief orientation and induction program addressing ICICI’s operations
  • At the beginning of the internship, the intern will be given the foundation.
  • Upon beginning the internship process, every student must fill out the internship joining form found within the documents.
  • The internship organizers will hold a mid-internship review to evaluate the work completed at that point. The internship mentor and overall mentor must provide a brief summary of the assessment.
  • During the last internship review near the end of the internship, the intern will present an overview of their internship to the mentor, overall mentor, and/or zonal head.


This policy intends to compensate the interns for their valuable help to the activities of the ICICI Foundation because of their significant involvement in the programs of the charitable organization.

Upon the end of the assignment and submission of the final, authorized project report, an intern will get paid an allowance according to the information provided below:

  • Undergraduates receive Rs. 15000 for 60 days
  • Graduates receive Rs. 25000 for the same period.

The reporting mentor will verify the interns’ attendance and transmit the data to the finance division. Each day that an intern is missing from their job will result in a deduction from their account equal to the intern’s proportionate daily payment.

The reporting mentor will validate the intern’s presence and submit that information to the financial section.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants ought to meet these eligibility criteria before they can apply for the ICICI Internship.

  • Applicants ought to be graduated with 55% or more.
  • Interested individuals must be below the age of 27 years.
  • Shortlisted students will have to proceed with the selection process.

How to Apply

For individuals wanting to apply for the ICICI Bank internship, you will have to click this link to start your application and for many more essential details https://campaigns.icicibank.com/icici-careers/index.html


What Bank is Best for an Internship?

Internship-friendly Banks

ICICI – This specific bank has developed a solid reputation for how it has streamlined its operations and upheld positive relationships with clients across all spheres of the economy.

What does a Bank internship do?

They might carry out duties akin to those of a normal employee or provide support. They might aid staff members in conducting their routine banking tasks in a support capacity. Before giving new interns tasks, banks may train them to build interpersonal and practical skills that are essential for their particular work roles.

How Intern stipends are paid?

An intern, apprentice, trainee, or clergies may receive a predetermined sum of money known as a stipend to help with daily expenses. Salary is paid based on the number of hours worked or the quality of the performance. With a stipend, there is no such assurance. Your employer will decide if you deserve a raise, and it will only increase if they determine so

What is the selection process?

Online aptitude assessments and an online interview are the two straightforward steps in the process. At each level, you will receive messages via SMS, WhatsApp, and email.

What is the Time duration of an online aptitude test?

It’s basically 60 minutes for the test duration.

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