How to Grow Your YouTube Channel – Great Tips For your YouTube Channel

There are tons of ways for you to earn money from Google and at the moment, YouTube is one of the best ways to do it. All you need to earn a considerable amount from YouTube is to know how to grow your YouTube channel.

How to Grow your YouTube Channel

If you want a Channel that is going to stand out and do very well, then you need to take advantage of the many promotional tactics you can. And in this article, I would be going into detail on each of these tactics involved in promoting your YouTube Channel and maximizing your viewership.

How to Grow Your YouTube Channel

I would be stating as many tips as I can on how to help you maximize and grow your YouTube channel even better. A lot of Youtubers are making use of these promotional tips and it has worked out just fine for them.

Finding untapped Video Keywords

When it comes to YouTube titles, they are one major part of pulling traffic is using the right keywords. Video keyword research can be very important. As a matter of fact, selecting the right keyword can make or probably break the performance of your video.

Create Videos Optimized for “Watch Time”

As a YouTuber, your number one aim is the keep your subscriber on your channel. and not just that, YouTube also wants people to stay on its platform which is why the came about Watch Time. One thing about YouTube is that they love videos that take quite a lot of time.

Create Optimized Playlists

This method is one way to get more views and grow your channel that people are not fully aware of. Why you might ask? This is mainly because Playlists can significantly increase your “Session Time”.

Promote Videos to Your Audience

At least by now, you should be aware that YouTube is second only to Google being the world’s second-largest search engine. But this does not exactly mean that you can just go ahead to upload a bunch of optimized videos and expect people to see them. Just like running a blog, you might actually need to give your YouTube videos a little “Push” to get going.

Respect YouTube’s Community Guidelines

Currently, there are tons of young people on YouTube these days, so you might want to be fully aware of what you are posting. Let’s say do not post anything that you feel would be inappropriate for your little brother to see.


Another thing you should do is to be consistent. Post videos on a regular schedule to keep your viewers coming back to your channel over and over again. you would have to give them something that they would love to see more of.

Optimize Your YouTube Videos

At the moment, you are already aware of the fact that YouTube SEO is of high importance right, if you want to grow your channel you should place more emphasis on YouTube SEO.

Use Amazing Thumbnails

A report from YouTube stated that about 90% of the best-performing videos found on YouTube today are making use of thumbnails.

Turn your Viewers into Subscribers

this is probably the one you and every other person reading this content know even without someone telling you. Subscribers contribute mainly to building your YouTube Account.

Go Live

YouTube happens to be one of the internet’s most popular live-stream platforms. As a YouTuber, you need to take advantage of this by creating content that would really help engage the viewers.

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