How to Transfer Airtime from MTN to MTN

Communication is very essential in today’s world, and airtime is the medium of exchange. However, you could occasionally need to transfer airtime to someone else. This article provides a steps-to-steps guide on how to transfer airtime from MTN to MTN.

How to Transfer Airtime from MTN to MTN
How to Transfer Airtime from MTN to MTN

You can transfer airtime with MTN Share, a practical service. You can do this by moving money from one MTN customer’s account to another. Additionally, MTN Share is available to all prepaid and postpaid users on the MTN network, both new and existing customers.

How to Transfer Airtime from MTN to MTN

You can transfer your MTN airtime credit to any MTN phone number of your choice in a few simple steps. Smartphone users can effortlessly share their credit by using a single code, finishing the process in a matter of seconds.

Prior to using MTN Share to send airtime, you must change the default PIN, which is set to 0000.

The steps are as follows:

  • To change your MTN Share PIN, simply send an SMS to 321 with the text “Default PIN New PIN New PIN.” For instance, you may text “0000 1234 1234” to 321 if you wanted to alter your PIN to 1234.
  • On your phone, enter *321*Default PIN New PIN New PIN# and hit transmit or OK. For instance, to change your default PIN from 0000 to 1234, you may dial *321*0000*1234*1234# and then click Send or OK.
  • You will get an SMS verifying that changing your PIN using one of these methods was successful when you do so.

Note: A minimum of N50 and a maximum of N5,000 can be transferred in a single transaction. You are allowed to send up to N10,000 and make five transfers each day.

You can conveniently transfer airtime from one MTN to another. Provided below is a full guide to follow to do so.

How to Transfer Airtime Using USSD Code

Immediately before the transfer, simply dial *777*, the recipient’s phone number*, amount*, and PIN#. Use this as an example: send *777*08031234567*500*1234#.

You will receive an SMS verifying that the airtime stated in the code has been sent to the supplied phone.

After that, you can then transfer airtime using the MTN USSD Code:

  • Just dial *777#
  • Then, select “Share & Sell.”
  • Choose “Airtime Transfer.”
  • Type in the recipient’s phone number carefully.
  • After that, enter the amount you want to transfer.
  • Simply confirm your transfer and enter your PIN.
  • Finally, wait until a confirmation message from MTN.

It is not hard you might assume to transfer airtime to another MTN sim. Using this your smartphone, you can practice these steps in a relaxed zone.

How to Transfer Airtime Using MyMTN App

You can easily manage your MTN account and services using the MyMTN App. Follow these steps to transfer airtime using the MyMTN App:

  • To start, download and install MyMTN App from the “App Store” on your mobile device.
  • Open the app, create an account, and sign in using your MTN phone number once the app is downloaded.
  • Simply click on “Airtime Transfer” available on the homepage of the app.
  • Enter the recipient’s phone number and the desired quantity of airtime on the following screen.
  • Enter the amount you want to send along with the recipient’s phone number.
  • On the next page, click “Confirm” and then “Share.”
  • Then enter your 4-digit transfer pin.
  • Wait until you receive an MTN confirmation message.

These are the steps to follow in order to transfer airtime from one MTN to another using MyMTn App.

Note: To use the MyMTN App, you must have an active data connection.


How do I Get my MTN Share and Sell PIN?

The main prerequisite for sharing and selling on MTN is changing the 0000-based default PIN. To accomplish this, send an SMS to 777 with your default PIN, new PIN, and new PIN, for example, “0000 1234 1234”. You can also alter it by calling *777*Default PIN*New PIN*New PIN# from your phone.

How do Reset my MTN Share and Sell PIN if I Forgot it?

Simply dial *321#, *600#, or *777#, choose Option 1 for Airtime Sharing, choose Option 3 for PIN Reset, enter your mother’s maiden name, and enter your date of birth to reset your PIN.

What is the Default PIN?

The term “default PIN” refers to the four-digit pin code that was given to you at registration and must be changed to a PIN right away for security reasons after being used just once to activate your Account.

What is the Code for MTN M2M?

You can also call *136*3# and follow the instructions, or you can dial *136*6328*. You can transfer airtime, SMS bundles, internet bundles, and internet services with this facility. With this service, you can only transfer airtime.



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