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When it comes to How to write a novel in Ulysses on iPadOS, you can say you are halfway done already. When it comes to writing a book, whether it has to do with fiction or fact, it is a challenging and daunting task, and it actually makes sense to make use of every tool at your disposal in other to make the job a lot easier.

How to Write a Novel in Ulysses on iPadOS

Previously, traditional word processors have been the most popular choice, but now we have more apps tailored to large and complex writing projects, and one of the premier examples is Ulysses.

How to Write a novel in Ulysses on iPadOS

Ulysses happens to be a Markdown writing environment, meaning that you write in plain text, making use of some simple punctuation when it comes to styling application.

The syntax would be quite familiar to almost anyone that has written a text message or a tweet; for example, you get to surround a phrase with underscores for emphasis, use double-asterisks for boldface, or make use of hyphens when it comes to making a bulleted list. Ulysses offers controls also when it comes to applying styling for you, but it is very easy to learn.

Ulysses Features

The app runs on MacOS, iPadOS, and iOS, alongside all your writing synced via the cloud automatically. It can be accessed on the Appstore as a monthly or yearly subscription, that is priced at $5.99 / £4.99 / $6.49. Backups are also automatic, and you can choose to take some additional snapshots any time you choose. Although the platform is a subscription-based platform, it also comes with a Free-trial that is available on all supported platforms.

Organize your Writing

When it comes to organizing your work, Ulysses is much more flexible compared to a word processor. It has a unified master library that entails all the work you are doing, composed of groups and sheets. Groups are more folders while sheets are single documents that can exist at any location within the hierarchy of Groups.

Using Keywords to Track Your Story

Ulysses is quite great with this one. It offers color-coded keywords that you can make use of and apply to any of your sheets. The keywords would show up in the Groups list, offering you an overview of whatever aspects of the book you are making use of the keyword in.

The technique can be used when it comes to conflict scenes, changes of location, particular plot arcs, and almost anything else.

Handling TK Tasks Using Filters

If you are a writer, then you should be aware that the worst thing that can affect you when writing is losing your focus or your flow. Because of this, writers often tend to create what is called a TK when they realize that they need to check out something or probably insert something later.

The point here is that the user just inserts a TK which is usually just literally the letters TK, on their own at the particular point where they feel they need to come back to while they keep on writing.

Ulysses offers support to several types of Markdown highlights when it comes to adding inline notes to your writing, and since markdown is just plain text, you can choose to search for those later.

Proofreading and Editing

There are several tools on Ulysses created to check your writing, including spellchecking word counting, and statistics, as well as advance text checking making use of an extra online service, which also checks grammar and consistency.

Creating eBooks and Paperbacks

Aside from just exporting in assorted text formats like the HTML, or as a Word document, Ulysses also supports publishing to WordPress and medium and generating PDFs and ePubs. These formats are controlled by export styles, of which there are dozens freely available on the Ulysses Style Exchange website.

No matter what you are writing to become, you can upload your work to the Kindle store, Apple Books, and elsewhere. Export styles can be previewed online and installed with a tap, using Ulysses on any platform, and your installed styles would also sync via iCloud.


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