How to Print Text Messages from iPhone

There might be many reasons why someone would be Printing Text Messages either to present in a court case, as evidence or even simply reread them later or lots more. Surely you might regularly save iPhone messages into your iCloud, but for those iPhone users that would need more concrete documentation for events like storing business data, legal situations or even cherishing personal memory considering printing out iPhone messages is a good idea.

How to Print Text Messages from iPhone
How to Print Text Messages from iPhone

Want to print your iPhone text message conversations, But do not know how? Then this blog post is specifically designed for you because it enlightens you more on How to Print Text Messages from your iPhone.

How to Print Text Messages from iPhone 

Text messaging can feel brief whenever you are sending texts forth and back throughout the day, but the reality is your iPhone can remember your chat history. Users have access to review the entire texts at any time and even print them as well.

While you can print text messages and conversations from an iPhone, there is no easy one-tap way for you to do that, and you will normally need to purchase a third-party application to do that. The iPhone messaging application does not directly support the AirPrint facility, that’s why they have laid download other ways that users can easily use to print their messages for free.

How to Print Text Messages from iPhone using Screenshot

Taking screenshots of messages on iPhone SMS or iMessage is one of the solutions that work for most people. This is the method that usually works best whenever you need to print a small number of messages. Here is how you can be able to print text messages on iPhone through screenshots:

  • Launch the Messaging app on your iPhone
  • Open the text messages that you would want to Print out.
  • Screenshots the text message conversations
  • After that you now have to tap on the thumbnail of the screenshot that is at the left corner of your screen or you can open the screenshot photo.
  • Click on the up-arrow button and then select “Print” to print the messages directly from your iPhone.
  • Instead, tap on the up-arrow button and then select “Mail” to email the screenshot from the camera roll to yourself. And then print the photos on your computer after opening your email.

If you only need to print a few text messages, then the screenshot method is very free and easy, and even quick. Though, if you have more than just a few iPhone text messages that you want to print out, then taking organizing more screenshots could get out of hand quickly.

How to Print Text Messages from iPhone Using a Third-Party App

It is technically to print text messages from iPhone for free, the process is just, manual and rather time intensive. There is an easier process while using a third-party utility, you can just copy entire message conversations with just a single click and then save it to print it.

Various applications can do this, which are the iMazing, Decipher TextMessage, and even the EaseUS MobiMover. Any of these applications can work better. Follow the guides below to be able to print iPhone text message conversations using a third-party application.

  • Connect iPhone to the computer using a USB cable.
  • Unlock the iPhone so that the computer could access the data in the iPhone.
  • Install the iMazing app and launch it on the computer.
  • Click on “Messages” in the left sidebar.
  • If you do not have a recent backup of your iPhone on the computer, then iMazing will ask you to perform a backup now.
  • Select “Data Access Only”. To save time.
  • Then select “Next”.
  • Enable the encryption you would want to, it is optional and then select “Start”. The backup process will only take some time.
  • When the backup is done, browse the conversation that you wish to print
  • Select the “Print” option to print the entire text chat in graphical form.
  • Complete with bubbles, or you can just click “Export to Text” to save it in a more space-conscious format.

Follow the steps carefully to successfully print your iPhone text message conversations using a third-party application on a computer.


Can You Print a Text Message Conversation From an iPhone?

You can print text messages from an iPhone in various ways. There is no print command in the Messages applications, but you can be able to copy messages into an email message and then print or even save that. You can also print a long message chat using a third-party application for windows or Mac.

Is There a Way to Print an Entire Text Conversation?

Follow these steps below for you to be able to print an entire text message for court.

  • Open Decipher TextMessage, and select your phone.
  • Choose a contact that has the text messages that you need to print for court.
  • Select “Export”.
  • Then you have to open the saved PDF of your text messages on your computer.
  • Select print to [print out the text messages for court or trial.

How do I Print Text Messages from iPhone to PDF?

To export messages from iPhone to PDF, follow the guides below.

  • Download and install the TouchCopy application.
  • Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable.
  • In TouchCopy, select the “Messages” tab.
  • Click the message conversation that you would want to copy and click on “Save as PDF”.

How do I Copy Text Messages from iPhone to PC?

Follow the steps below:

  • Click on “Messages”.
  • Select the conversation that you would like to save.
  • Press “Save as Text” or “Copy to TXT” (Mac).
  • Then select the location on your PC or Mac so that your messages to be saved.
  • Click on “Select Folder” or “OK” to copy your selected conversation in the text files.



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