How to Unblock YouTube

Most YouTube videos are only available in some selected regions that are due to censorship or licensing rights. Similarly, most homes, schools, and offices, have blocked YouTube to prevent other from slacking off, but not fair. If you have YouTube blocked for any reason and you would wish to unblock it then read through this blog carefully because it gives you more enlightenment on How to Unblock YouTube.

How to Unblock YouTube
How to Unblock YouTube

How to Unblock YouTube

As we all know, YouTube is the world’s largest video streaming site, and billions of videos are watched an easy day. But is most times not possible for users to view all the YouTube contents that they want. Schools, homes, and workplaces often blocked the site for them to prevent minimize distractions and reduce bandwidth costs. When some users upload videos, they can choose for them to be only available in certain regions. This is where the VPN comes in to block those restrictions.

Are you in search of ways that can access YouTube when it is blocked? Whether the block is due to national or regional censorship, network restrictions, and some other reasons. There are several methods that could help in unblocking YouTube. It is better to choose a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service. Some countries like China blocked YouTube nationwide.

Using proxy servers and then Tor Browser for anonymity purposes, modifying and checking DNS settings, exploring alternative methods such as Google Translate and cached pages for better compatibility with the content providers’ networks, and as well as keeping your software up to date in order to maintain access.

Reasons for Blocked YouTube

There are various reasons that YouTube might have been restricted or blocked on your Network. There are many numbers of reasons why YouTube videos might have been blocked, and some of them include:

Technical Issues With the video can prevent it from playing on Computer.

National Censorship That’s been set up by some government, preventing users and people in the country from accessing certain videos or YouTube websites and applications.

Restrictions on Broadcasting Rights Most restrictions on broadcasting rights might mean that the video is not available in your region. This is usually because an organization that is not having permission to broadcast videos contents in your country.

Network has Blocked YouTube Because your work or school administrators have added YouTube to its blacklist.

Video Owners Placing Restrictions Videos owners, on their contents, thereby preventing it from playing in your region.

How to Unblock YouTube

Follow these processes and guidelines if you would wish to unblock YouTube on your device:

Download a VPN App

VPNs are excellent options for online security, unblocking, and privacy content that have been restricted by geo-blocking technology, censorship, and firewalls. You have to head to your Apps Store on any device and download a VPN for your device. The VPN is an application that masks your real IP address and then gives you a new one from another country of your choice.

Download the file and then installs it on your device. Launch the VPN, and go to the next steps.

Connect to a Server

Now you can start unblocking YouTube whenever you want just by switching on the VPN. Once you might have to keep the VPN application running, select a server location, and then hit the Connect option. If you are in a country that restricts YouTube entirely, then be sure to connect to a server location where YouTube is not blocked.

If there is a video that you need to watch, but it is only available in a particular country, you can easily choose that country from the list of VPN locations and hit the Connect button.

Open YouTube

Now you have to launch the YouTube application and then enter the video that you would want to watch. A VPN encrypts your web traffics and then changing IP address, giving you a different location from reality.

Doing this process gives you access to websites that are blocked at your local network and your internet service provider levels.

How to Unblock YouTube with Browser Extensions

You can also use an extension on browsers to Unblock YouTube. The add-ons would work in tandem via a proxy server to sneak around the content firewalls. In most cases, Google Chrome extensions like the YouTube Unblocker route traffic through a proxy server. And as a result, it has the same pitfalls as a proxy, not to mention some other browser add-ons that could contain viruses.

  • Launch Chrome web browser.
  • On the search bar enter
  • Enter YouTube Unblocker on the search bar.
  • Click on the first result and select the Add to Chrome
  • A pop-up confirmation view will appear, for you to add the extension to Chrome, then you now have to click on Add Extension.
  • Go to
  • Now the YouTube Unblocker will then starts unblocking blocked videos.

Just as easy as that. You can now start streaming any content that was blocked on YouTube.


How do I Unblock YouTube Access?

There are many ways that you can use to get YouTube Unblock, they are by try using a VPN, Connecting Via a proxy server of a browser add-on, translating your desired website into a new address with google translate, and then installing the Tor browser.

How do I unblock YouTube on Google?

Sign into your Google Admin console. From the Admin console Homepage, you have to go to Apps additional Google services YouTube. Click on the Permissions. For you to apply the settings to everyone, leave the top organizational unit that is selected.

How can I Unblock YouTube on my Phone?

The easiest way and pretty much the only way that you can use to Unblock YouTube on Android is with a VPN. The best VPN services mask what you are doing from a specific internet service provider and government, and then route all your internet traffic through a remote server.

How do I Unblock YouTube without a VPN?

One of the easiest ways that you can use to unblock is with a public web proxy. It might not be also as fast or secure as a VPN, but a public web proxy is a good option whenever you use a public PC that can not let you install a VPN.

Why is YouTube Access Blocked?

Your network administrator or an ISP might be blocking YouTube. But you must get in touch with your network administrator or the ISP to learn more.

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