How to Set Up Voicemail in RingCentral

Setting up voicemail is very important especially if you own a business and want to boost user satisfaction and expedite customer service. That is precisely what you can do with RingCentral, whether you choose to work on your phone or on a PC.

How to Set Up Voicemail in RingCentral

However, to keep your customer content secure this article on the other hand provide a step-by-step guide regarding how to set up your voicemail on various devices.

How to Set Up Voicemail in RingCentral

You can set up your greeting to reflect the image of your organization if the standard RingCentral voicemail is not to your taste. There are various methods to do it. But before you start, you will need to switch the “Default” option in the voicemail settings from the drop-down menu to “Custom.”

Three alternatives will be available: adding your own voicemail over the phone, importing an audio file, or using the computer microphone.

Adding your Own Voicemail over the Phone

You can set up your custom RingCentral voicemail simply by adding your own voicemail. Here are the steps to follow:

  • To set up your custom RingCentral, simply click the “Phone” button in the settings.
  • Unless you prefer to use the phone number already, enter the number you want RingCentral to call under the “Call me at” option.
  • Tap “Call Now.”
  • Adhere to the on-screen process during the call.
  • After doing that, simply go back to your screen and click on “Done.”
  • To confirm your new RingCentral voicemail, simply click on “Save.”

Importing an Audio File

To customize an existing audio recording on the device of your new RingCentral voicemail, follow these instructions:

  • To start, under the “Custom” option, click the “Importing” option.
  • This will bring you to your computer files, then simply click the “Browse” button.
  • You can only upload files that are in the.MP3 or.WAV format, so make sure you have one ready in advance.
  • To upload the audio file you want, click the “Open” button.
  • Once done, click “Done.”
  • Finally, tap on “Save” to round up.

Also, you can choose “Reset to default” and “Save” if you change your mind and want to go back to utilizing RingCentral’s default voicemail. If prompted, you can change your voicemail as much as you want.

Using the Computer Microphone

Follow the steps below to create a voicemail by recording audio with your microphone:

  • To start switch to the Microphone on your PC.
  • If you see a pop-up asking for permission to use your microphone, click “Allow.”
  • Once the recording has begun by tapping the red circle, talk into your computer’s microphone right away.
  • When you have finished saying what you want your potential clients to hear, click the blue button to end the recording.
  • You can hear your recording by clicking the blue button to see if you like your new voicemail. If you’re not happy, you can try again by hitting the red circle and starting the recording procedure all over again.
  • Tap the upward-facing arrow to upload the completed recording.
  • Click “Done.”
  • To finish and confirm your selections, click “Save.”

Can I Set up Voicemail in RingCentral on Desktop and Web?

You’ll probably find it simpler to set up your voicemail on that device as well if you’re used to working on a computer. You can do this using your computer’s desktop program or the web.

Here are the steps to consider:

  • Navigate to the RingCentral app on your PC or sign in using the web interface. You can also use the “Single Sign-on” option for quicker and easier access.
  • At the bottom left you will find “Settings,” click on it.
  • Select “Phone” from the list of options on the left side of your screen.
  • Then scroll down to the “Voicemail.”
  • On the right, there will be an “Edit” button. Your greetings will be live 24/7, but you can alter it by going to “Change schedule” and making your selections.
  • Tap on the “Play” button and listen, to check what is your current voicemail greeting.
  • If RingCentral’s default voicemail suits your needs, leave it alone, input your PIN below it, and then select “Save.”

How to set up Voicemail in RingCentral on a mobile device

RingCentral’s user-friendly mobile app, which is accessible for iOS and Android, makes configuring your voicemail a breeze.

Here is how:

  • First, launch the RingCentral app on your smartphone.
  • Navigate to the top left corner to access your profile.
  • Then, go to “Phone” from the list of options and locate “Voicemail.”
  • By selecting “Set schedule” and entering your working hours, you can create a customized timetable if you don’t want your voicemail to play continuously.
  • Your current voicemail will be the one that RingCentral has pre-programmed (you can listen to it by pressing the play button). Change it from “Default” to “Custom” to make modifications and add your own.
  • The option to “Record new greeting” will be visible. Only when configuring your voicemail on your phone will you see this option.
  • Tap the red circle to begin recording. Press the red button once more to stop the recording.
  • Press “Save” once you are finished with the recording.

Set Up Voicemail in RingCentral through Admin Portal

You can set up voicemail using the admin interface as a RingCentral account administrator by doing the following:

  • Sign in to your account to access the Admin Portal on the RingCentral website.
  • From the “Admin Portal” drop-down option, select “My Extension.”
  • From the choices in the top line, select the “Settings” tab.
  • The “Call Forwarding and Voicemail” section should be opened.
  • Find the “Work Hours” tab by navigating.
  • Under “Missed Calls,” choose the “Send to voicemail” option.
  • Click the play button to hear your current voiceover version. Click “Edit” if you want to modify it to your own.
  • Then, change “Default” to “Custom.”
  • Finally, if you are satisfied with the voiceover, record it and click “Save.”


Can I Change my Voicemail PIN in RingCentral?

If you are the account’s administrator, you can modify your RingCentral voicemail PIN as well as the PINs of other employees. Under the voicemail areas of your mobile and desktop accounts, you can change your PIN.

What is the Voicemail Number for RingCentral?

Over the phone

By dialing “*86,” you can listen to your voicemails on your RingCentral IP desk phone. Call your RingCentral Main Number from a non-RingCentral phone and input your extension number.

How Do I Record a Greeting on RingCentral?

To create a user greeting:

  • Log in to your RingCentral account online.
  • Click Settings after that. Music for screening, greeting, and holding.
  • To enable User Hours, choose the checkbox. Greetings, the user.
  • Click “Edit” to change the recorded message.
  • From the dropdown menu select “Greeting.”
  • Tap “Done” and proceed to “Save.”

How Do You Call Voicemail On iPhone?

Using an iPhone Tap Voicemail, then adhere to the prompts. While using a different phone, dial your own mobile number, skip the greeting by pressing * or # (depending on your carrier), and then enter your voicemail password.

What is the Code for Voicemail?

To connect to your voicemail, dial 1 and hold it down on your phone. The first time you visit your new voicemail account, you’ll be requested to create a password, which you’ll need to make using the last four digits of your cellphone number. Make a new password with a code of 4 to 7 digits.



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