How to listen to Music Offline on Spotify – Spotify Offline Mode

When it comes to how to listen to Music offline on Spotify, this is nothing new. Spotify has offered all its users the ability to listen to songs offline for over a decade now. On a normal basis, Spotify would require a stable Wi-Fi or mobile data internet connection to function. Spotify decided to integrate an offline mode so that Spotify premium subscribers could actually continue listening to their tunes while on the go.

How to listen to Music Offline on Spotify

How to listen to Music Offline on Spotify

Just as stated previously, online Spotify premium subscribers are given the privilege to listen to songs offline. With the premium account, you are given the opportunity to download whatever song you wish to listen to on your device.

Spotify made it so that as a student, you stand the chance of getting an exclusive discount on the service. Free users are only offered the option to download podcasts; however, the “offline mode” option is only available to Spotify Premium users.

Spotify Offline Mode

If you have successfully downloaded the song or content you wish to listen to, you can then choose to turn on the “Offline Mode.” What is Offline Mode? It is a mode on Spotify that allows you to listen to content that you have downloaded to your device; however, you can listen even though you are not connected to the internet.

Without turning on the offline mode, Spotify will still stream all your downloaded songs using your mobile data. To prevent Spotify from ever streaming anything, so that you can avoid accidental data drains, you would need to place your Spotify account in offline mode.

How to Turn on Spotify Offline Mode

This step is an easy-to-achieve step, so follow the process that I would be stating for you below:

On Android and iOS

  • from your library tab, tap on the Settings icon located at the top right, and then select Playback
  • Then tap on the offline toggle to put Spotify in offline mode
  • Once this is done, once you are making use of Spotify, you would only be able to play songs that have been downloaded.

On Desktop

In other to go offline mode on the desktop, the steps include:

  • Launch the Spotify desktop app
  • Then open the menu in the upper-left corner by clicking on the button above Home, Search, and your library.
  • Move your cursor on top of the file
  • Then click on “Offline Mode” in other to turn it on.

Even if you search for songs using the search bar, you would only see songs that are on the device. Also, it is best that you note that you cannot stay in the offline mode indefinitely. You would be required to at least go online once every thirty days just to confirm that you are still subscribed.

What Happens to Downloaded Songs After Spotify Premiums Ends

When a user ends their Spotify premium subscription, all their Spotify cache files that were downloaded to their devices would be lost.

Another thing with connecting to the internet within 30 days is that Spotify wants to confirm that you are still subscribed. But if you fail to do that, you would lose access to all your downloaded podcasts and music.


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