How to Remove Photos From Echo Show

Normally, the echo devices were meant to feature audio control enabling you to instruct Alexa on what you want it to do. However, the Echo Show offers slightly different features allowing you to add your favorite photos to the echo show screen, unlike other Alexa devices. This article will explain more about how to remove photos from Echo Show.

How to Remove Photos From Echo Show
How to Remove Photos From Echo Show

Nevertheless, the Echo Show which you can consider as the tablet version of the Amazon Echo is becoming more commonly used over the year now. It allows you can see more customized options, such as a screen to display the weather your favorite photos, and even give you recipes.

How to Remove Photos From Echo Show

To add your photos the Echo Show can sync personal photos by linking your Prime photo account or your Facebook account to view daily photos from previous years or upload them from your mobile device.

You may quickly discard the photos from Echo Show, regardless of how Alexa obtained them. Perhaps you if are intending to do so, here are the steps to follow to remove your photos:

  • First of all, launch the “Alexa App” on your smartphone or tablet and click on “Devices” located at the bottom.
  • After doing that, also click on the “Echo & Alexa” option.
  • This will take you to a list of options, then click on your Echo Show in the list.
  • Next, click on the “Photo Display” option.
  • Turn off the options next to “This Day” and “Daily Memories”. If you’ve enabled the feature, these options display images from your Prime Photos account.
  • Click on “Uploaded Photos” and then on the Check next to any photos you choose to remove from the Echo Show’s display.
  • Tap the toggle switch in the top right corner to completely turn off the “Uploaded Pictures” feature.
  • Now the photos which you delete will no longer appear on your “Echo Show” display again.

These are the steps to follow if you want to remove your photos from Echo Show.

Maybe you don’t want your Echo Show to display your photos. You could also wish to alter them. Whatever your want ever you want for your home screen, we’ll talk about photo substitutes in this part.

How to Create a New Home Screen Background on Echo Show

Echo Show allows you to set a new background like every other touchscreen device. You can also personalize the entire on-screen visual experience to a greater extent if you want.

To change the appearance of the home screen:

  • Simply scroll down from the top of the screen and click on “Settings” which is a gear icon.
  • After that, go to “Clock & Photo Display” in this menu and click on “Clock.”
  • Also, after selecting this option, you can just click on “Amazon Photos, Facebook, or Photo from your phone” if you want to display your photos.

Can I Add Amazon Home Cards to Echo Shows?

The Echo Show is equipped with more useful features other than just the clock and background. With the aid of the Home Card, you can display Reminders & Notifications, Messaging, Upcoming Events, Weather, Trending Topics, and many other features on the home screen of your Echo Show.

You can also set up these features to randomly shuffle (the clock will no longer display constantly) or to appear whenever a notification is received.

To shuffle these features continuously:

  • Navigate to the settings screen again (gear icon).
  • Then tap on “Home & Clock,” and located the “Home Cards” feature on the list.
  • From this menu, you can choose which cards you would like to see and how you like them displayed whether continuously or based on notifications.

How to Make My Photos Full Screen on My Echo Show

You might have noticed that some photos display a full-screen image while others display a reduced image with blurred edges. You don’t need the Alexa app to repair this, you can do it yourself by following the easy steps outlined below.

Just scroll down from the top of the screen and click on the “Settings” icon.

  • Click on “Display.”
  • Select “Photo Slideshow.”
  • Then click on “Cropping.”
  • Now you can select “No Cropping,” “Smart Cropping,” or “Crop All” from this list.

How to Access the Night Mode Feature on Echo Show

Nighttime Mode reduces the brightness of your Echo Show’s display and blocks out alerts so that you won’t be disturbed by them if you might be sleeping or doing something else in your bedroom. Through the Home & Clock menu, Nighttime Mode is accessed.


Why are my Photos Showing Up on my Echo Show?

Maybe, your Amazon Photos account has automatically been linked to your Echo Show so that you can view your photos whenever you want. You may stop your Echo Show from using your photos as a background by going to the Amazon Photos App.

Where are my Photos Stored on Echo Show?

Go to Settings >Pictures > Auto-Save in the Alexa mobile app. Toggle Auto-Save by selecting Manage under Upload Settings. You can see your albums on the Echo Show after saving your images to Amazon Photos.

Does the Echo Show have Storage?

The Echo Show excels in this area because it has 8 GB of storage whereas the Smart Display only has 4 GB, allowing it to run more apps simultaneously. It’s encouraging to see that Amazon designed the Echo Show with its extensive library of Alexa skills in mind, which is one of its strongest suits.

 How do I Clear my Echo Memory?

To clear the memory of your Echo Show:

  • Access “Account & Lists > Content & Devices > Devices tab > Echo > [your Echo]” to remove all recordings.
  • Choose Delete voice recordings from the Settings menu on the right.
  • Verify that you want to remove all recordings from that device in the pop-up window.



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