How to Shuffle Stations in Pandora

There are several ways how to shuffle your stations in Pandora to enjoy your favorite tracks. Although shuffling can be challenging to use on various devices, it helps you create a more flexible listening experience when playing your favorite songs.

Shuffle Stations in Pandora

How to Shuffle Stations in Pandora

Now let’s go through how to mix Pandora stations on iPhone and Android devices in this post. This article will also go over how to use the shuffle function with the Sonos sound system, the virtual assistant Alexa and other devices.

How to Shuffle Pandora Stations on Android

On Android, you can personalize the “Shuffle” feature from Pandora’s “Stations List” while streaming the music you want.

To customize what the app plays from a free or Pandora accounts using the shuffle mode:

  • Go to “My Collection” and then to “Select List” at the top.
  • After doing that, locate and drag down “Shuffle stations.”
  • Enter the names of the stations to choose the stations that will be streamed in shuffle mode immediately the app generates your “Shuffle options.”
  • Next, tap on the black icon located at the upper left corner of the screen. The app will update the changes and return you to your list of stations.

Play a different individual station at the time you choose to exit shuffle mode.

However, by customizing their shuffle list, Pandora Premium subscribers can further customize their listening experience.

To do so:

  • Again, go to the “My Collection” section of the App.
  • Choose the “Stations” filter option.
  • Tap on the “Pencil” icon close to the “Shuffle stations” option.
  • You will be directed to your “Shuffle Settings” by Pandora. To choose which stations will stream while Shuffle mode is activated, tap the stations.
  • Marked stations will be removed from your shuffle list when you select them.
  • To save the adjustments and return to your stations, click or tap the small black arrow in the upper-left corner of the app.

You can simply click on the name of a different individual station to turn off shuffling on your Android device

How to Shuffle Pandora Stations on iPhone

If you have a free or Plus Pandora subscription, it is rather simple to shuffle stations on your iPhone.

Here are a few steps to shuffle Pandora stations on iPhone:

  • Go to “My Collection” and to the right part of the interface pull the “Shuffle Stations” bar.
  • Then press the “Pencil” icon when it appears.
  • In Shuffle by Stations or Genre, select the stations you wish the app to play.
  • After making your choice, save the changes by clicking the “Save” button in the top-right corner of the screen.

Choose the name of a new station to turn off the shuffle feature.

Also, as premium users of the Pandora app, you can choose which stations are shuffled on your iPhone. To do this:

  • First, navigate to the “My Collection” section and select the “Stations” filter option.
  • Tap the “Pencil” icon near the “Shuffle stations” option.
  • You will be directed to your “Shuffle Settings” by Pandora.
  • The app will create a list of stations for you. To choose or deselect the stations Pandora will shuffle, and tap their names.
  • The App will apply the changes once you have done adding and removing stations by pressing
  • Save the changes and return to your stations, by clicking or tapping the “Save” button at the upper-left corner of the app.

How to Shuffle Pandora Stations on Alexa/Echo

The virtual assistant from Amazon is a convenient method to stream music without having to launch the Pandora app on your computer or mobile device.

But since Amazon Echo only reacts to voice instructions, it is very important to choose a command that Echo will understand. Customers have mentioned having trouble getting their Echo to respond to their words accurately.

However, there are various ways to make sure your Amazon Echo is correctly connected to the Pandora app and will successfully engage in Shuffle mode.

  • First, make sure Amazon Echo is initially connected to your Pandora account, and then open your Alexa app.
  • At the top left part of the interface, press the three horizontal bars and then select “Settings.”
  • Tap the “Music” option and then navigate to “Manage Services” and select “
  • After that, click on “Link account” and follow the on-screen process to successfully link your account.

If you ask Alexa to shuffle your stations, she can mix up stations from services than Pandora. So, it is advisable to set Pandora as the default music station on your Amazon Echo device to get around this problem.

Here are the Steps to Follow:

  • Launch your Alexa App and click the three horizontal bars located at the top left corner of the screen.
  • Click “Settings” and select the “Music” option.
  • Then, just swipe down to the bottom of the “Account Settings” tab and select “Default Services.”
  • Next, select “Pandora” to use the app as your default streaming service.

The methods described above will guarantee that your Amazon Echo is prepared to respond to your spoken requests.

Some Voice Commands Have Proved to Trigger Alexa to Shuffle Pandora

According to users, the following statements have proved to trigger their Alexa to shuffle Pandora when playing music:

  • “Alexa, Shuffle my stations from Pandora.”
  • “Alexa, play the station Shuffle on Pandora.”
  • “Alexa, ask Pandora to play my Shuffle station.”

Nevertheless, you also change your word combination if Alexa stops responding to these commands due to upgrades of the Amazon Echo. Eventually, you will discover the combination that Alexa can recognize.

How to Shuffle Pandora Stations on Sonos Device

To operate your Sonos audio system and provide an immersive listening experience, use the Pandora app. One way is to use the Pandora app on your iPhone to shuffle Pandora stations with your Sonos system.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • First, ensure your iPhone and Sonos devices are connected to one wireless network.
  • Open your Pandora mobile app.
  • To connect the app to your Sonos device, go to the “Now Playing” screen and click the casting button.
  • The application will take you to the “Device Shelf” navigation pane once you’ve made a secure connection.
  • You may choose which devices will stream music from the shelf, and you can change the level on your devices.
  • Return to the app’s main page after making your changes to the settings.
  • Navigate to “My Stations.”
  • To stream the music you want in Shuffle mode, select the “Shuffle Station” option.

Your Sonos audio system may shuffle stations from a free, Plus, or Premium Pandora account. Yet, better sound quality is available when streaming songs with Premium subscriptions.


Why Does Pandora Mix My Stations?

Every song on Pandora stations is modified to locate the best music for you. It accomplishes this by combining the comprehensive data from the “Music Genome Project,” the station seeds, and the Thumbs input you have provided with feedback from other listeners who have had comparable listening situations.

Can I Organize My Pandora Stations?

Your content can be sorted on the My Collection page. You can sort by Albums, Songs, Stations, Playlists, or Artists by selecting the caret on the far-right side of your screen.

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