How to Record Zoom Meeting as Host

Automatic recording is a vital function that ensures you remember and retain all important information. As a result, many remote teams use Zoom’s meeting recordings to review significant conversations. However, in this article, we will consider an easy guide on how you can record Zoom Meetings as a Host.

Record Zoom Meeting as Host

All free users and paying subscribers have access to local recordings. Nevertheless, only free users can record and save files on their PC, laptop, or Mac.

How to Record Zoom Meeting as Host

Zoom ensures automatic local and cloud recordings. While recording, zoom allows you to capture meeting video and audio, participant names, and more. To record a Zoom meeting as a host, follow these steps:

  • Launch the Zoom app on your desktop and log in.
  • Tap the “Settings” button from the top right of the “Home” tab under your profile avatar.
  • Choose the folder where you want to save your recordings by navigating to the “Recording” tab.
  • To start meeting, set up your Zoom. Once done, hit “Record” from the control menu at the bottom of the screen.
  • In the upper left corner of the screen, a “Recording message will appear. You can pause or stop your recording by clicking the “Pause” or “Stop” icon close to the recording message.
  • When you’re done recording, your files should be available in the specified location.
  • Previous recordings are also visible on the “Meetings” tab, accessible from the home page.

You need to follow these steps to record Zoom meetings as a host.

How to Enable Automatic Recording on Zoom Meetings

If you are an admin with access to alter account settings, you can only enable automatic recording for a certain account. Follow these instructions to record meetings or webinars just for you automatically:

  • Go to the Zoom web portal and sign in to your account.
  •  Navigate to the menu bar, and select “Settings.”
  •  Then go to “Recording.”
  •  Next, enable “automatic recording” by clicking the moveable knob.
  •  Finally, allow the setting in the pop-up menu.

However, If the option is grey, the automatic recording feature has been locked for your group or account.

How to Record Zoom Meetings on Mobile Devices

As a subscriber to this platform, you can record meetings and webinars using the Zoom app on your Android or iOS devices and store the recordings in the cloud instead on your devices.

Ensure you have the host or co-host authority for the Zoom meeting or are licensed to use the cloud recording.

To record zoom Meetings on either your iPhone or Android device, follow the steps provided below:

  • Launch the Zoom app on your smartphone.
  •  Once a meeting has commenced, click “More” and then “Record.”
  •  The “Recording” icon will immediately appear on the screen, and the recording will begin. To stop or pause it, click the icon.
  •  Once done, you can access your Zoom account to view, share, and download Zoom recordings.

Also, they can record the shared screen, gallery view, active speaker, audio transcription, and other cloud recording features.

How to Record Zoom Meetings Without Host Permission

You must install the Loom Chrome Browser extension (for screen recording) and login into your account. You can record a meeting on Zoom without the host’s permission.

Follow the steps provided below to start:

  • After installing the Loom extensions, launch Zoom and join your call on your web browser.
  •  Then launch the Loom extension and choose “Screen only.”
  •  When doing that, ensure you are still in the Zoom meeting tab.
  •  Next, tap on the “Start Recording” button. Instantly, Loom will start to record the screen of your meeting and pick up the audio.
  •  After the meeting or when you are satisfied with the portion you need to record, click the “Stop sharing” button.
  •  Once done, you can go to your Loom library and check out your recordings.

These are the steps in recording Zoom meetings using the Loom extension.


Can Anyone Record a Zoom Meeting or Just the Host?

By default, a Local Recording can only be started by the host. The host must grant permission to any additional attendees who want to record the meeting if they request it.

How Can I Record Free Zoom?

Free Zoom meetings can be captured using the built-in recording tools on your desktop or mobile device, a screen recording software you download, or from within the Zoom app only if you’re the host or have the host’s authorization to record.

Your meeting permissions and the device you’re recording from will determine how to record on Zoom for free.

Where is the Record Button on Zoom?

When your meeting has begun, click “Record” at the bottom of the Zoom meeting window to start recording. If cloud recording is enabled, a pop-up window inquiring where you want to record will show up: Record to the cloud or on this computer.

Why is there a No Record Button on Zoom?

If your host agrees, you can only use the Zoom meeting’s recording capability. You are not authorized if the Record button is not visible on your screen. The host must be contacted to receive permission to record the session.

Can a Host Record a Zoom Meeting without Permission?

Although Zoom Meeting has a built-in screen recorder, you must have the host’s consent to record the conference. There are several restrictions if you are a host, like the inability to record anything outside the Zoom meeting session and others.

Can you record a Zoom Session?

Zoom sessions can be recorded in a handful of different ways. If you’re not the host or don’t have permission from the host to Record, you can use a third-party recorder app or your device’s built-in recording functions.

You can record a Zoom session using the app if you’re the meeting host or have the host’s authorization.

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