How to Use Invisible Ink in iMessage Right Now

With the help of invisible Ink, you can be able to send amusing surprises to others. Read through this blog, it gives guides on how to use invisible Ink in iMessage, go through the steps carefully.

How to Use Invisible Ink in iMessage
How to Use Invisible Ink in iMessage

The built-in Apple feature is called the Invisible Ink and it does not require extra software. When iPhone users send an Invisible Ink message to friends and others, the text on the screen is scrawled out.

How to Use Invisible Ink in iMessage

iPhone users have a lot of iOS features and sometimes you can be able to take years to figure that out. Another important feature that is in the iMessage app is the Invisible Ink. You be using an iPhone for years but have not come across this feature. Not only send an invisible message to your friends but can also, animate your texts.

iPhone users can only make the messages appear when they tap and then hold on to it. And as recently discovered in popular cases, someone peering over there should only see blank messages. The Invisible Ink can still be used in group conversations to discuss other things without spoiling the fun and enjoyment for everyone.

How to Use the iPhone Invisible Ink

Here are a few procedures to follow for you to be able to use Appleā€™s invisible ink feature, as recommended:

  • Go to iMessage on iPhone
  • Open any conversation that you prefer using the Invisible Ink.
  • Type a message or select an image that you would want to send.
  • Now you have to Long Press the arrow (Send) button to send the message.
  • Choose the Invisible Ink option from the Menu that appears.
  • Preview how your message would look after tapping the send button and add any element of surprise that wish to add to your message.

NOTE: Keep in mind that the messages send using Invisible Ink only works on iMessage, not if you are texting an Android user or any other type of device. In addition, the messages might not render for the recipient if they have not updated their device to iOS 10 or later.

Just as easy as that. These are steps on how you can be able to use the iPhone invisible ink on iMessages.

How to View an Invisible Ink Message

These are steps on how you can be able to view any message that is sent to you using an Invisible Ink.

  • To view the messages sent with an Invisible Ink on iMessage, you have to simply swipe over the dotted blur animation that appears on the message.
  • This will review the image or even text that is hidden behind the animation.

NOTE: This Invisible Ink feature is not available on an Apple watch while sending, but you can only view messages that are sent using the Invisible Ink.


After you might have sent the messages using the Invisible Ink, it will not reveal the text, and that means that it will not appear right away to anyone that is trying to peek at your device screen or someone that is scrolling through your iPhone. Both the sender and the recipient will remain unaware of the message, which will not become visible till you tap and hold it.


How do you get invisible ink on iMessage?

To activate the invisible ink on iMessage, you have to tap on the gray dots that are available against the send button. Next, you have to choose the invisible Ink selection for you to see a preview of the effect. Furthermore, users should have the option to preview the effects and then select from Bang, Loud, or even Gentle to add more effects to the messages.

What are the benefits of invisible ink on iMessage?

Whenever you send a message using a spot of invisible ink, it does not disappear. The recipient could easily save them. The Invisible ink obscures the messages on your screen till you rub them, at which point the message or image is clear.

How do you send Magic Ink on iMessage?

It is a little hidden along with some cool iMessage bubbles and full-screen effects. After you might have typed the message or added a video or photo to the message box. Tap and hold the Send arrow. The Send with Effect screen with then appear. Click the Dot that is next to the Invisible Ink.

How Long Does Invisible Ink Last?

The ink cannot wash off, but it wears off if it is applied to the skin. The invisible ink might be slight when it is rubbed on some glossy materials like glass and plastic. The Ink will then fade off if it is lefts exposed to sunlight for about a week. If the ink is not left exposed to the sun, then the ink will last indefinitely.



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